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Novemver 18, 2016


Foreign contenders arrive in Japan, prepare for Japan Cup (G1)

Nightflower (left), Iquitos (right)
Nightflower (left), Iquitos (right)

Three foreign runners in this year's Japan Cup – France-trained Erupt and Germany-trained Iquitos and Nightflower – arrived in Japan safely on the night of Nov. 16 and have settled in at the Quarantine Stable at the JRA Horseracing School.

The trio of 4-year-olds underwent light training on Nov. 17, with Erupt walking around the track for a mile before galloping for about 1,000 meters. Iquitos and Nightflower trained together, trotting the track for about 2,600 meters before walking for several hundred meters.

Comments after the workout on Nov. 17 are as follows:

* Eript (comments by groom, Aurelien Bellei):
“His condition is very good and is eating well. We will be training him similarly to what we do back home.”

* Iquitos (comments by assistant trainer, Sonja Gemballa-Ferguson):
“Considering that he just arrived in Japan, his condition is very good. It was the first day of training, so we only gave him a light trot for two laps around the track. We will work him lightly at first and, after that, we'll go with the same training menu as back home.”

* Nightflower (comments by assistant trainer, Patrick Gibson):
“There seems to be no issue with her condition. We trotted her around the track for two laps today. We just arrived here, but we'll monitor her condition and plan to go with the same training menu as back home.”

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