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April 7, 2017


Oka Sho (Japanese 1000 Guineas) (G1) - Comments from runners' connections
Daily Hai Queen Cup (G3)
Admire Miyabi

Admire Miyabi

Yasuo Tomomichi, trainer
“She’s a filly that always concentrates and is very good at switching on and off at the right moments, but gets things done. I don’t think she’ll mind a bit of cut in the ground either.  She’s moved well in her work, and does this naturally. Despite the bloodlines being different, she reminds me of Verxina. I think she can run a big race here.”

Mirco Demuro, jockey
“I’m thrilled to get the ride. She won the Queen Cup in what was a very strong field. I get the feeling that she’s a good filly.”



Takanori Kikuzawa, trainer
“Since last week her movement’s been a lot smoother, and consequently very good. It’s right-handed this time, and she’s run at Nakayama twice, so she has experience. The transportation to Hanshin is long, but I’m not worried about this, despite it being her first time to travel so far. It will be a good experience for her to take part in the Oka Sho, and despite the strong opposition, I think with her big stride, and a smooth race, she’s at no disadvantage here.”

Alonza Mona

Katsuichi Nishiura, trainer
“She’s in good enough condition. She ran well enough to win two starts ago. She’s done fine in training, and she definitely has ability. I’m looking forward to how she can do here, when you think about how she could run, providing she finds her rhythm in the race.”

Hideaki Miyuki, jockey
“She ran well in training last week. It’s a bit of a mystery as to why she didn’t quite fire in her last race, but if she can switch on at the right time, that’s what we want from her.”

Belle Capri

Katsuichi Nishiura, trainer
“She’s in good shape. For her last race, the pace was hot, and so she struggled to keep that up throughout. This time, I’d like to think of her taking up a position towards the rear of the field.”


Mitsuru Hashida, trainer
“The way she ran three starts ago at Chukyo, although just finishing outside the first three, is the best way for her to run, with stability, and a good finish at the end of a race. She’s trained well, and for a 3-year-old filly she does things honestly. Her strong point is being able to deal with situations in a race, and I just wonder how she can fare here in this strong, Grade 1 race.”

Gold Cape

Yoshiyuki Arakawa, trainer
“She’s had the same training pattern, which we’ve been pleased with. She seems to get better with a race under her belt. It was a big run last time, and we’d hope for something along the same lines.”

Hiroaki Kanou, assistant trainer
“As far as times in training are concerned, they’ve been good, along with her movement. We’ve kept things the same in the lead up to the race. I don’t think the distance is a problem, but of course the opposition is strong. If she can run in a similar way to her last race, that would be good.”

Daily Hai Nisai Stakes (G2)
Jeune Ecole

Jeune Ecole

Keiichiro Yasuda, assistant trainer
“There’s a good feeling about her. The jockey knows the horse well now, so I don’t think there’ll be a repeat of her poor run over a mile at the end of last year. I think she can run the way she did last time. Of course, we need things to go smoothly to get her to run to her best.”

Yuichi Kitamura, jockey
“She has done well without overdoing it, and finishing off her work according to the way of training. I think she’s in better condition than she was for her last race.”



Takeshi Matsushita, trainer
“It’s her first time at the mile, so a little unknown, but she’s a horse that races from the back and I’m not worried. She’s in among the Grade 1 horses, but hasn’t really been in a fight yet, so it’s interesting to see how she does here, if she gets to run her own race. She’s a filly with power and moves well. Her pedigree says soft ground shouldn’t be a concern.”

Hironobu Tanabe, jockey
“She’s been running smoothly, is relaxed, and her breathing’s good. She’s a horse that needs to get to the race and show what she can do.”

Kawakita Enka

Tamio Hamada, trainer
“We haven’t gone hard on her in recent training, but all’s gone as usual, with her posting fast times too. The rotation is rather tight, but she’s showing the same signs as before her last race.”

Artemis Stakes (G3)
Lys Gracieux

Lys Gracieux

Yoshito Yahagi, trainer
“On March 28, she weighed 442kgs, and although she eats, she is a small filly and has that look about her. So with training, it’s necessary to just get her to peak at the right time, and I think with the one race this year, we’re where we want to be with her. I think she doesn’t have to race from the back, but given a decent break from the gate, she can race from anywhere. I’m not thinking about her last race, but going full on for this. The weather is a concern.”

Yutaka Take, jockey
“In work I was told to put her through her paces, and that’s what I did. She moved well and seems to have improved. She’s only a small filly, but there’s power in her legs.”

KBS Kyoto Sho Fantasy Stakes (G3)
Mi Suerte

Mi Suerte

Yasutoshi Ikee, trainer
“Her movement’s sharp, and she’s developed more muscle. She’s a filly with a lot of ability, and I get the feeling she’s progressed more, and I’m looking forward to her run here. Something like the way she ran in the Fantasy Stakes is the way I’d like to see her run here.”

Yoshinori Saito, assistant trainer
“It was hard for her in her last race. She can get a little tense, which is how she was for her second and third races. We don’t quite know how she will behave, but she usually goes to the race quietly, and once she gets onto the course properly, she really wants to run.”

Miss Panthere
Miss Panthere

Miss Panthere

Mitsugu Kon, trainer
“I feel she’s developed more and has more strength. Her last race came after a spell and the jockey also wasn’t sure what to expect. As it was, she raced well, and this time we’re up against the winner of that race again. I think if she can use her speed once more, and try to match the other filly’s performance, that’s going to be the key.”

Hirofumi Shii, jockey
“She’s a filly with ability and is improving. While she can be a bit temperamental, she has good racing sense. I can only look forward to the race.”

Kokura Nisai Stakes (G3)
Reine Minoru

Reine Minoru

Masaru Honda, trainer
“I wanted to use the last race as a trial for this. Consequently, we haven’t asked too much of her, but she’s come along nicely with this race in mind.”

Hitoshi Nakai, assistant trainer
“Of course, the field’s strong, but she’s developed well, and everything seems in place for her to run well this time, providing she can run to the best of her ability.”

Kenichi Ikezoe, jockey
“I think she has become better, responding well and closing at the end of her work.”

Rising Reason
Rising Reason

Rising Reason

Takeshi Okumura, trainer
“She’s a filly with good legs and can run fast. I also think she can handle the track if it’s a bit off, which is a good thing. I want to win with her, and I’m not thinking about anything else. We’ll transport her the day before, as there is a tense side to her, and with the change of environment, it’s important that she settles down.”

Kyosuke Maruta, jockey
“The length of the straight is different this time, as well as the first half of the race, together with the flow of things, compared to Nakayama. I’ll need to consider these points. I think with Grade 1 horses in the field, it’s a strong race, and we will be challengers.”

Show Way

Takashi Saito, trainer
“We’ve trained her by keeping her in the center of three horses, to get her used to having other horses around her. She’s not so hesitant now. She moved well in her last piece of work, and she’s recovered her condition from before. I’m not worried about the start, but just want her to give a good account of herself in this big race.”

Tulip Sho (Japanese 1,000 Guineas Trial) (G3)
Soul Stirring

Soul Stirring

Kazuo Fujisawa, trainer
“She has gotten stronger since her debut, and thankfully I’ve had nothing to worry about with her. She’s not a horse that posts fast times in training, but it’s there to see in her races.  She’s more relaxed now, different than what she was for the Hanshin Juvenile Fillies. There’s certainly a good feeling about her. She’s run twice at Hanshin now, so I’ve no concerns about transporting her over there.”

Christophe Lemaire, jockey
“I’m not worried about any rain, I think she can handle it if the ground’s soft. I think my number one rival is Admire Miyabi, who will probably race from the back, but I’ll be marked by other runners as well. My filly usually starts well, and to race about fifth or sixth during the race would be good. It’s important to get her to relax. I’ll be doing my best right up to the end.”

Niigata Nisai Stakes (G3)
Vous Etes Jolie

Vous Etes Jolie

Teruhiko Saruhashi, assistant trainer
“She’s a typical filly with a bit of an edge to her. She’s becoming stronger physically, but is quite flexible, and her footwork is light, so we’d prefer to race on good going.”

Yuichi Fukunaga, jockey
“She’s done well in her work, as expected, moving well enough. She’s not a tough horse, so condition is the key, and all being well she’ll be ready for the race.”



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