Equine Research Institute

At hot spring for racehorses at the Rehabilitation Research
Center - Joban Branch

Equine Research Institute - Sports Science Research Center was established in 1959 under the name "Equine Health Laboratory" for the purposes of maintaining racehorse resources and preventing racehorse accidents to ensure the smooth operation of horseracing. As international movement of horses become more active, it is becoming increasingly important to operate racing under safe and fair conditions. Therefore, the Institute conducts extensive examination and research on the themes of improving the quality of horses, preventing racehorse from accidents and disease, providing medical care, and improving racecourse facilities such as tracks. With these as the primary objectives, the Institute is the only research facility in Japan dedicated to equine sport science. The Institute has two branches: Joban Rehabilitation Research Center - Branch and Epizootic Research Center - Tochigi Branch. The primary function of the Institute's Joban Branch is to provide rehabilitation facility which includes balneotherapy and physiotherapy. Various forms of medical research are also conducted at the Rehabilitation Research Center. The Epizootic Research Center was established as a research laboratory for equine infectious diseases in June 1970. This unit is the only laboratory conducting research needed for the prevention and control of equine infectious diseases in Japan. It is engaged in epizootiology of domestic and overseas equine infectious diseases caused by protozoa, bacteria and viruses, as well as the elucidation and diagnosis of etiological agents and pathogenesis, and research on the development of diagnostic and prophylactic methods.
Also, the institute has an affiliated institution, Hidaka Training and Research Center - Equine Science Division.


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