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November 17, 2017


Training Report of Foreign Entries
Japan Autumn International
The 37th Japan Cup (G1)

November 17, 2017 (Friday)

<At JRA Horseracing School>

Weather: Fine
Going: Fast (standard) (dirt course)


Boom Time (AUS, H6)

- Walked 100m, cantered (about 18-23 seconds per furlong) 2,600m, walked 600m (dirt course)
(exercised from 6:15 to 6:37, ridden by Dara O'Meachair)

“He has great appetite and there are no problems with his condition. After the gate exam this morning, we cantered him for two laps. He was relaxed and his movements were good. He’s a tough horse that can overcome the travelling. He’s also in a good mental state, so I think he’ll be able to adjust to any pace in the actual race.”

(comments taken from Gary Fennessy)

Iquitos (GER, H5)

- Trotted 1,100m, walked 200m, cantered (about 16-20 seconds per furlong) 1,600m, trotted 600m, walked 900m (dirt course)
(exercised from 6:45 to 7:15, ridden by Simone Harnischmacher)

“All has come according to plan up until this point – no major changes with his condition. He’s eaten all the feed given to him. He was relaxed during training today too. Condition-wise, I think he’s in similar form compared to last year when we ran him in this race.”

(comments taken from Janina Reese)

Guignol (GER, H5)

- Trotted 500m, cantered (about 30-35 seconds per furlong) 400m, walked 200m, cantered (about 15-20 seconds per furlong) 1,400m, trotted 700, walked 900m (dirt course)
(exercised from 6:45 to 7:13, ridden by Michael Cadeddu)

“He is not stressed at all and is looking very good. His appetite is good too and seems to have found a liking for Japanese apples and carrots. We cantered him for a lap this morning and he seems to be getting in better shape. The strong point about this horse is that he knows his own capacity and strength, and he is confident about himself.”

(comments taken from Michael Cadeddu)

Idaho (IRE, C4)

- Walked 100m, trotted 1,700m, walked 100m, cantered (about 19-23 seconds per furlong) 1,400m, walked 500m (dirt course)
(exercised from 7:19 to 7:38, ridden by Ben Dalton)

“A day has passed since arriving here, but he doesn’t look tired and his weight hasn’t changed much. As we did when we travelled him to the United States, we will train him with a right-handed trot and a left-handed canter here in Japan as well. We will gradually adjust his training menu to what we normally give him back home.”

(comments taken from Thomas Comerford)

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