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November 10, 2017


Queen Elizabeth II Cup (G1) - Comments from runners' connections
Ireland Trophy Fuchu Himba Stakes (G2)
Crocosmia (filly, 4)

Katsuichi Nishiura, trainer
“She’s only a small horse, so we don’t push her to extremes. She’s developed well both mentally and physically, and just recently her appetite has been very good. In her races, she’s been able to start well and maintain her lead comfortably, and hopefully she’ll continue to run in a similar way. Of course, it’s a Grade 1 race with strong opposition, and there’s a slight question mark about the trip, but I look forward to what she can do here.”


Shuka Sho (G1)
Deirdre (filly, 3)

Mitsuru Hashida, trainer
“She was plus 12kgs for her last race, but this is part of her growing. She’s a tough horse, and compared to other horses, her stride’s probably a bit longer. She’s matured in all ways since the spring. What’s more, she doesn’t lose her condition after a race. She won last time when the ground was heavy, but I think she can handle any going. The way she’s won her last three races has been impressive. It’ll be interesting to see how she measures up against the older horses here.”

Yasunari Iwata, jockey
“She’s a horse that’s easy to ride and control. I think I can give her a good ride due to these factors. She ran a very strong race in the Shuka Sho, and I think she can do well here in the condition she’s in.”


Denko Ange
Denko Ange
Denko Ange (filly, 4)

Jun Sato, assistant trainer
“She’s come out of her last race well, which is good as she hadn’t raced in a while. While the distance this time will likely be the key, it won’t be quite as sharp as a mile, and if she can get into the flow of the race, things should be fine. With the ability she has, it’ll be interesting to see how she fares here.”


Eterna Minoru (filly, 4)

Takashi Suzuki, assistant trainer
“There have been no problems with her in training. While she has no experience at the distance, she doesn’t have any bad habits that might prevent her from adjusting to things in the way the race might be run. She has raced with some of the runners she’s up against here, and hopefully she’ll get to run her own race and show what she can do.”

Hirofumi Shii, jockey
“It looks like she can run a good race. She’s well in herself and is moving well.”


Happy Yunibansu (mare, 5)

Osamu Hirata, trainer
“She’s won a couple of times over 2,000 meters, so I think she can handle this distance as well, especially given the wider homestretch. She’s pleased me in training. I’d like her to be a little bit more forward in the race if possible. The jockey has ridden her before, so he knows the horse. It’ll be interesting to see how she fares among this strong field.”


Queen's Milagro
Jour Polaire
Jour Polaire (filly, 4)

Masato Nishizono, trainer
“She’s well and has a good look to her now. Her movement’s good too. In the fillies and mares races earlier this year, she only just came up short. She’s by Deep Impact also and can run better if the ground is good. As for the trip, I don’t think it’s a problem if she can get a good position, as she has done in her mile races. I’m looking forward to her Grade 1 run here.”


Artemis Stakes (G3)
Lys Gracieux
Lys Gracieux (filly, 3)

Takahide Ando, assistant trainer
“She’s coming into the race with everything having gone satisfactorily in training. I don’t think there’s a worry about the distance, but this time it’s on the outer course, and one of the keys will be how she handles things from the third corner when they race downhill. She needs a little time to switch gears, and if she can manage this, then things should be fine.”


 Mermaid Stakes (G3)
Maximum de Paris
Maximum de Paris (mare, 5)

Takaaki Yoshida, assistant trainer
“She’s worked well in training uphill and has posted good times. She doesn’t need to be pushed too hard to get into top gear. She’s not the type to pick up speed suddenly, but can use good speed for an extended length. If this can be put to good effect in the race, that would be best for her.”

Yusuke Fujioka, jockey
“She’s better than she was for her last race, and her responses in training have also been good.”


Sankeisports Hai Hanshin Himba (G2)
Mikki Queen
Mikki Queen (mare, 5)

Yasutoshi Ikee, trainer
“She’s coped well with the work we’ve given her in training, and there’s a sharpness about her. I think she’s probably in better condition than when she finished third in the race last year. The staff at the stable have done a great job caring for her, and I really hope she can put in a good run here, as she won’t have too many more races in her career. It might take her a little time to pick up in the race, so I hope she can be put into a position and run accordingly.”



Sankei Sports Sho Flora Stakes (Japanese Oaks Trial) (G2)
Mozu Katchan
Mozu Katchan (filly, 3)

Ippo Sameshima, trainer
“She’s gradually gotten better since her debut, and this race will be her third up since a spell, so I think she’ll go well. She’s a little highly strung, so we have to keep this in mind. I see no problem with the 2,200 meters, and it’ll be the third time for the jockey to ride her, so hopefully she can run a good race.”


Queen's Milagro
Queen's Milagro
Queen's Milagro (mare, 5)

Masamichi Wada, trainer
“There’s no change with her, and her movement’s been good in training. She’s a horse we don’t worry about finding her rhythm in a race, and though this will be her first time over the trip, I don’t see any problems. It really is a question of her running a smooth race and giving it her best in a Grade 1.”



Queen Elizabeth II Cup (G1)
Queens Ring
Queens Ring (mare, 5)

Keiji Yoshimura, trainer
“She’s in good condition, better than for her last race, and her finishes in training have been good. She also seems better at this time of the year. Her appetite is good and she looks well in her coat. We don’t overdo it with her to keep her in condition. We’ll just need to see how the ground is on the day, which gate she draws, and how well she can do on the day.”


Sankei Sho All Comers (G2)
Rouge Buck
Rouge Buck (mare, 5)

Masahiro Otake, trainer
“Two years ago she ran in the Yushun Himba (Japanese Oaks), and the same year she finished fourth in the Queen Elizabeth II Cup. It’s a worry she never wins against other fillies and mares. Things have gone according to plan this time, and in her recent work she’s done better than I had imagined, showing good speed and a strong finish. She also raced differently last time from how I thought she might. It’s great to have Ryan Moore ride, and we don’t need to change things with such a good jockey on board.”


Kyoto Daishoten (G2)
Smart Layer
Smart Layer (mare, 7)

Ryuji Okubo, trainer
“Everything’s OK with her, and she’s been eating well since coming out of her last race. It’s great she’s been able to do what she’s done in her career, and we do have to take care of her considering her age. Having said that, she shows no sign of slowing up, and she seems just on the verge of capturing a big title. I’d hope for good ground on the day, and another big run, just like when she won the Kyoto Daishoten last time.”



 Laurel R.C. Sho Nakayama Himba Stakes (G3)
Tosen Victory
Tosen Victory (mare, 5)

Yasuyuki Tsujino, assistant trainer
“Just working her lightly has been the best for her, and she is much better for having her last race and coming out of it well. 2,200 meters should be fine for her, and the real key to her running well here will be the pace and how she can adjust to things during the race.”


 Kansai Telecasting Corp. Sho Rose Stakes (Shuka Sho Trial) (G2)
Touching Speech
Touching Speech (mare, 5)

Sei Ishizaka, trainer
“I think she’s in good condition. Even though she hasn’t been getting good results, it feels like she can do better than last time when she finished seventh in Sapporo.”


Fukushima Himba Stakes (G3)
Ukiyono Kaze
Ukiyono Kaze (mare, 7)

Takanori Kikuzawa, trainer
“She came back to the stable from the farm at the end of October. In her recent work since over six furlongs, she’s moved well and this looks to be just right going into this race. She’ll have further to travel in the race, but not being a speed horse, she’ll hopefully be able to conserve things until late on in the race, and I can see her finishing not too far off.”


Shuka Sho (G1)
Vivlos (filly, 4)

Yasuo Tomomichi, trainer
“This past week in training, she’s worked well with good times and done it easily. She’s improved from her last race and looks to be more muscular. I think she’ll be able to handle the distance and however the race is run.”

Shinji Yasuda, assistant trainer
“The horse is in good condition, and she’s better for having had a race. We don’t overdo it with her, as it’s better to keep her fresh. Right now, there’s a good feel to her, and I’m not anxious about anything before the race.”

Christophe Lemaire, jockey
“I think 2,200 meters is fine for her. Deirdre would be our big rival here, but Vivlos has more experience. It’s a strong field, but my horse has a good finish and must have a good chance, I think.”


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