2020 News

April 8, 2020


COVID-19 News Update: NOTICE regarding JRA racing from Saturday, April 11

Yesterday, based on amendments to the Act on Special Measures for Pandemic Influenza and New Infectious Diseases Preparedness and Response, the government declared a state of emergency for Tokyo, Osaka and the prefectures of Kanagawa, Saitama, Chiba, Hyogo, and Fukuoka. The state of emergency is to remain in effect until Wednesday, May 6.

The Japan Racing Association (JRA) has, based on government announcements and requests from the heads of local governments, already taken measures to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus and from Saturday, Feb. 29 has conducted “racing behind closed doors,” in which the public has been barred from the racecourses.

In such a way, even amid the continuing unparalleled “racing behind closed doors,” the JRA would like to express our sincere appreciation for a great number of customers to have, while still in their homes, participated in JRA racing by placing wagers through the telephone and Internet.

The JRA, understanding the aim of the government's state of emergency declaration and the requests of local governments both in and outside the designated areas, has already placed restrictions on the movement of both people and horses in order to suppress contact between them, and has re-examined how to most efficiently control and maintain sanitary conditions for racing personnel concerned at the racecourses.

The JRA will strive through these initiatives to prevent the further spread of infection, and for the time being, racing behind closed doors will continue. We would like to ask our customers and all others associated with racing for your understanding and cooperation.


[Initiatives to Prevent the Spread of Infection]

Racing Restrictions on Horses (participation in races restricted according to home base)

With an aim to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, the participation of horses in races held outside the area of the home base is restricted in order to limit the movement of horses and people.

1. Racing Restrictions on Horses (Participation in races restricted according to home base)
Horses are not permitted to participate in races at venues other than those located near their home base either Miho or Ritto Training Center. This, however, does NOT apply to open-class and jump races.

Horses are permitted to race at the meetings and venues according to their training center home base as designated below.

Miho Training Center-based Horses

Hanshin Racecourse [Mar. 28 and 29; Apr. 4, 5, 11, 12, 18 and 19]
Kyoto Racecourse [Apr. 25 and 26; May 2 and 3]

Ritto Training Center-based Horses

Nakayama Racecourse [Mar. 28, 29 and 31; Apr. 4, 5, 11, 12, 18 and 19]
Tokyo Racecourse [Apr. 25 and 26; May 2 and 3]

2. Effective Period: From Saturday, April 18 through Sunday, May 3


Restrictions on Jockey Travel (restrictions during race meetings)

To prevent the spread of the coronavirus, restrictions have been placed on jockey travel during race meetings on the same weekend.

1. Restrictions on Jockey Travel (Restrictions During Race Meetings on the Same Weekend)
During race meetings, jockeys are not permitted to travel in order to ride at different racecourses on different days on the same weekend. (i.e., a jockey may not ride at Nakayama Racecourse on Saturday and at Hanshin Racecourse on Sunday.) However, this restriction does NOT apply to jockeys riding in jump races.

2. Effective Period: From Saturday, April 18 through Sunday, May 3


In Regard to ‘Authorized Jockey Quarter’ Procedure

Due to the coronavirus spread, and in order to reduce the risk of jockeys becoming infected or infecting others, the JRA has allowed the regular procedures for Jockey Quarters to pertain to “Authorized Jockey Quarters” as well.

Jockeys staying in “Authorized Jockey Quarters” must comply strictly with the rules and procedures in effect to ensure racing integrity. Those who breach protocol will be penalized, with consequences that may include suspension from riding.

1. Regarding ‘Authorized Jockey Quarter’ Procedure
In addition to the normal procedures regarding Jockey Quarters, jockeys will be permitted to travel to the racetrack from those places (private residence, hotels) that have been designated “Authorized Jockey Quarters.”

2. Effective Period: From Friday, April 10 through Sunday, May 3