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June 3, 2016


2016 Yasuda Kinen (G1) - Comments from Japanese runners' connections
Keisei Hai Autumn Handicap (G3)
Clarente (7yo, horse)

Shinsuke Hashiguchi, trainer
“He’s been running well, and he put in a good run in his last race. He’s actually been running better than we could imagine, and last time was proof of that. Left-handed over a mile is probably the best for him, and even though the opposition is strong, I’m looking forward to his run here.”

Mile Championship (G1)
Danon Shark
Danon Shark (8, horse)

Ryuji Okubo, trainer
“His strong work recently saw him put in a six furlong run on the woodchip course in 80 seconds, with a final furlong time of 12 seconds. Everything’s been as usual with him, his times have been good in training, and we have no concerns about him.”

Yosuke Kono, assistant trainer
“He’s been training well, and has been able to quicken nicely against his training partner.  His weight looks good and he’s a horse with ability.”

American Jockey Club Cup (G2)
Decipher (7, horse)

Ryota Kojima, assistant trainer
“Ever since his debut, we thought he could be a miler and, that at some point, he could win a big mile race. He always knows when to take the bit, and if it’s a mile race that flows smoothly, that would be good for him.”

Futoshi Kojima, trainer
“He’s 7 years old now, but still capable of strong runs, and the mile is fine for him. I want to see what he can do here among this field.”

Fiero (7, horse)

Hideaki Fujiwara, trainer
“His movement has been good and we’ve been very conscious of what he’s been doing in training. What he’s showed us recently is just what we had expected of him.”

Nobuyuki Tashiro, assistant trainer
“He was fourth in the race last year and can get results at Tokyo. He’s not difficult to ride and the change of jockey is no problem at all. We really want him to finally win a big race.”

Christophe Lemaire, jockey
“Last week he seemed just a little heavy, but his breathing is good and this week he seems in fine shape.”

Isla Bonita
Isla Bonita
Isla Bonita (5, horse)

Ryuji Sato, assistant trainer
“He’s a horse that can get a bit lazy when he’s passed another horse and we have to keep this in mind when he races. He needs to be kept up to his work. However, the Tokyo mile looks good for him and it would be good if he could realize his potential here.”

Masayoshi Ebina, jockey
“He feels good right now. It’ll be his third race since a spell, and he seems to be gradually getting better going into the race here.”

Satsuki Sho (Japanese 2000 Guineas) (G1)
Logotype (6, horse)

Tsuyoshi Tanaka, trainer
“Probably a shorter run to the line would be better, but if he’s able to adjust and run his own race, I think Tokyo shouldn’t be a problem for him. He’s in good shape and I think he’ll give a good account of himself here.”

Hironobu Tanabe, jockey
“Last week he put in some strong work in training, which included a nice fast finish to the run. His weight seems about right.”

Mile Championship (G1)
Maurice (5, horse)

Atsunori Hashimoto, assistant trainer
“His coat is starting to look better and his breathing is also improving. He hasn’t been completely on break as such, but we’ve needed to understand his condition and just get him back into training accordingly. We’ve had some flexibility with this, and he is a horse with such ability after all.”

Masanori Watanabe, assistant trainer
“It’s taken a bit of time to get him back into good order, including posting fast times.  Since a week ago, his breathing’s improved, as we’d expect with a horse like him. In his latest work on the turf course, his breathing was good and his overall condition is good. Ideally, another week would be useful, but with his ability things look fine. Once the barrier’s been decided, the jockey and trainer will discuss things. The field’s strong with other overseas Grade 1 winners, but he can give his best here again.”

Real Steel
Real Steel
Real Steel (4, colt)

Yoshito Yahagi, trainer
“He looks to be in great shape and developing nicely. He seems to be getting better as a four year old.”

Takahide Ando, assistant trainer
“The mile looks good for him to demonstrate what he’s capable of in the condition he’s currently in.”

Yuichi Fukunaga, jockey
“He’s such a great horse and versatile with it. He’s put in some fast times in training and his muscular strength is good. I’m sure this distance is fine for him, and he’s been running just how I thought he could. I really want to win a Grade 1 race with him.”

Sekiya Kinen (G3)
Red Arion
Red Arion (6, horse)

Shinsuke Hashiguchi, trainer
“I’d prefer him to run his own race, where he’s not stuck in behind, but gets to run up with the leaders, and in races like that he’s able to perform to his best. He seems to have really improved, judging by his recent training efforts.”

Hanshin Cup (G2)
Rosa Gigantea
Rosa Gigantea (5, horse)

Kazuo Fujisawa, trainer
“His movement’s been good in training, and he’s been relaxed, but at the same time doing his work well. Last time he was coming back after a break, but this time I think he can run a little better than that.”

Daisuke Tsumagari, assistant trainer
“With the extra 200 meters this time, it should suit him. The opposition, of course, is strong, but he can give it his best here.”

Keio Hai Spring Cup (G2)
Satono Aladdin
Satono Aladdin (5, horse)

Yasutoshi Ikee, trainer
“I think the mile is his best trip, particularly at Tokyo. These last couple of weeks he’s trained well and we’ve eliminated his back pain. He’s been spot on in his work. I think we can look forward to a similar run when he won last time.”

Yuga Kawada, jockey
“The first time I rode him, I thought he was a good horse. The response I got in his last race when he flew home to win was fantastic. He’s certainly got good legs.”


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