2018 News

September 25, 2018


Training Report of Foreign Entry
the 52nd Running of the Sprinters Stakes (G1)

September 25, 2018 (Tuesday)

<At Nakayama Racecourse>

Weather: Cloudy
Going: Standard (dirt course)


Lucky Bubbles (AUS, G7, chestnut)

- (right-handed) walked to 1st corner, (left-handed) walked in stretch and cantered 3/4 lap on dirt course
(exercised from 7:45 AM to 8:18 AM, ridden by Cheuk Wah Lo)

“The horse was a little nervous the first few days at Shiroi – he was a bit jumpy at noises and the wind and lost his appetite – but he’s eating well and looks calm since being transferred to the racecourse.

“Today was his first work out at Nakayama so he was tense in the beginning, looking around and stopping at the turn, but he felt well moving left-handed so there is nothing wrong with his fitness and he is eager to work so I’m not worried.

“He’ll work lightly again tomorrow and the jockey is scheduled to ride him on Thursday.”

(Comments taken from assistant trainer, Lok Man Larry Lui)


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