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December 1, 2017


Champions Cup (G1) - Comments from runners' connections
Miyako Stakes (G3)
Apollo Kentucky
Apollo Kentucky (horse, 5)

Kenji Yamauchi, trainer
“The most important thing will be for him to get into the flow of the race. 1,800 meters isn’t necessarily his best distance, but getting into a position in the race from where he can pick up at the right time is the key. He looked a little heavy a while ago, but with his latest training he’s done well, and I think he comes here in good condition.”


Antares Stakes (G3)
Awardee (horse, 7)

Mikio Matsunaga, trainer
“His movement has been the same as always. He didn’t get a result at Ohi last time, but switching to a left-handed track this time will be better. There should be other horses that elect to go on, and if he can just take a sit in behind and run with good rhythm, then he can be produced on the outside, which would be the ideal way for him to race. He’s strong for a 7-year-old, can compete at this top level, and he has a good enough chance here.”

Yutaka Take, jockey
“He finished off his work well, when chasing home his training partner, and everything’s been as it usually is with him. This is a big goal for him, as it’s just his second JRA dirt Grade 1. His rotation coming into this race looks right. He’s full of energy, especially for a 7-year-old. He’s gotten good results going left-handed, and is easier to ride in those races.”


February Stakes (G1)
Copano Rickey
Copano Rickey (horse, 7)

Akira Murayama, trainer
“We’ve taken care of him after his last race. Previously, sometimes he would run well, and other times he wouldn’t. Going into this race, however, I feel less anxious about him not running a good race. In previous Champions Cup starts, he didn’t get results, but he has won the Tokai Stakes at the same track, so I don’t think the course is a problem. He’s a horse with a lot of strength, and I want the jockey to give him a good, smooth ride to bring out the best in him.”

Hironobu Tanabe, jockey
“He looks to be in good shape, and bearing this in mind, I can see him running a strong race going left-handed over 1,800 meters.”


Tokai TV Hai Tokai Stakes (G2)
Glanzend (colt, 4)

Yukihiro Kato, trainer
“This has been the race we’ve been looking at for him, and his rotation has been such that it leads him into the race as expected. He’s developed a lot, as can be seen with him gaining about 20kgs, and he’s now around 480kg, which he’s got to gradually. Ideally, I’d hope for a ground saving run, where he can keep things for late in the race. It’s a big advantage to have won the Tokai Stakes over the distance at Chukyo this January.”

Hugh Bowman, jockey
“I’ll discuss things with the trainer after the draw is made. The horse is in good condition, which I’m pleased about, and his responses in the final 200 meters of his work have been good. I’ve only had a little experience riding in dirt races, but I want to do my best here, and I’m looking forward to it.”


February Stakes (G1)
Gold Dream
Gold Dream (colt, 4)

Osamu Hirata, trainer
“His final furlong times in training have been fine. The race is over a distance which he’s already won – 2,000 meters might be a little far, but 1,800 meters is fine. I think he’s now in a similar condition to when he won the February Stakes this year. I’d like him to get a good start, and if he gets into the flow of things, he must have a chanc


K T Brave
K T Brave
K T Brave (colt, 4)

Tetsuya Meno, trainer
“Recently in his career, he’s taken on longer distance races in the NAR, which means he wouldn’t want a race in which the pace is too strong or the time too fast. Ideally, he could have shown just a bit more in training, but to keep using him and putting him through his paces has been good for him. He’s coming into this Grade 1 at Chukyo in fine condition, and while it won’t be easy, I want him to do his best.”


Negishi Stakes (G3)
Kafuji Take
Kafuji Take (horse, 5)

Sachio Yukubo, trainer
“I have no worries with him going into the race. He’s in good condition, and he’s definitely suited to the longer straights at Tokyo and Chukyo. The jockey and two assistant trainers have been pleased with him in training. It’s 1,800 meters this time, but he finished fourth last year, and I’d really like the jockey to get the best out of him this time too.”

Christophe Lemaire, jockey
“He’s an easy horse to ride, his movement and balance are good. He’s capable of running a strong race, and I want him to put in his best performance here.”


Procyon Stakes (G3)
King's Guard
King's Guard (horse, 6)

Ryo Terashima, trainer
“He’s put in good work uphill recently. When racing left-handed, and on the outside, he has a tendency to hang, so racing on the inside is better. But he did win at Chukyo earlier this year, proving he can perform racing left-handed. In his last race, he was waited with before producing a good finish, so I’m thinking if he can run well in the first half of the race again, he can produce something similar here.”

Kota Fujioka, jockey
“His movement’s good and he’s an easy horse to ride. He ran well last time over the same distance, and if he gets the run of the race, it’ll be interesting to see what he can do here.”


Elm Stakes (G3)
London Town
London Town (colt, 4)

Kazuya Makita, trainer
“He’s in good shape, and there’s no tiredness about him. His finishes in training have been strong, as well as marking fast times. He’s gotten good results at different tracks, and has experience racing at Chukyo, so I’m not worried about switching tracks again. In among this Grade 1 field, there are many strong horses, but I want to see what he can do, and I believe he has a chance.”


Sirius Stakes (G3)
Meisho Sumitomo
Meisho Sumitomo (horse, 6)

Katsumi Minai, trainer
“It was touch and go with his prize money level as to whether he would get into the race, but he has and so I’m pleased about that. I think the horse is in better condition than before, and he has won a graded race. He’s relaxed and has worked well in training. I want him to do his best up against the strong opposition here, and to try and make the adjustment in this Grade 1 dirt race.”


Mitsuba (horse, 5)

Tadashi Kayo, trainer
“He lost a bit of weight last time with the long distance transportation to the course, but he’s been able to maintain his condition since, and the trip to the track this time is not so far. Of course, it’s a strong lineup, but we go into the race thinking that he can put in a good run if things go his way.”


Antares Stakes (G3)
Molto Bene
Molto Bene (horse, 5)

Masahiro Matsunaga, trainer
“He’s been moving well, and I want him to find a good rhythm in the race and do his best in this Grade 1.”

Tsugio Mori, assistant trainer
“Things have been satisfactory with him, and he’s been fine in training going left-handed. He can move his head around a bit, so it’s important from the start that he settles into stride well. This will be the key, getting a sound start, and getting the best out of him in the run, and I’m looking forward to how things will go for him.”


Tokyo Chunichi Sports Hai Musashino Stakes (G3)
Nonkono Yume
Nonkono Yume (gelding, 5)

Yukihiro Kato, trainer
“He’s finished second and sixth in the race the last two years, and it’s always a fast pace going into the first corner. It’ll be the third time jockey Christian Demuro has ridden the horse, but his work with him cornering is good. A position behind horses like Sound True and Kafuji Take might be good, and then to make a late run would be the kind of race that could suit him.”

Leopard Stakes (G3)
Rose Princedom
Rose Princedom (colt, 3)

Yoshihiro Hatakeyama, trainer
“Chasing his partner in training, he faltered just a little, but in the end finished off the work well. He’s improving and developing well. There are many strong horses in the race, and they will make sure it’s a tough race. The last part of the race will be important for him, to see if he can maintain things.”


Champions Cup (G1)
Sound True
Sound True (gelding, 7)

Noboru Takagi, trainer
“He won the race last year and, of course, I want him to win again. He’s very well in himself and things have gone according to plan with him. He’s a better horse in the autumn. This week he just did light work, as I believe that’s good enough for him with the condition he’s in. I have no worries. Going left-handed is fine for him and 1,800 meters is his best distance.”

Takuya Ono, jockey
“There’s no damage after his last race, and he’s been running smoothly in his training. I’ll think about tactics after the draw. Of course, I feel some pressure, but I’m looking forward to a big run from him.”


Miyako Stakes (G3)
T M Jinsoku
T M Jinsoku (horse, 5)

Kazuyoshi Kihara, trainer
“It’s great to be able to take on a Grade 1. We don’t push him too much, so that he can keep his condition. He’s the challenger here, so we can relax a little with that role. I think he can run his usual good race, and it’ll be interesting among the strong field, to see how much his own effort can be rewarded here.”

Yoshihiro Furukawa, jockey
“He’s a Grade 3 winner challenging the Grade 1 horses here. Speed is his strong point, and since I’ve been riding him, his legs have gotten better. He’s full of himself. He usually starts well, and even though it’s a change of track, he responds well always.”


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