as of February 2018

1. Type of Shoes

Please note that shoes for racing must be 9 millimeters or less in thickness, 22 millimeters or less in width and 125 grams or less in weight. The JRA will check whether the shoes which are brought are permissible or not, after coming to Japan. The Trainer is responsible for ensuring that his/her horse is shod in accordance with the requirements of this instruction.

The following shoes are not permitted during a race:

  1. a)Shoes whose calk is higher than 2 millimeters (2 millimeters is permitted) from the surface that touch the ground, and shoes whose calk on one end is sharp (i.e. Toe grabs)
  2. b)If there is a difference in thickness between the inner line and the outer line which is divided by the center groove, and whose surface touches the ground unevenly, the difference must be 3 millimeters or less (i.e. Rim shoes)
  3. c)Shoes that may pose a danger to other horses such as those with protruding object(s) attached to the bottom of the shoe, typically crampons and notches (i.e. Blocks and sticker heels)
  4. d)Shoes whose surface touch the ground unevenly around the circle, and are not on the same arc (i.e. Bent shoes)
  5. Shown below are the typical images of such banned shoes;

a) Toe grab
b) Rim shoe
c) Block and sticker heel

2. Nails and Nailing

A nail with a sharp head must not be used for shoeing. Nail heads must not protrude more than necessary (protrusion must be less than 2 millimeters).

3. Shoeing

Farriers of the JRA will be available for shoeing by request. The JRA will recommend bringing extra shoes and nails of own, in case our stock shouldn't meet the request. Please contact the JRA Veterinary Division or respective JRA Representative Offices for further information.