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April 27, 2018


Tenno Sho (Spring) (G1) - Comments from runners' connections
Sports Nippon Sho Stayers Stakes (G2)
Albert (horse, 7)

Noriyuki Hori, trainer
“As an older horse running over longer distances, we are sure to be careful with him. He’s already put in his strong work, and this past week we’ve taken it easy with him, and we intend to transport him over on the Friday. We’ve kept his rotation such, that he’s going into the race in good condition. All being well, his weight will be about right this time. I think he’s probably better now than he was for the past two Tenno Sho Spring races. When the horse’s condition is good, he’s better mentally too.”

Kazutomo Mori, assistant trainer
“Everything’s gone well with him, and his weight should be over 470kg this time, but less than his last run. I think looking at the lineup this year, he has a good enough chance and I want him to run well.”

Chestnut Coat
Chestnut Coat
Chestnut Coat (colt, 4)

Yoshito Yahagi, trainer
“As a horse born in May, he’s taken a bit more time to mature, but he’s developed well of late and has made good progress steadily, so going into this race is no problem for him. On his dam’s side, the distance wouldn’t seem to be a worry, and I’m not anxious about him taking on this race. I think the outer course at Kyoto is easier to ride than the 2,500 meters on the inner course.”

Takahide Ando, assistant trainer
“He’s trained well, and he’s a big striding horse who always seems to find more and doesn’t stop. When training uphill, he’s done well, without necessarily seeming to move that fast. I don’t think he’s suited to Nakayama, but he can show his strength over longer distances, and that should be the case this time.”

Japan Cup(G1)
Cheval Grand
Cheval Grand (horse, 6)

Yasuo Tomomichi, trainer
“I think his workload and times in training have been just right going into this long distance race. He’s finished second and third in the race already, and with the winner both times not lining up this time, he must have a good chance, especially taking into account his record at the track. I’d hope for the ground not to come up soft.”

Hugh Bowman, jockey
“There’s no Kitasan Black in the race this year, so that’s a big help. I think Cheval Grand’s best distance is between 2,400 meters and 3,000 meters. He’s not a horse to pick up so quickly, but he has good footwork, and stamina to go with it. It’s a long distance race that takes a long time too, so the key is to bring both the mental and physical aspects of the horse together during the race. I’ll think a bit more about the actual race once the draw’s known. I’m very pleased to be able to come back to Japan and ride Cheval Grand.”

Kyoto Kinen (G2)
Clincher (colt, 4)

Hiroshi Miyamoto, trainer
“I had his race jockey (Kosei Miura) ride the horse this past week, and he was impressed by the horse. His training times have been good, and he’s a horse with natural stamina. This past year he’s developed a lot. I think he’s suited to the Kyoto course, and his condition will be 100% going into the race. I think he can adapt to a fast time, but the real key is getting him to find a good rhythm over the 3,200 meters.”

Kosei Miura, jockey
“Looking at his last race, he’s definitely a horse that can switch gears, so it’s important to understand this. I rode the horse in work to get used to him. I hope to ride with confidence and ride to win in the race itself. It’s important to get into a good flow with him, and not to lose any ground during the race. An inside draw would be good, but as I’ve said, most importantly it’s about finding the horse’s rhythm.”

Tenno Sho (Spring) (G1)
Curren Mirotic
Curren Mirotic (gelding, 10)

Osamu Hirata, trainer
“He ran well last time and really did his best. In training he just keeps ticking over and doesn’t show signs of his age. I’d like to think he can run like he did in the race two years ago. The jockey’s a good match for him, and I look forward to his run on what will hopefully be good ground.”

Nikkei Sho (G2)
Ganko (horse, 5)

Shigeki Matsumoto, trainer
“His responses have been good in training, and this past week he’s looked lighter, having trained harder the previous week.”

Shohei Nakamura, assistant trainer
“We considered steeplechases for him a while ago, and started running him in long distance flat races on turf, and got good results through his tough runs in those races. Consequently, he’s developed in this way. He has stamina, is easy to control, and I want him to do his best among the strong horses this time.”

Yusuke Fujioka, jockey
“In training I didn’t overdo things with him, given the condition of the track. But his movement was good. We don’t know about the distance of the race and how he will handle it, but I’m pleased the timing’s been right for me to strike up a partnership with the horse.”

Nikkei Shinshun Hai (G2)
Mikki Rocket
Mikki Rocket (horse, 5)

Kenichi Shono, assistant trainer
“He’s had a break at the farm, and since returning we’ve been working on him with this 3,200 meter race as the goal, and he should be fine going into the race. The main thing in the run will be for him to save as much as he can for something at the finish.”

Ryuji Wada, jockey
“He tends to hang a bit, but it’s possible to make an allowance for this. There’s a good feel to him and he seems to be in good condition.”

Ping Pong (horse, 8)

Masao Kasaya, trainer
“He still seems young at heart, and physically too. He’s trained with Cheek Pieces on and has been moving well. Hopefully he’s not rushed in the race, and he gets to concentrate on things, which is the best pattern of a race for him. I think he’s not bad at the distance, and if can run the way he did in his last race, it’ll be interesting to see what he can do here.”

Hanshin Daishoten (G2)
Rainbow Line
Rainbow Line (horse, 5)

Keiichi Asami, assistant trainer
“It was a good win last time, and this time again he’ll meet similar opponents, so it should be interesting. With racing at Kyoto just started, I think times could be fast, but nothing like the time set in the race last year. He ran well in the Tenno Sho (Autumn) last year when it was wet, and if there is some rain around, it won’t be a problem.”

Yasunari Iwata, jockey
“The horse has gotten bigger since last year. He runs smoothly and is easy to ride. I just worked him steadily this week, according to the trainer’s instructions. I don’t think there’s a problem with the distance, and I’d like him to break well and get into a good rhythm. I want to do my best with him this time too.”

Challenge Cup (G3)
Satono Chronicle
Satono Chronicle (colt, 4)

Yasutoshi Ikee, trainer
“Last week he put in his strong work which pleased me. He ran well last time, and has been able to maintain his condition. He’s become a stronger colt, I believe.”

Hiroshi Kanetake, assistant trainer
“His movement has been good in training. I think he’s better for his last race, and I think the switch to Kyoto with its flat homestretch is a plus. I’m looking forward to seeing what he can do here.”

Shiho (horse, 7)

Kazuhide Sasada, trainer
“He’s been working well in training, finishing off his work well, and I think his condition has improved. He ran well last time in a strong field, and looking at that, the longer distances would seem to suit him. He showed he has a good turn of foot, and if he just gets to run a bit straighter, there could be a different result this time.”

Kyoto Daishoten (G2)
Smart Layer
Smart Layer (mare, 8)

Ryuji Okubo, trainer
“She’s been running in a relaxed way in this final week. I think if she can adjust to the way the race is run, she won’t have a problem seeing out the trip.”

Tatsuo Taniguchi, assistant trainer
“I think in her last race, she didn’t show her usual qualities. Regarding the distance this time, we won’t know until we try it, but six months ago she ran a great race on the outer track at Kyoto, beating male horses, so if she can do that again, she has a chance.”

Sole Impact
Sole Impact
Sole Impact (horse, 6)

Hirofumi Toda, trainer
“Two starts ago the horse ran a strong race, and I think he really shows his best over these longer distances. His responses have been good in training, and the staff have done a great job getting the horse into the condition he’s in. I like to think I learned a lot about the race through training Fenomeno to win it. The jockey is also a good match for the horse.”

Tomiken Slava
Tomiken Slava
Tomiken Slava (horse, 8)

Masahiro Takeuchi, trainer
“We haven’t pushed him too hard in training, which I think is just right for him. He needs to find a suitable pace in the race itself, and if the first half isn’t run too frantically, that would be good. Of course, there are strong horses in the field, but I’d like him to try his best and get a result.”

Tosen Basil
Tosen Basil
Tosen Basil (horse, 6)

Hideaki Fujiwara, trainer
“He’s been moving pretty well. I think he’s in good enough condition to perform well in a long distance race like this.”

Nobuyuki Tashiro, assistant trainer
“He’s calmed down more. I think compared to when he ran in the race last year, he’s better now. Previously he ran from off the pace, but since last autumn he’s been a lot closer to the front in his races. If he gets into a good rhythm in the race, I don’t think the distance is a problem, and even though it’s a Grade 1, he’s capable of a good showing here.”

Toshin Monstera
Toshin Monstera
Toshin Monstera (horse, 8)

Akira Murayama, trainer
“I think he has stamina and can run over the distance, and is able to handle a Grade 1 and the opposition in it. I hope he can get a smooth run, and not lose any ground during the course of the race, then hopefully we’ll see what he can do.”

Yamakatsu Raiden
Yamakatsu Raiden
Yamakatsu Raiden (horse, 6)

Kaneo Ikezoe, trainer
“He’s in good enough shape to run his usual sort of race. If he doesn’t go off at his own pace, then he can’t run to his best ability.”

Shogo Okatomi, assistant trainer
“Last year in the race, he couldn’t maintain the pace, but he is a horse with ability and plenty of stamina. Two starts ago he ran a strong race by trying to make all the running, and just capitulated at the end. But that’s the kind of race we’d like to see him run here, and if he can lead into the home straight, we’ll see what happens.”


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