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December 23, 2016


Oju Chosan Dominates both J-G1 Jump Titles by Claiming the Nayakayama Daishogai
Nakayama Daishogai (J-G1)

Nakayama Daishogai (J-G1)

This year’s Nakayama Grand Jump victor and race favorite Oju Chosan demonstrated a sound performance in capturing the only other JRA-G1 steeplechase event on the calendar, the Nakayama Daishogai by a remarkable nine lengths, extending his grade-race winning streak to four, and has most likely secured his JRA Best Steeplechase Horse of 2016 title. The Stay Gold horse has become the second to win both JRA-G1 races in the same year, following last season’s winner Up to Date, and has provided both trainer Shoichiro Wada and jockey Shinichi Ishigami with their second G1 title. Already guaranteed the JRA Champion Jump Jockey Award of 2016, Ishigami is now tied with Tadashi Kosaka in 2006 in capturing the most seasonal graded jump victories (a total of five), landing four graded titles with Oju Chosan and also the Kyoto Jump Stakes with Dream Sailing in November.

The race was off with Dream Sailing taking the lead, the defending champion Up to Date stalking the pace and Oju Chosan a couple of lengths from that in third as the field cleared the water jump (fence 2) the first time around. The front runner enhanced his lead to two to three lengths as the heavily favored winner was reserved seven lengths from Up to Date as they cleared the brush fence (fence 5) and changed hands while the rest of the field also trailed several lengths from that.

Second pick Up to Date made his move by closing in on Dream Sailing at the eighth obstacle and finally took over the lead in the backstretch by the tenth jump (fence 4) as Oju Chosan, in close pursuit, also pinned the tiring pace setter going through the last dip. Up to Date desperately tried to hold on to his brief lead but was caught by Oju Chosan at the final fence (fence 11) and had nothing left turning the last corner as the five-year-old bay displayed his outstanding stamina to romp to a most convincing nine-length victory.

“His strength was amazing. It was the plan to keep our eyes on Up to Date, but my horse had a different gear. I just sat on him and didn’t have to do anything. I’m already looking forward to his next season,” commented jockey Shinichi Ishigami. “He was placed well during the trip and was steady in jumping the fences. He responded very well and was wonderful today. Our further plans will be to start him in the Hanshin Spring Jump (J-G2, 3,900m; Mar.11) and then head on to the Nakayama Grand Jump (J-G1, 4,250m; Apr.15),” added trainer Shoichiro Wada.

Other Horses:
3rd: (11) Le Pere Noel—raced in 6th early, advanced to 5th at 2nd corner (1st lap), then to 4th at 5th obstacle (fence 6), passed pacesetter after final obstacle (fence 5)
4th: (3) Sanrei Duke—settled 3rd from rear, gradually made headway, passed tired rivals at stretch
5th: (6) Tyrian Purple—sat 7th, improved position after 5th obstacle (fence 6), never a threat
6th: (1) Dream Sailing—set pace, led until 10th obstacle (fence 4), outrun thereafter
7th: (7) Kau Wela—raced toward rear early, gradually advanced, lacked needed kick
8th: (4) Ludwig Code—traveled near rear, passed tired rival at stretch
9th: (8) Kurino Daikokuten—rated in middle of field, unable to reach contention
10th: (2) Tosen Hanamizuki—ran in 4th early, gradually dropped back
11th: (10) Win il Sole—in rear throughout, no factor
Scratched: (5) Makio Bowler—due to lameness in right shoulder

3-year-old & up, 4,100 meters (about 2.56 miles), turf
Friday, December 23, 2016       Nakayama Racecourse     10th Race      Post time: 14:45
Total prize money: ¥ 142,660,000 (about US$ 1,188,000 <US$1=¥120>)
3-y-o: 61kg (about 135 lbs), 4-y-o & up: 63kg (about 139 lbs), 2kg allowance for Fillies & Mares
Safety factor: 18 runners

FP BK PP Horse Sex
1 7 9 Oju Chosan
H5 63.0 Stay Gold
Shadow Silhouette
S. Ishigami
S. Wada
Chosan Co., Ltd.
Naoyoshi Nagayama
4:45.6 1.4
2 8 12 Up to Date
H6 63.0 Kurofune
Linear Muse
M. Hayashi
S. Sasaki
Kazuo Imanishi
North Hills Co,. Ltd.
9 3.2
3 8 11 Le Pere Noel
H6 63.0 Admire Moon
Santa Mama
J. Takada
H. Fujiwara
K. Hidaka Breeders Union
Daiten Farm
5 11.1
4 3 3 Sanrei Duke
H8 63.0 Durandal
San Lake Queen
Y. Namba
Y. Takahashi
Keiji Nagai
Keiji Nagai
DS 19.1
5 5 6 Tyrian Purple
M6 61.0 Jungle Pocket
Make History
K. Yamamoto
T. Kanari
Masatake Iida
Chiyoda Farm Shizunai
7 83.1
6 1 1 Dream Sailing
H9 63.0 Kurofune
Global Peace
Y. Igarashi
T. Tajima
Lion Race Horse Co., Ltd.
Chiyoda Farm Shizunai
1-1/2 16.5
7 6 7 Kau Wela
H6 63.0 King Kamehameha
Memorial Summer
N. Hamanoya
H. Toda
Sunday Racing Co., Ltd.
Oiwake Farm
2-1/2 135.4
8 4 4 Ludwig Code
C4 63.0 Deep Impact
Little Harmony
T. Kosaka
H. Nagahama
G1 Racing Co., Ltd.
Shadai Corporation Inc.
5 58.4
9 6 8 Kurino Daikokuten
H5 63.0 Heart’s Cry
Megami Guerlain
T. Ueno
K. Tani
Hiroharu Kurimoto
Shirai Stud Farm
Neck 74.9
10 2 2

Tosen Hanamizuki

M6 61.0 Taiki Shuttle
Claret Punch
K. Oba
H. Narishima
Takaya Shimakawa
Northern Farm
DS 114.6
11 7 10 Win il Sole
H5 63.0 Fasliyev
Y. Minoshima
Y. Takahashi
Win Co., Ltd.
Hokusei Murata Bokujo
DS 212.2


5 5 Makio Bowler
H6 63.0 Meisho Bowler
K. Hirasawa
T. Igarashi
Masato Inoke
Shigeki Umamichi
FP=Final Position / BK=Bracket Number / PP=Post Position / Wgt=Weight / DS=Distance
Note1: No Foreign Contenders
Note2: Figures quoted under Odds are Win Odds, which show the amount of money you get back per single unit (100yen), and Fav indicates the order of favorites.

TURNOVER FOR THE DAY: ¥ 8,689,762,400 ATTENDANCE: 27,713

PAY-OFF (for ¥100)
WIN No.9 ¥140 BRACKET QUINELLA 7-8 ¥160 QUINELLA 9-12 ¥190
PLACE No.9 ¥100 QUINELLA PLACE 9-12 ¥130 EXACTA 9-12 ¥280
No.12 ¥100 9-11 ¥230 TRIO 9-11-12 ¥450
No.11 ¥140 11-12 ¥320 TRIFECTA 9-12-11 ¥890
  1. 1.Oju Chosan (JPN), bay, horse, 5-year-old
    Stay Gold / Shadow Silhouette (Symboli Kris S)
    Owner: Chosan Co., Ltd. Breeder: Naoyoshi Nagayama
    Trainer: Shoichiro Wada Jockey: Shinichi Ishigami
    17 Starts, 7 Wins (15 Starts, 7 Wins *steeplechases only)  
    Added money: ¥ 66,420,000 Career earnings: ¥ 250,924,000 (¥ 250,924,000 *steeplechases only)
    Principal Race Performances: ’16 Nakayama Grand Jump (J-G1, 4,250m) 1st
      ’16 Tokyo High-Jump (J-G2, 3,110m) 1st
      ’16 Tokyo Jump Stakes (J-G3, 3,110m) 1st

  2. 2.Up to Date (JPN), gray, horse, 6-year-old
    Kurofune / Linear Muse (Tony Bin)
    Owner: Kazuo Imanishi Breeder: North Hills Co,. Ltd.
    Trainer: Shozo Sasaki Jockey: Mitsuaki Hayashi

  3. 3.Le Pere Noel (JPN), dark bay or brown, horse, 6-year-old
    Admire Moon / Santa Mama (Lear Fan)
    Owner: K. Hidaka Breeders Union Breeder: Daiten Farm
    Trainer: Hideaki Fujiwara Jockey: Jun Takada
Fractional Time (sec./furlong): Last 4 furlongs: 52.0          Last 3 furlongs: 38.8          (1 mile: 1:47.8)

Positions at each corner: 1st corner 1,12-9-(11,6)=7-8-3-2,4-10
2nd corner (1,*12)-9=(11,6)-7=8-3-4,2-10
3rd corner (*12,9)-1-11-7,6=3=8-4=2,10
4th corner (*12,9)=11-1-7-6,3=8=4=2-10

Note1: Underlined bold number indicates the winning horse.
Note2: Horse numbers are indicated in the order of their positions at each corner, with the first position listed first. Two or more horses inside the same parentheses indicate that they were positioned side by side. Hyphens between the horse numbers indicate that there is distance between the former and the latter. The asterisk indicates a slight lead.


* Nakayama Daishogai (J-G1)

The history of the Nakayama Daishogai dates back to 1934 when the biggest jump race in Japan was established in the aim of providing equal excitement to the Tokyo Yushun (Japanese Derby), which was the most popular race in flat racing. The highest level of steeplechase racing was originally held as a biannual event held in April and December until the spring version was renamed the Nakayama Grand Jump (J-G1, 4,250m) in 1999. Still, the two jump races continued to position itself as the only two obstacle races of J-G1 level of equal standard and its results serving as a decisive factor in the selection of the seasonal JRA Award for Best Steeplechase Horse. In addition to the Nakayama Grand Jump, which was designated an international race in 2000, the Nakayama Daishogai became an international steeplechase event open to foreign contenders in 2011.
The Nakayama Daishogai features 11 jumps over the figure-of-eight-shaped course which includes six up-and-downs over the banks. The first half resembles that of the Nakayama Grand Jump while the Nakayama Daishogai does not include the movable hurdles along the outside turf track and the total distance being 150 meters shorter. The uphill stretch before the wire also is quite a test for many of the runners especially after running at a solid pace throughout the race.
Last year’s winner Up to Date concluded his prosperous season notching the 2015 Best Steeplechase Horse title, however due to a popped splint in his left foreleg earlier this season, he was forced to pass up the Nakayama Grand Jump in the spring. The defending champion was entered off a Hanshin Jump Stakes (J-G3, 3,140m) runner-up finish in September.
After dominating this year’s Nakayama Grand Jump, Oju Chosan went on to capture consecutive wins in the Tokyo Jump Stakes (J-G3, 3,110m) in June, and the Tokyo High-Jump (J-G2, 3,110m) in which he put away 2014 Nakayama Daishogai and 2015 Nakayama Grand Jump third-place finisher Sanrei Duke who finished sixth. Dream Sailing came off a victory in the Kyoto Jump Stakes (J-G3, 3,170m) in November.
Also among the line-up were Shuyo Jump Stakes (3,110m) finishers; runner-up Le Pere Noel, seventh-placed Tosen Hanamizuki and ninth-place Kau Wela. Coming off their Illumination Jump Stakes (3,570m) starts were; Ludwig Code, Tyrian Purple and Win il Sole, in fifth, sixth and ninth, respectively. Kurino Daikokuten was at the gate after finishing sixth in his previous open class steeplechase race (3,300m). Kokura Summer Jump (J-G3, 3,390m) winner Makio Bowler was scratched due to lameness in his right shoulder.
Symboli Montreux (JPN, by Mogami) set the record when winning the 1991 Nakayama Daishogai (Autumn) in 4:37.2.

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