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November 27, 2018


Training Report of Foreign Entry
Japan Autumn International
The 19th Running of the Champions Cup (G1)

November 27, 2018 (Tuesday)

The following horse entered in the 19th Champions Cup was transported to the Chukyo Racecourse, leaving the Horse Racing School quarantine facilities in Shiroi at 11:00 and arriving at the international stables at 17:48.

<At Chukyo Racecourse>


Pavel (USA, C4, Gray)

“I saw him for the first time after he arrived in Japan and I’m very happy with what I see. He’s happy and not nervous—that’s the first thing you want to see when a horse arrives. He’s used to traveling.

Tomorrow, we’re just going to go out and do a little jog and a little bit of gallop because he’s been training back in the quarantine. We’re going to go day by day but we worked him hard in Kentucky so we might not do a really hard work. We will probably do a little fast canter on Thursday.”

(comments taken from trainer Leandro Mora)

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