Yasuda Kinen

Yasuda Kinen (G1)

Sunday, 3 June 2018

1,600m, Turf
Tokyo Racecourse (Left-handed)
Maximum Number of Horses:
Nomination Close:
Tuesday, 24 April 2018
Nomination Fee:
Free of Charge
Deadline for arriving in Japan:
Thursday, 24 May 2018
Thursday, 31 May 2018
Declaration Fee:

2017 winner Satono Aladdin

Nomination Close (Free):24 April 2018 by noon local time


Age / Sex Northern Hemisphere Bred Southern Hemisphere Bred
5yo+ H & G 58 kg (128lbs) 58 kg (128lbs)
5yo+ M 56 kg (124lbs) 56 kg (124lbs)
4yo C & G 58 kg (128lbs) 57 kg (126lbs)
4yo F 56 kg (124lbs) 55 kg (121lbs)
3yo C & G 54 kg (119lbs) 52 kg (115lbs)
3yo F 52 kg (115lbs) 50 kg (110lbs)

Shiroi Horseracing School

This Quarantine Center is located on the premises of JRA Horseracing School, which is about 50km/31.1 miles from the Narita International Airport. It is about 60 minutes by the horse van from the Airport. The facility accommodates a dirt training track of 1,400m (about 7 furlongs) in circumference and 17m wide.

Transportation time from Shiroi Horseracing School to Each Racecourse / Airport * by horse van

From Narita International Airport: 50km/31 miles 1 hours
To Tokyo Racecourse: 65km/40.5miles 2 horse
To Nakayama Racecourse: 10km/6.2miles 0.5 hours
To Chukyo Racecourse: 372km/231 miles 5.5 hours
To Kyoto Racecourse: 500km/312.5 miles 9 hours
To Hanshin Racecourse: 550km/343.5 miles 10 hours

Miki Horse Land Park

This Quarantine Center is located on the premises of Miki Horse Land Park, a public operated foundation in Hyogo Prefecture, in the western part of Japan. The facility accommodates a dirt outer track of 880m in circumference and 10m wide, and a smaller inner track of 627m in circumference and 10m wide.

Transportation from Miki Horse Land Park to Each Racecourse / Airport * by horse van

From Kansai International Airport: 150km/93.5 miles 2 hours
To Chukyo Racecourse: 225km/139.5 miles 3 hours
To Kyoto Racecourse: 90km/56.5 miles 1.5 hours
To Hanshin Racecourse: 50km/32.5 miles 1 hour