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December 14, 2018


Asahi Hai Futurity Stakes (G1) - Comments from runners' connections

*All horses are 2-year-olds

Daily Hai Nisai Stakes (G2)
Admire Mars

Admire Mars (colt)

Yasuo Tomomichi, trainer
“He’s trained well, finding a good rhythm with his training partner and then finishing off strongly at the finish. He’s been relaxed right from his debut, and he’s had good results from the beginning of his career. He’s become bigger as he develops more. His good footwork is his salespoint, and he knows when to switch on and off. I think he can race anywhere and handle any environment, and last time he showed racing right-handed is not a problem for him. I don’t think he’ll have any trouble with the rise at Hanshin. If he runs like he has been, he has a good enough chance.”

Yusuke Oe, assistant trainer
“Since last week, he’s gotten into racing mode. He’s in good condition, looks strong, and there’s nothing to worry about with him.”

Hakodate Nisai Stakes (G3)
Aster Pegasus

Aster Pegasus (colt)

Kazuya Nakatake, trainer
“He seemed much stronger last time, and having had that race, he seems different again now. I think he’ll have no problem with the mile if he gets into a good rhythm.”

Koichi Shirakura, assistant trainer
“He’s gotten bigger, which is him developing. He’s more muscular and has a good shape. Since his second race, things have gone to plan with this race in mind. Hopefully he can produce his best here.”

Yuichi Fukunaga, jockey
“He’s done his work well. Compared to his last race, he seems to be much better all round.”

Cadence Call
Cadence Call

Cadence Call (colt)

Takayuki Yasuda, trainer
“He did his hard work last week, so this week he did light work on the hill. Even though the ground was a bit heavy due to the rain, he still worked well. He’s had time since his last race to get over a stone bruise, but there’s definitely no problem now. One concern might be him getting unsettled in the gate, but he’s had gate practice to help with this. He has good racing sense, and even though it’s his first time to race right-handed, I don’t think it’ll be a problem, and I want him to show his best here.”

Copano Martin (colt)

Akira Murayama, trainer
“He’s only won racing on dirt, but in a turf race over 1,800 meters he did finish third, so I think he can handle turf races. There hasn’t been much time since his last race, but he has maintained his condition. Of course it’s a strong Grade 1 race, but I want to see what he’s capable of.”

Ryusei Sakai, jockey
“In training, he chased up another horse and finished on the inside up the straight. He does things his way and his responses are good. I think with his power, if the ground is a bit off it wouldn’t matter.”

De Gaulle
De Gaulle

De Gaulle (colt)

Yoichi Kuroiwa, trainer
“This week he’s just done light work, which I think is enough after his hard training last week, when he posted good times. He’s still young and developing, and we have gone through gate practice with him. In his last race, he ran over a mile, and did better than before by managing to save himself for a good run at the finish. I think he’ll transport to the track fine, and we’ll find out more about how he’s developed when he comes up against the others in this field.”

Deep Diver (colt)

Ryuji Okubo, trainer
“He came out of his last race well, after showing his weak point of hanging a bit, but he’s a serious horse that runs well and has done well in his recent training, so I’m not worried about things. He’s always given his best in his races so far, and it’ll be interesting to see what he can give here too.”

Emeral Fight
Emeral Fight

Emeral Fight (colt)

Ikuo Aizawa, trainer
“His work was good this week, particularly at the finish, where he moved well, and the time was good too. I’m not worried about transporting him, as he has run in Sapporo. He won on his debut at Tokyo over a mile, and coming back to a mile this time is a big plus. I’ll leave things up to the jockey to get a position and then produce the horse in the best way possible. Even though the horse has only won once, he definitely has ability and I don’t think there’ll be much between him and the other horses.”

Keio Hai Nisai Stakes (G2)

Fantasis (colt)

Tomoyuki Umeda, trainer
“He’s certainly growing and looking more muscular with every race. We’ve had this race in mind for him. He has good racing sense and can adjust to any kind of race, I think. He doesn’t pull, so can take a sit behind the other runners if he has to. He’s raced at three different tracks, so I’m not worried about him handling the course this time, and I think the extra distance of the race itself won’t be a problem for him.”

Yutaka Take, jockey
“He’s won his races well, even though it hasn’t been by big margins. He’s become bigger, and is not so timid now that he’s had more experience. It’ll be his first time at a mile, but he did so well last time when the pace was slow, and I think he can adjust to any kind of race.”

Girasol (colt)

Tadashi Kayo, trainer
“Things have been constant with him and there’s no change in his condition. This final week he just did light work, concentrating on the finish more strongly. He’ll be up in distance this time, but if he can race something like he did last time, being kept back for a late run, he might just be able to see out the trip. I’m wondering how he’ll get on this time around.”

Saudi Arabia Royal Cup (G3)
Gran Alegria

Gran Alegria (filly)

Kazuo Fujisawa, trainer
“Things have gone accordingly with her, and she’s gained 6kg. She’s been able to adjust well since her last race in the Saudi Arabia Royal Cup, and her recent training schedule has been more regular. Speed is certainly her merit. She lost a shoe just before her final workout, but that was no problem at all. She has to transport over to the track and will be up against colts, but I really want her to show her best.”

Daisuke Tsumagari, assistant trainer
“I think she gets her speed from her mother. Obviously she’s taking on the colts this time, but she has raced against colts twice before, so it’s not a concern, and I’m looking forward to her run in the race.”

Christophe Lemaire, jockey

“She’s in good condition and runs smoothly with good balance. She knows when to pick up, and it just takes her a little time to get into full flow. She won easily last time, so I think she’s a horse with potential. She raced in second throughout her last race, getting into a good rhythm, before showing a good turn of foot, something similar to her sire, Deep Impact.”

It's Cool (colt)

Hidenori Take, trainer
“I’ve thought of this race for him, and after a run he gets better, so we haven’t had to work him so much since his recent run. Ideally he gets to the front or near to it, and gets to run at his own pace. He’s run well with this style of racing, and even though it’s a Grade 1 this time, I’ll be looking forward to what he can do if he gets to run his own race.”

Kurino Gaudi (colt)

Norio Fujisawa, trainer
“He’s posted good times in training, right from the start of his work, and his movement’s good too. I can be pleased with him overall. The race is over a shorter trip this time and I think that’s a plus.”

Hirokazu Tajima, assistant trainer
“Thinking of how the race might be run, the shorter distance will be to his advantage. One of the keys with him is to keep him relaxed on the day, but if things go for him in the race itself, he has a good enough chance.”

Meiner Surpass
Meiner Surpass

Meiner Surpass (colt)

Noboru Takagi, trainer
“The horse is in good condition, but one thing with him is to stop him becoming irritated. He chased home his training partner well this week, moving well and showing he has what it takes. He performed well in his last race, and that’s the kind of run I’d be looking to get from him this time as well. He hasn’t run over a mile since his debut, but hopefully by keeping a careful eye on how the race is run, he should be able to do well. I’m looking forward to it.”

Nihonpiro Henson
Nihonpiro Henson

Nihonpiro Henson (colt)

Akio Adachi, trainer
“He was quite excited last time on just his second start, and stood up in the stalls, but still managed to run well and win the race. There’s no doubt he has talent, and he is still a youngster. The distance is an unknown until he tries. The big key will be keeping him relaxed throughout the preliminaries, and getting him to jump well from the start.”

Salt Ibuki (colt)

Kazuyoshi Kihara, trainer
“He’s worked well enough to make me think he can take on this race, by keeping his condition well. He’s just had the three career starts, but there’s no doubt he has ability. It’ll be his first time at Hanshin, but I want him to give it his best among the strong field.”


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