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November 18, 2022


Training Report of Foreign Entries
Japan Autumn International
The 42nd Japan Cup (G1)

November 18, 2022 (Friday)

The three horses, Grand Glory, Onesto and Simca Mille, entered in the 42nd Japan Cup, arrived in Japan and were transported to the international stables at Tokyo Racecourse today.

<At Tokyo Racecourse>

Arrival time at Tokyo Racecourse: AM 11:30


Grand Glory (GB, M6, bay)

“It took us about 24 hours in total to travel here. She was very calm during the trip—she’s eating well and compared to last year, she is relaxed. We will not do any work tomorrow, just hand-walk her around the stables. After seeing how the mare comes out of the trip, we will decide when she will do her fast work.”

(comments taken from Anais Dumont)

Simca Mille (IRE, C3, chestnut)

“The transportation went smoothly although it took 24 hours for us to get here. The colt seems to like it here, he’s eating well and all is fine so far. I will talk with our trainer to decide what kind of work he is to do tomorrow morning. The trainer will decide when he will gallop next week depending on his overall condition.”

(comments taken from Anthony Gasselin)