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December 1, 2018


Training Report of Foreign Entry
Japan Autumn International
The 19th Running of the Champions Cup (G1)

December 1, 2018 (Saturday)

<At Chukyo Racecourse>

Weather: Fine
Going: Standard (dirt course)


Pavel (USA, C4, Gray)

- jogged 300m (right-handed), jogged 200m, cantered 2,300m (left-handed) on dirt course
(exercised from 6:29 to 6:41, ridden by Amir Cedeno)

“Today was even better—he was happy in the last day of training.

I’ve just been walking around the track to recognize the track with Mario and we’re pleased with what we’ve seen.
The depth of the sand, I’ve already checked a few times—our worry was where the low (part of the tracks) and the high (uphill) were, because back in the States the tracks are level—but you can hardly tell when you’re stepping on it unless you see (the actual inclination) as you walk the course and there’s about 40 meters of uphill right after the gate but Mario is going to ride a number of races (beforehand) to get to know it well by the time he rides our horse.”

(comments taken from trainer Leandro Mora)

“I loved watching Pavel move today. I know the horse really well and I can tell he’s super happy.

The track is quite different here than the American race tracks but I like it a lot—the sand is not as deep as I thought and it seems pretty hard at the bottom. I actually got to walk around the course because I wanted to see the level and it’s going to be a little bit different (from what we’re used to) but I will be having the opportunity to ride a few horses before Pavel’s race, so that’ll help me a lot.

Tonight, I’ll be studying the videos of the other Japanese horses as well as the past winners of this race to get to know their style of racing and how it is run.”

(comments taken from jockey Mario Gutierrez)

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