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November 30, 2018


Champions Cup (G1) - Comments from Japanese runners' connections
JBC Ladies' Classic (L)
Ange Desir

Ange Desir (filly, 4)

Mitsugu Kon, trainer
“Her rotation coming into the race has been good, even though I was worried about her earlier in the year when she was returning after a break. It was quite a tough race last time, and again I was a little worried about that, but she soon recovered and has come out of that well. She’s in good shape. She seems a different horse now and there’s no doubt she has ability. Even though she’s a daughter of Deep Impact, she’s become more of a dirt horse. What’s more, she’s very good racing left-handed.”

Miyako Stakes (G3)
Apollo Kentucky

Apollo Kentucky (horse, 6)

Kenji Yamauchi, trainer
“Even though his results haven’t been the best, he did quite well last time and seems to be improving. We’ve just checked things in training with his race jockey and we’ll see what he can do in the race on Sunday.”

Tokai TV Hai Tokai Stakes (G2)
Asukano Roman

Asukano Roman (horse, 7)

Yusaku Kugita, assistant trainer
“He’s had a couple of runs lately, so in training we’ve only worked him fast at the finish, together with some light work uphill. There’s no change with him and his condition is better now that the weather is cooler. Regarding the race, we don’t worry about him taking up a particular position, but like last time, it’s better if there’s a horse to lead out and he can just take a sit. The best is for him to get into a strong rhythm and see what he can do.”

March Stakes (G3)

Centurion (horse, 6)

Yasuhito Tamura, trainer
“He’s been improving steadily and has worked well in training. I’m not worried about him running left-handed and handling the four corners of the race, and I think he’s even suited to the Chukyo home straight with the rise. Of course, it’s a strong field and he does have to make the jump in class, but looking ahead with him, it would be good to see him run well here.”

Hiraboku la Tache (colt, 3)

Ryuji Okubo, trainer
“His movement has been good, and there’s no tiredness after his last race. His appetite has been fine and his muscles have improved. It won’t be easy going up against such strong opponents, but I think the level of this year’s 3-year-olds is good. So considering all these things, I’m hoping he can do well.”

Tenno Sho (Autumn) (G1)

Incantation (horse, 8)

Tomohiko Hatsuki, trainer
“He’s very well in himself and has really come on for his last race. He’s in about the same condition he was in for this year’s February Stakes. It’s a strong field, and ideally he’d get a good forward position early, but having said that he’s a horse that can run from any position. What is important is that he runs with a good rhythm.”

K T Brave
K T Brave

K T Brave (horse, 5)

Haruki Sugiyama, trainer
“He’s trained well, chasing down his training partner and posting good times. He’s become a good horse and gives me plenty of confidence. There shouldn’t be any change in his weight. I think he can respond well regardless of which track he races at. As for the race itself, something like last time, where he could keep an eye on his opponents, would be fine, and once again I’m looking forward to what he can produce here.”

Yuichi Fukunaga, jockey

“He did his hard work last week, and this week it’s been lighter, but he still ran well in the final stages. He’s developed well as time has gone on. Particularly his balance has improved, and therefore his stride has become better. He has won a big race running left-handed, and he was fourth in the race last year. I haven’t decided on tactics, but I want to just get a position where I can get him into the flow of the race and ride him to get the very best out of him.”

Unicorn Stakes (G3)
Le Vent Se Leve

Le Vent Se Leve (colt, 3)

Kiyoshi Hagiwara, trainer
“It was a strong run last time, after not having run in a while. He started well and things went right for him. There’s no change in his condition and things have gone well in training. He’s worked uphill and on the woodchip course. He won’t have the long transportation to the track this time. He’s raced at different tracks before, so I’m not worried about the course. His way of racing isn’t set, but I think he can adjust to any situation and pattern of racing.”

Mirco Demuro, jockey

“He’s a strong horse and will be up against older horses, but he knows how to run. There are one or two concerns, such as how he might start, but he’s versatile, and I think he can handle any type of race.”


Mitsuba (horse, 6)

Tadashi Kayo, trainer
“I think he’s in condition where he can produce something. Since a week ago, he’s improved in training. He’s a strong horse overall. Previously he didn’t have blinkers on to give him a wider perception of things, and this time too he won’t wear them. I think if he gets into the flow of the race well, he can get a better result than last time.”

February Stakes (G1)
Nonkono Yume

Nonkono Yume (gelding, 6)

Yukihiro Kato, trainer
“Last week he finished off his work well, taking the bit and running on strongly at the end. He’s had gate practice too. Everything’s satisfactory with him. The last corner at Chukyo can be difficult, but the jockey knows the horse well and knows what to do. It is important for him to find his rhythm, save himself, and then get to the outside and produce his late run.”

Hiroyuki Uchida, jockey
“He’s his usual self and feels good. He’s worked well in training, especially at the finish. His strong point is his power. I understand the horse and can control him, so I trust him. He won this year’s February Stakes, and I have that race in mind again. I want to ride him the best I can, and it’s important to follow the pace as the race develops.”

Sirius Stakes (G3)
Omega Perfume

Omega Perfume (colt, 3)

Shogo Yasuda, trainer
“He’s a horse with a lot of ability and has improved with each race. He recovered well after the Sirius Stakes and showed how good he is with his JBC result. He’s looking more rounded and muscular now. Hopefully he’ll get a good position in the race and run with a good rhythm, and in that way be able to show what he’s capable of.”

Tokyo Chunichi Sports Hai Musashino Stakes (G3)
Sunrise Nova

Sunrise Nova (colt, 4)

Hidetaka Otonashi, trainer
“He’s had experience at the distance, and he’s such a different horse now, particularly at the finish. The key this time will be handling the four corners in the race, and seeing how things develop so that he can get his finish in.”

Kenichi Shono, assistant trainer
“He’s come on a lot compared to before, and there’s no problem with him after his races. If anything, he gets sharper each time. We haven’t worried about fast times in training, except at the finish. He’s bigger now and matches that with power from his hindquarters. He’s run at Tokyo a lot, so I think he can handle the track.”

Keita Tosaki, jockey

“He’s a horse with a lot of all-round strength and has a great closing finish. He’s gradually become stronger. He’s relaxed too. He’s run a lot at Tokyo, only having to take one turn, but I think he can respond to the distance and the four corners he’ll have to negotiate this time. As for the draw, too much to the inside wouldn’t be good, There are a lot of top horses in the race, but I want to find the best way to ride my horse, where again he can produce his turn of foot at the finish.”

Heian Stakes (G3)
Sunrise Soar

Sunrise Soar (colt, 4)

Hiroshi Kawachi, trainer
“He’s a horse that’s honest and always wants to give his best. He worked well in training recently, and worked uphill too. This time the race is at Chukyo over 1,800 meters, including the rise in the home straight, but I think he’ll be fine with that. It’s important that he runs in a relaxed way and gets into the flow of the race, taking up the best position for him.”

Westerlund (gelding, 6)

Shozo Sasaki, trainer
“He’s in good shape and moving well. Even though the opposition is strong, I think he has a good enough chance if he can adjust to how the race is run and put in his best showing accordingly”


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