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May 31, 2016


Training Report of Foreign Entry
The 66th Running of the Yasuda Kinen (G1)

May 31, 2016 (Tuesday)

<At Tokyo Racecourse>

Weather: Cloudy
Going: Sloppy (dirt course)


Contentment (AUS, G6, Chestnut)

- jogged 6 laps (7 min.) in exercise arena, cantered 2 laps on dirt course
(exercised from 7:56 AM to 8:15 AM, ridden by Sing Hon Pang)

“He’s a very quiet and calm horse with a good temper and he was very relaxed to see the big track and field even though it is his first time here. His work this morning was very good—almost perfect.
He’s happy to be training alone because usually when he’s in Hong Kong with all the other horses, he sometimes goes crazy and gets very strong, but he’s relaxed and seems to like the quietness here.
We’ve been cantering him left-handed since he’s been in quarantine and he feels good, so it’s okay. He’s eating well, drinking well and gradually getting back into form.
We’ll do the same kind of work tomorrow as we did this morning, and we’ll also take him out to jog in the exercise arena in the afternoon.”

(Comments taken from Sing Hon Pang)

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