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May 29, 2011

Result of the 78th Tokyo Yushun (Japanese Derby, G1)
Tokyo Yushun (Japanese Derby) (G1)

Tokyo Yushun (Japanese Derby) (G1)

Satsuki Sho winner Orfevre replayed his powerful performance in the 78th Tokyo Yushun (Japanese Derby) to become the 22nd colt—and the first colt in five years—to claim the first two legs of the Triple Crown races, and gave his trainer and jockey their first Derby title. Yasutoshi Ikee became the youngest Derby-winning trainer in JRA history.
A length and three-fourth lengths behind in second was Win Variation, the son of Heart's Cry who was also a runner-up in the 2004 Japanese Derby.

Breaking smoothly in front of the cheering crowds that gathered at the Tokyo Racecourse despite the pouring rain, Kenichi Ikezoe eased Orfevre towards the rear, fifth from last, where the Stay Gold colt preserved his stamina for his late charge. Tenth pick Win Variation stalked the race favorite 3-4 lengths behind. Eighth choice Belshazzar settled in mid-division, well off the pacemaker All as One who rallied for the lead and took the front before the first corner.

The field that spread into a long line with All as One leading the pack by 4-5 lengths through the backstretch, crowded in through the last turn and spread wide crosswise behind the leader at the top of the homestretch. Orfevre, steering to the outside and threading through the narrow opening, burst out powerfully around the 200-meter pole and easily held off the strong challenge by Win Variation—who also exploded from further out—in the last furlong to claim the title. Seven lengths behind the first two finishers, Belshazzar, dueling with forth pick Nakayama Knight for third place, managed to cross the wire a neck in front of the Stay Gold colt. Cresco Grand, who exerted a tenacious run in the homestretch, finished a close fifth, a head behind the fourth-place finisher.

THE 78TH TOKYO YUSHUN (Japanese Derby, G1)
3-year-old colts and fillies, 2,400 meters (about 12 furlongs), turf, left-handed
Sunday, May 29, 2011   Tokyo Racecourse   11th Race   Post Time: 15:40
Total prize money:   ¥ 313,000,000 (about US$3,682,000 < US$1 = ¥85>)
3-y-o: 57 kg (about 126 lbs), 2 kg allowance for Fillies
3 kg allowance for Southern Hemisphere-bred born in 2008   Safety Factor: 18 runners

FP BK PP Horse Sex
1 3 5 Orfevre
C3 57.0 Stay Gold
Oriental Art
K. Ikezoe
Y. Ikee
Sunday Racing Co. Ltd.
Shadai Corporation Inc.
2 1 1 Win Variation
C3 57.0 Heart's Cry
Super Ballerina
K. Ando
M. Matsunaga
Win Co. Ltd.
Northern Racing
3 4 7 Belshazzar
C3 57.0 King Kamehameha
Maruka Candy
H. Goto
K. Matsuda
Shadai Race H.
Shadai Farm
4 5 10 Nakayama Knight
C3 57.0 Stay Gold
Fiji Girl
Y. Shibata
Y. Ninomiya
Okita Bokujo
5 3 6 Cresco Grand
C3 57.0 Tanino Gimlet
Manhattan Fizz
S. Hamanaka
S. Ishizaka
Saburo Horikawa
Shadai Farm
6 7 14 Shonan Parfait
C3 57.0 Agnes Tachyon
K. Miura
Y. Ninomiya
Tetsuhide Kunimoto
Kuwata Bokujo
7 1 2 Sadamu Patek
C3 57.0 Fuji Kiseki
Summer Night City
Y. Iwata
M. Nishizono
Sadamu Onishi
Shadai Corporation Inc.
8 2 3 All as One
C3 57.0 Neo Universe
Toho Progress
S. Fujita
M. Ryoke
Junzo Miyakawa
Junzo Miyakawa
9 8 16 Tosen Reve
C3 57.0 Deep Impact
Biwa Heidi
C. Williams
Y. Ikee
Takaya Shimakawa
Northern Racing
10 8 17 Universal Bank
C3 57.0 Neo Universe
Victory Bank
Y. Fukunaga
H. Matsuda
Sunday Racing Co. Ltd.
Northern Farm
11 7 15 Tosen Ra
C3 57.0 Deep Impact
Princess Olivia
M. Ebina
H. Fujiwara
Takaya Shimakawa
Shadai Farm
12 6 11 Debonair
C3 57.0 Agnes Tachyon
Velvet Queen
L. Dettori
K. Nakatake
HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum
Darley Japan K.K
13 4 8 Fateful War
C3 57.0 Stay Gold
Fete du Vin
K. Tanaka
S. Ito
Shadai Race H.
Shadai Corporation Inc.
14 5 9 Cotillion
C3 57.0 Deep Impact
Gemmy Dress
F. Komaki
K. Hashiguchi
Kaneko Makoto Holdings Co. Ltd.
Shadai Farm
15 7 13 Roccaverano
C3 57.0 Manhattan Cafe
Rumba Loca
Y. Take
H. Nakamura
Teruya Yoshida
Shadai Farm
16 6 12 A Shin Jackal
C3 57.0 Fuji Kiseki
Eishin Ryonsan
Y. Kawada
T. Takano
Eishindo Co. Ltd.
Eishin Bokujo
17 8 18 Northern River
C3 57.0 Agnes Tachyon
N. Pinna
H. Asami
Masamichi Hayashi
Northern Farm
  2 4 Libertas
C3 57.0 Deep Impact
H. Shii
K. Sumii
Kaneko Makoto Holdings Co. Ltd.
Shadai Farm
FF 116.2
FP=Final Position   BK=Bracket Number   PP=Post Position   L3F=Time of Last 3 Furlongs (600m)   FF=Fail to Finish
NOTE1: No Foreign Contenders.
NOTE2: Figures quoted under Odds are Win Odds, which show the amount of money you get back per single unit (100yen), and Fav indicates the order of favorites.

TURNOVER FOR THE RACE ALONE: ¥19,884,503,300  
TURNOVER FOR THE DAY: ¥28,976,361,000 ATTENDANCE: 82,240

PAY-OFF (for ¥100)
WIN No.5 ¥300 PLACE No.5 ¥150
BRACKETQUINELLA 1-3 ¥580 No.1 ¥660
QUINELLA 1-5 ¥3,380 No.7 ¥450
EXACTA 5-1 ¥4,540 QUINELLAPLACE 1-5 ¥1,290
TRIO 1-5-7 ¥22,950 5-7 ¥990
TRIFECTA 5-1-7 ¥100,300 1-7 ¥5,390
  1. Orfevre (JPN), chestnut, colt, 3-year-old
    Stay Gold / Oriental Art (Mejiro McQueen)
    Breeder: Shadai Corporation Inc. Owner: Sunday Racing Co., Ltd.
    Trainer: Yasutoshi Ikee Jockey: Kenichi Ikezoe
    8 Starts, 4 Wins
    Added money: ¥ 186,260,000 Career earnings: ¥ 411,209,000
    Principal Race Performances: '11 Satsuki Sho (G1)  1st
    '11 Spring Stakes (G2)  1st

  2. Win Variation (JPN), bay, colt, 3-year-old
    Heart's Cry / Super Ballerina (Storm Bird)
    Breeder: Northern Racing Owner: Win Co., Ltd.
    Trainer: Masahiro Matsunaga Jockey: Katsumi Ando

  3. Belshazzar (JPN), dark bay or brown, colt, 3-year-old
    King Kamehameha / Maruka Candy (Sunday Silence)
    Breeder: Shadai Farm Owner: Shadai Race H.
    Trainer: Kunihide Matsuda Jockey: Hiroki Goto

    Other Horses:
    6th:(14) Shonan Parfait– hugged rail in 3rd, showed little in stretch.
    7th:(2) Sadamu Patek– ran in midfield, turned wide, mild rally at stretch
    8th:(3) All as One– set pace, 5-length gap at one point, used up in last 200m
    9th:(16) Tosen Reve– mid-division, unable to slip out at top of homestretch
    10th:(17) Universal Bank– traveled wide 4-5th from front, unable to sustain bid
    11th:(15) Tosen Ra- advanced forward, turned last corner in 3rd, ran out of stream
    12th:(11) Debonair- settled in front of race favorite, one paced in homestretch
    13th:(8) Fateful War- traveled in mid-division, lacked response in straight
    14th:(9) Cotillion- ran 2nd from last, lacked needed kick in stretch
    15th:(13) Roccaverano- slow break, remained in rear, no factor
    16th:(12) A Shin Jackal– unable to reach contention after traveling in mid-division
    17th:(18) Northern River- settled 2nd after angling in from outside draw, tired from early effort
    FF:(4) Libertas- trailed in rear after bad break, stopped before 4th corner
Fractional Time (sec./furlong): 12.7 - 11.3 - 12.8 - 13.1 - 12.5 - 13.0 - 13.2 - 12.8 - 12.6 - 12.3 - 12.2 - 12.0
Last 4 furlongs: 49.1   Last 3 furlongs: 36.5

Positions at each corner: 1st corner 3,18(14,16,17)(7,15)2,10(8,12)(6,11)5,1,9,13,4
2nd corner 3-18(14,17)(7,16)15(8,2)(12,10)11,6,5-1,9(13,4)
3rd corner 3=18,14,17(15,7)16(12,8,2)(6,11)10,5-1,13-9=4
4th corner 3=(15,18,14)(7,17)(12,6,16)2,11(8,5,10)-1(9,13)

Note1: Underlined bold number indicates the winning horse
Note2: Horse numbers are indicated in the order of their positions at each corner, with the first position listed first. Two or more horses inside the same parentheses indicate that they were positioned side by side. Hyphens between the horse numbers indicate that there is distance between the former and the latter. The asterisk indicates a slight lead.

* Tokyo Yushun (Japanese Derby, G1)
With the aim of establishing a systemized program that emulates the Triple Crown race held in Britain, and enhancing the quality of thoroughbreds in Japan, a 2,400-meter race for three-year-old thoroughbreds was established at the Tokyo Racecourse (then situated in Meguro ward) in 1932. While maintaining its status as one of the most popular JRA events with a record sell-out crowd of 196,517 in 1990, the race has evolved during its long history, offering high prize money exceeding 100 million yen for the winner since 1989, and opening its door to runners from regional public racing (NAR) since 1995 and foreign-bred participants since 2001. Last year, the race entered a new phase as JRA reached the final stage of its internationalization project allowing foreign contestants in all its graded events.

Recent winners include Deep Impact (JPN) who won all three of the Triple Crown for three-year-olds during 2005 and concluded his glorious racing career with 12 wins out of 14 starts including seven G1 titles. Vodka (JPN), who became the first filly in 64 years to claim the derby title in 2007 retired early in 2010 with seven G1 wins and two Horse of the Year titles to her name.

Eishin Flash (JPN, by King's Best) who won the derby last year, was low key for most of the remaining 2010 season, but seems to have picked up his form finishing second in the Tenno Sho (Spring) (G1, 3,200m) in May. Rose Kingdom (JPN, by King Kamehameha) who was runner-up last year, subsequently won the Japan Cup (G1, 2,400m) against top older G1 runners while third place finisher Victoire Pisa (JPN, by Neo Universe) won this year's Dubai World Cup (G1, AW, 2,000m) .

This year, in the aftermath of the earthquake, the Satsuki Sho (Japanese 2000 Guineas, G1, 2,000m), which was originally scheduled at Nakayama Racecourse, was shifted to Tokyo Racecourse. Holding Satsuki Sho at the same racecourse as the Tokyo Yushun, the result of the Satsuki Sho was expected to serve as a direct reference to the outcome of the Japanese Derby.

Satsuki Sho winner Orfevre (JPN) made his bid to become the first colt in 5 years—since Meisho Samson (JPN, by Opera House) in 2006—to claim the first two legs of the Triple Crown. Sadamu Patek (JPN), despite a disadvantage early in the Satsuki Sho, demonstrated a convincing turn of speed to place him well up on the list of favorites. H.H. Sheikh Mohammed-owned Debonair (JPN) also attracted much attention with Frankie Dettori in the saddle.

Win Variation (JPN) came off a grade-race victory in the derby trial, the Aoba Sho (G2, 2,400m) while Deep Impact colt Tosen Reve (JPN), out of the same dam as Buena Vista, also earned his ticket to take part in the classic G1 in his victory in the Principal Stakes.

The race record was set by King Kamehameha(JPN, by Kingmambo) in 2004 after covering the 2,400 meters in 2:23.3.

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