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August 27, 2017


Eurico Da Silva Claims the Fourth Leg to Grab the 2017 World All-Star Jockeys Title

Eurico Da Silva from Canada skillfully guided fourth-pick Le Grand Frisson to a close but awesome nose victory in the fourth leg to claim the champion title with 47 points. Finishing Day One in seventh by accumulating 16 points from a tenth and a third in the first two legs, he was tied ninth with Mirco Demuro, still 27 points behind Keita Tosaki and Yuichi Fukunaga after finishing 11th in the third leg. Da Silva’s first JRA win in the fourth leg brought him on top with a margin of only two points between Keita Tosaki and Yuichi Fukunaga—tied second—who added one point each by finishing 11th and 13th, respectively, in the last leg. 2015 Champion Joao Moreira, though advancing from 10th at the end of Day One to third after the third leg, retreated to fourth, while defending champion Mirco Demuro was 13th overall.

“I’m out of words—I’m so happy. It took a lot of work to be here. I’m 42 and this came late in my career so I’m just happy to be here with the talented jockeys. It’s a dream come true. I’m also grateful to the Japanese people and the JRA for how they have treated me but most of all, I’m grateful to the fans. They have so much passion and are so excited about the races. My next goal is to go back to Canada and claim the jockey championship for the fifth time”, commented Eurico Da Silva on his overall victory of the series.

Meanwhile, Team JRA, who was ahead by 48 points after Day One, was able to fend off the strong charge by Team WAS to claim the team title for three consecutive years with a margin of 28 points.

[Series Summary]


Jockey Team August 26, 2017 August 27, 2017 Total
1st Leg 2nd Leg 3rd Leg 4th Leg
1 Eurico Da Silva (CAN) WAS 10th (1) 3rd (15) 11th (1) 1st (30) 47
2 Keita Tosaki (JRA) JRA 6th (8) 1st (30) 7th (6) 11th (1) 45
2 Yuichi Fukunaga (JRA) JRA 1st (30) 7th (6) 6th (8) 13th (1) 45
4 Joao Moreira (HK) WAS 7th (6) 9th (2) 1st (30) 7th (6) 44
5 Yutaka Take (JRA) JRA 14th (1) 10th (1) 2nd (20) 2nd (20) 42
6 Christophe Lemaire (JRA) JRA 4th (12) 6th (8) 4th (12) 8th (4) 36
7 Shogo Nakano (NAR) WAS 2nd (20) 11th (1) 10th (1) 5th (10) 32
8 Hironobu Tanabe (JRA) JRA 3rd (15) 4th (12) 14th (1) 12th (1) 29
9 Anthony Crastus (FR) WAS 9th (2) 14th (1) 5th (10) 3rd (15) 28
10 Katelyn Mallyon (AUS) WAS 13th (1) 2nd (20) 9th (2) 9th (2) 25
11 Kerrin McEvoy (AUS) WAS 11th (1) 5th (10) 12th (1) 4th (12) 24
12 Hiroyuki Uchida (JRA) JRA 5th (10) 12th (1) 8th (4) 6th (8) 23
13 Mirco Demuro (JRA) JRA 12th (1) 13th (1) 3rd (15) 14th (1) 18
14 Tom Queally (GB) WAS 8th (4) 8th (4) 13th (1) 10th (1) 10
Team WAS (World All-Star) : 210 points Team JRA : 238 points
*1st: 30 points / 2nd: 20 points / 3rd: 15 points / 4th: 12 points / 5th: 10 points / 6th: 8 points / 7th: 6 points /
8th: 4 points / 9th: 2 points / 10th: 1 point / 11th: 1 point / 12th: 1 point / 13th: 1 point / 14th: 1 point


Sunday, August 27, 2017            Sapporo Racecourse        10th Race        Post Time: 15:01
3-year-old & up, Allowance (10Million & Less), 1,700 meters (about 8.5 furlongs), dirt, right-handed
3-y-o: 56kg (about 124 lbs), 4-y-o & up: 58kg (about 128 lbs), 2kg allowance for Fillies & Mares, 14 runners

FP BK PP Horse Sex
Jockey Weight
Margin Odds (Fav)
1 7 11 Meisho Bach (JPN) C4 Joao Moreira 58.0 1:45.9 4.6 (3)
2 8 14B Deep Opus (USA) C4 Yutaka Take 58.0 2-1/2 4.2 (1)
3 6 9 Dear Concerto (JPN) H5 Mirco Demuro 58.0 Nose 4.6 (2)
4 5 7 Bestseller Ask (JPN) M6 Christophe Lemaire 56.0 1/2 9.3 (6)
5 5 8 Another Version (JPN) G6 Anthony Crastus 58.0 Neck 26.3 (8)
6 7 12B Encuentros (JPN) H5 Yuichi Fukunaga 58.0 2-1/2 27.7 (10)
7 2 2B Rock Candy (JPN) M5 Keita Tosaki 56.0 Neck 7.7 (4)
8 1 1 Pinturicchio (JPN) F4 Hiroyuki Uchida 56.0 1-1/2 21.1 (7)
9 4 5 Daichi Wurde (JPN) H6 Katelyn Mallyon 58.0 Neck 62.7 (12)
10 3 3 T Laule'a (JPN) C3 Shogo Nakano 56.0 3/4 7.8 (5)
11 6 10 Neuna (USA) M5 Eurico Da Silva 56.0 1/2 142.9 (13)
12 4 6 Hayabusa Pri Pri (JPN) F4 Kerrin McEvoy 56.0 4 26.6 (9)
13 8 13 Roman Hope (JPN) H5 Tom Queally 58.0 1-3/4 197.4 (14)
14 3 4 Petite Coureur (JPN) F3 Hironobu Tanabe 54.0 2 28.5 (11)
FP= Final Position / BK= Bracket Number / PP = Post Position / B=Blinker / DS=Distance
NOTE:Figures quoted under Odds are Win Odds, which show the amount of money you get back per single unit (100yen), and Fav indicates the order of favorites.

WINNING TIME: 1:45.9 GOING: Standard WEATHER: Fine
Fractional Time (sec./furlong):  6.7 - 12.5 - 13.0 - 12.9 - 12.3 - 12.0 - 12.0 - 11.9 - 12.6
Last 4 furlong: 48.5 Last 3 furlong: 36.5
Positions at each corner:  1st corner 11,14(8,12)9,2,7(5,6)(3,10)(1,13)4
2nd corner 11,14(8,12)(2,9)7(5,6)10-(3,13)1,4
3rd corner 11(14,12)8(2,9)(5,7,6)(10,3)(1,13)4
4th corner 11,14(8,12,9)(5,2,7)(10,6)(1,3)-13-4

Note1: Underlined bold number indicates the winning horse.
Note2: Horse numbers are indicated in the order of their positions at each corner, with the first position listed first. Two or more horses inside the same parentheses indicate that they were positioned side by side. Hyphens between the horse numbers indicate that there is distance between the former and the latter. The asterisk indicates a slight lead.

1st: (11) Joao Moreira―dashed out from outer stall, led field throughout for 2-1/2-length win
“I was able to take the colt to the front and set the pace as planned, and he showed good response in the straight.”
2nd: (14) Yutaka Take―pressed pace in second, held off strong challenges in homestretch
3rd: (9) Mirco Demuro―unhurried in mid-pack, improved to 4th entering lane, closed strongly
4th: (7) Christophe Lemaire―relaxed in mid-division, made bid from outside, good stretch kick behind Demuro
5th: (8) Anthony Crastus―hugged rails in 3rd, briefly dueled with Take, weakened in last strides
“My mount responded really well. He seemed a bit nervous of the other horses, so I’m sure he’ll do better if this can be improved.”
6th: (12) Yuichi Fukunaga―sat 3-wide in 3rd or 4th, lacked needed kick at stretch
7th: (2) Keita Tosaki―hugged rails in mid-division, switched to outside at early stretch, failed to respond
8th: (1) Hiroyuki Uchida―settled near rear along rails, showed little at stretch
9th: (5) Katelyn Mallyon―unhurried, ground-saving trip in mid-field, made mild bid, unable to reach contention
“He raced really well. I think the style of keeping him settled off the pace suits him so we can expect good results in his next race if he can race like today.”
11th: (10) Eurico Da Silva―was off slow, traveled 3-wide towards rear, never fired
“She was easy to ride. She didn’t stretch as I had expected but I think she raced really well.”
10th: (3) Shogo Nakano―checked before 1st turn, sat in rear group, strong bid at 3rd corner, failed to respond in straight
12th: (6) Kerrin McEvoy―raced 3-wide in mid-pack, angled out at last corner, came up empty
“I raced the filly from behind as instructed and made bid from the third corner but she didn’t respond as I hoped. It might be a good idea to try blinkers.”
13th: (13) Tom Queally―was off slow, sat 3rd to 4th from rear, entered lane 2nd from rear, through early
“We raced in the back and made bid from around the third corner but the horse had little to show.”
14th: (4) Hironobu Tanabe―steadied after start, reserved in far rear, never a factor thereon


Sunday, August 27, 2017            Sapporo Racecourse        12th Race        Post Time: 16:15
3-year-old & up, Allowance (10Million & Less), 1,800 meters (about 9 furlongs), turf, right-handed
3-y-o: 56kg (about 124 lbs), 4-y-o & up: 58kg (about 128 lbs), 2kg allowance for Fillies & Mares, 14 runners

FP BK PP Horse Sex
Jockey Weight
Margin Odds (Fav)
1 8 13 Le Grand Frisson (USA) C4 Eurico Da Silva 58.0 1:48.8 7.7 (4)
2 4 5 Give and Take (JPN) G6 Yutaka Take 58.0 Nose 41.9 (13)
3 6 9 K G Kinkame (JPN) H6 Anthony Crastus 58.0 2-1/2 93.9 (14)
4 7 12 Territorial (JPN) C3 Kerrin McEvoy 56.0 1/2 7.3 (3)
5 6 10 Meiner Ugni Blanc (JPN) C3 Shogo Nakano 56.0 3/4 39.7 (11)
6 3 4 Taisei Applause (JPN) H5 Hiroyuki Uchida 58.0 Neck 17.5 (9)
7 5 8 Admire Meteor (JPN) G6 Joao Moreira 58.0 3/4 11.1 (6)
8 5 7 Sha La La (JPN) F4 Christophe Lemaire 56.0 1/2 4.1 (1)
9 4 6 Oken Black (JPN) H6 Katelyn Mallyon 58.0 Nose 15.6 (8)
10 8 14 Radius (JPN) H6 Tom Queally 58.0 1-3/4 12.2 (7)
11 3 3 Enigma Variate (JPN) H5 Keita Tosaki 58.0 Neck 4.9 (2)
12 7 11 Wild Dancer (JPN) H5 Hironobu Tanabe 58.0 3 9.2 (5)
13 2 2B Red Belinda (JPN) M5 Yuichi Fukunaga 56.0 3 17.7 (10)
14 1 1 Nishino Otakebi (JPN) H5 Mirco Demuro 58.0 5 40.2 (12)

TURNOVER FOR THE DAY: ¥ 9,003,820,900 ATTENDANCE: 19,178
Fractional Time (sec./furlong):  12.6 - 12.0 - 11.9 - 11.9 - 12.0 - 12.0 - 12.0 - 11.7 - 12.7
                           Last 4 furlong: 48.4 Last 3 furlong: 36.4
Positions at each corner:  1st corner 10(1,12)(7,13)(2,8)4,6(3,5,14)9-11
2nd corner (*1,10)-(7,12)13(2,8,14)6,3(4,9)5-11
3rd corner (1,*10)(7,8)(12,13)(2,6,14)3(5,4,9)-11
4th corner (7,8,10,*13)(1,2,6,12)(5,14)(4,3,9)-11

1st: (13) Eurico Da Silva―broke well, sat off the pace in 4th, made bid at last turn, first to enter lane, galloped strongly, held off fast closing runner-up by nose at line
“It was a close finish but I was very lucky—saved by the wire. The horse was a bit nervous in the barrier but after the start, he was very keen and everything I asked, he did for me. The trainer and the groom did a great job in preparing the horse and I’m so grateful to them.”
2nd: (5) Yutaka Take―trailed 2nd from rear, wide turn, threatened winner with fastest kick in last 3 furlongs for a nose 2nd
3rd: (9) Anthony Crastus―late start, inched forward 3-wide in backstretch, closed strongly
“He seemed a bit tense after the break but started to get into rhythm as he passed his rivals. He showed an excellent turn of foot in the stretch.”
4th: (12) Kerrin McEvoy―rallied for lead, settled in 3rd, dropped back turning wide, passed tiring rivals in stretch
5th: (10) Shogo Nakano―set pace early, 2nd in backstretch, entered lane in 4th, lacked needed kick
6th: (4) Hiroyuki Uchida―raced in mid-division, quickened between horses in last 200m
7th: (8) Joao Moreira―traveled 3-wide in mid-pack, advanced before 3rd corner, even paced at stretch
“He broke well and raced smoothly but was even paced until the end.”
8th: (7) Christophe Lemaire―settled in 4th early, made headway after 3rd corner, outrun in last 100m
9th: (6) Katelyn Mallyon―cruised 3-wide in mid-group, ran gamely until 100m out, weakened thereafter
“I was unable to race him in good position because he missed his break and he didn’t stretch as I had hoped he would.”
10th: (14) Tom Queally―traveled 4-wide towards rear, gradually advance, never fired at stretch
“He’s a frontrunner so today’s draw was unfortunate. He’s a well-trained horse but he might do better at longer distances, maybe another couple of furlongs would better suit him.”
11th: (3) Keita Tosaki―raced back in mid-pack, urged after 3rd corner but failed to respond
12th: (11) Hironobu Tanabe―was off slow, trailed in far rear, never threatened
13th: (2) Yuichi Fukunaga―hugged rails in mid-pack, ran willingly rounding final corner, weakened in last 200m
14th: (1) Mirco Demuro―chased pace in 2nd, led in backstretch, faded after 3rd corner

[Other Races Ridden by Foreign Participants]

1st race: Two-Year-Olds (Maiden), turf, 1,800m, 12 runners
  Tom Queally—11th on La Croix Kris S (JPN, C2), 9th favorite
  Joao Moreira—12th on Admire Tempu (JPN, F2), 3rd favorite
2nd race: Three-Year-Olds (Maiden, Fillies), dirt, 1,700m, 14 runners
  Kerrin McEvoy—1st on Red Ratna (JPN, F3), 7th favorite
  Joao Moreira—4th on Silver Compass (JPN, F3), favorite
3rd race: Three-Year-Olds (Maiden), dirt, 1,000m, 12 runners
  Joao Moreira—7th on Derma Kimino Nawa (JPN, F3), favorite
4th race: Three-Year-Olds (Maiden), dirt, 1,700m, 13 runners
  Joao Moreira—1st on Eagle Barows (USA, C3), favorite
  Katelyn Mallyon—10th on Mauve (JPN, F3), 6th favorite
5th race: Two-Year-Olds (Newcomer), turf, 1,200m, 12 runners
  Joao Moreira—1st on Beluga (JPN, F2), favorite
6th race: Three-Year-Olds (Maiden), turf, 2,600m, 14 runners
  Joao Moreira—3rd on Bright Quartz (JPN, C3), favorite
  Kerrin McEvoy—10th on Toyo Peace (JPN, C3), 5th favorite
7th race: Three-Year-Olds & Up (Allowance (5Million & Less)), dirt, 1,700m, 12 runners
  Joao Moreira—2nd on Navy Blue (JPN, C4), favorite
  Kerrin McEvoy—4th on Win Rumble (JPN, C4), 8th favorite
8th race: Three-Year-Olds & Up (Allowance (5Million & Less)), turf, 2,000m, 16 runners
  Joao Moreira—1st on Globe Theatre (JPN, C3), favorite
  Anthony Crastus—6th on Choix Droit (JPN, C3), 5th favorite
9th race: Chitose Tokubetsu (Allowance (5Million & Less)), turf, 1,500m, 14 runners
  Anthony Crastus—2nd on Artorius (JPN, C3), 9th favorite
  Joao Moreira—5th on Moleque (JPN, C3), 2nd favorite
11th race: Keeneland Cup (G3), turf, 1,200m, 13 runners
  Joao Moreira—13th on Shuji (JPN, C4), 3rd favorite

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