List of other races which foreign horses can run



1. The Prize Money and the Participation Incentive Money

For Turf/ 1,800m and over

Total Value  ¥45,760,000 / about US$572,000

Prize Money

the Winner ¥22,000,000 US$275,000
2nd ¥8,800,000 US$110,000
3rd ¥5,500,000 US$68,700
4th ¥3,300,000 US$41,200
5th ¥2,200,000 US$27,500
6th ¥1,540,000 US$19,200
7th ¥1,320,000 US$16,500
8th ¥1,100,000 US$13,700

For Other Turf Races

Total Value  ¥43,780,000 / about US$547,000

Prize Money

the Winner ¥21,000,000 US$262,000
2nd ¥8,400,000 US$105,000
3rd ¥5,300,000 US$66,200
4th ¥3,200,000 US$40,000
5th ¥2,100,000 US$26,200
6th ¥1,470,000 US$18,300
7th ¥1,260,000 US$15,700
8th ¥1,050,000 US$13,100

For Dirt Races

Total Value  ¥41,600,000 / about US$520,000

Prize Money

the Winner ¥20,000,000 US$250,000
2nd ¥8,000,000 US$100,000
3rd ¥5,000,000 US$62,500
4th ¥3,000,000 US$37,500
5th ¥2,000,000 US$25,000
6th ¥1,400,000 US$17,500
7th ¥1,200,000 US$15,000
8th ¥1,000,000 US$12,500

2.The Prizes for the Winning Horse Owner

Total Value equivalent to   ¥600,000 / about US$7,500


Declaration Date
on the Thursday preceding the Race Date.
¥30,000 / about US$370
Payment Deadline
by noon, on the Friday preceding the Declaration Date.

4.List of races

  • *Races listed as "TBA" may have changes in condition or may not be conducted.
Races Date Race Course Distance Age Nomination
MANYO STAKES 2012/Jan/5 Kyoto 3000m, Turf 4yo&up 2011/Nov/22
YODO TANKYORI STAKES 2012/Jan/9 Kyoto 1200m, Turf 4yo&up 2011/Nov/22
NEW YEAR STAKES 2012/Jan/14 Nakayama 1600m, Turf 4yo&up 2011/Dec/6
SHIRAFUJI STAKES 2012/Jan/28 Tokyo 2000m, Turf 4yo&up 2011/Dec/20
SUBARU STAKES 2012/Feb/4 Kyoto 1200m, Dirt 4yo&up 2011/Dec/20
NIGAWA STAKES 2012/Mar/4 Hanshin 2000m, Dirt 4yo&up 2012/Jan/17
OSAKA JO STAKES 2012/Mar/4 Hanshin 1800m, Turf 4yo&up 2012/Jan/17
POLARIS STAKES 2012/Mar/10 Hanshin 1400m, Dirt 4yo&up 2012/Jan/31
KOCHI STAKES 2012/Mar/11 Nakayama 1600m, Turf 4yo&up 2012/Jan/31
CORAL STAKES 2012/Mar/31 Hanshin 1400m, Dirt 4yo&up 2012/Feb/14
FUKUSHIMA MIMPO HAI 2012/Apr/7 Fukushima 2000m, Turf 4yo&up 2012/Feb/28
SHUNRAI STAKES 2012/Apr/8 Nakayama 1200m, Turf 4yo&up 2012/Feb/28
THE OSAKA-HAMBURG CUP 2012/Apr/8 Hanshin 2400m, Turf 4yo&up 2012/Feb/28
METROPOLITAN STAKES 2010/Apr/21 Tokyo 2400m, Turf 4yo&up 2012/Mar/13
FUKUSHIMA MINYU CUP 2012/Apr/29 Fukushima 1200m, Turf 4yo&up 2012/Mar/13
BRILLIANT STAKES 2012/May/6 Tokyo 2100m, Dirt 4yo&up 2012/Mar/27
MIYAKOOJI STAKES 2012/May/12 Kyoto 1800m, Turf 4yo&up 2012/Mar/27
RITTO STAKES 2012/May/13 Kyoto 1400m, Dirt 4yo&up 2012/Mar/27
KEYAKI STAKES 2012/May/26 Tokyo 1400m, Dirt 4yo&up 2012/Apr/10
AKHALTEKE STAKES 2012/Jun/9 Tokyo 1600m, Dirt 3yo&up 2012/Apr/24
BADEN BADEN CUP 2012/Jun/17 Fukushima 1200m, Turf 3yo&up 2012/May/8
YONAGO STAKES 2012/Jun/23 Hanshin 1600m, Turf 3yo&up 2012/May/8
FUKUSHIMA TV OPEN 2012/Jun/24 Fukushima 1800m, Turf 3yo&up 2012/May/8
KANETSU STAKES 2012/Jul/28 Niigata 1800m, Dirt 3yo&up 2012/Jun/19
NST SHO 2012/Jul/29 Niigata 1800m, Turf 3yo&up 2012/Jun/19
ENIF STAKES 2012/Sep/15 Hanshin 1400m, Dirt 3yo&up 2012/Jul/31
PORT ISLAND STAKES 2012/Sep/30 Hanshin 1600m, Turf 3yo&up 2012/Aug/14
PERSEUS STAKES 2012/Oct/8 Tokyo 1400m, Dirt 3yo&up 2012/Aug/28
IRELAND TROPHY 2012/Oct/14 Tokyo 2000m, Turf 3yo&up 2012/Aug/28
SHINETSU STAKES 2012/Oct/14 Niigata 1400m, Turf 3yo&up 2012/Aug/28
CASSIOPEIA STAKES 2012/Oct/28 Kyoto 1800m, Turf 3yo&up 2012/Sep/11
ORO CUP 2012/Nov/10 Tokyo 1400m, Turf 3yo&up 2012/Sep/25
ANDROMEDA STAKES 2012/Nov/11 Kyoto 2000m, Turf 3yo&up 2012/Sep/25
SHIMOTSUKI STAKES 2012/Nov/18 Tokyo 1400m, Dirt 3yo&up 2012/Oct/9
CAPITAL STAKES 2012/Nov/25 Tokyo 1600m, Turf 3yo&up 2012/Oct/9
TURQUOISE STAKES 2012/Dec/2 Nakayama 1600m, Turf 3yo&up F&M 2012/Oct/23
OWARI STAKES 2012/Dec/9 Chukyo 1200m, Turf 3yo&up 2012/Oct/23
DECEMBER STAKES 2012/Dec/15 Nakayama 1800m, Turf 3yo&up 2012/Nov/6
RIGEL STAKES 2012/Dec/15 Hanshin 1600m, Turf 3yo&up 2012/Nov/6