Sale of JRA racecourse admission tickets and reserved seats

General admission to JRA racecourse for latter half 2023

For the latter half of 2023 (through Sun., December 28), there will be no general admission seats available for purchase at the JRA racecourse specified on the following dates, days expected to be especially crowded. Tickets for general admission and reserved seating must be purchased online in advance. Only those persons who have reserved or purchased seats in advance will be permitted to enter. Admission tickets will not be sold at the entrance. (Multiple tickets sold at a discount may not be used).

October 29 (Sun) Tokyo Racecourse, Tenno Sho (Autumn) (G1)
November 26 (Sun) Tokyo Racecourse, Japan Cup (G1)
December 24 (Sun) Nakayama Racecourse, Arima Kinen (The Grand Prix) (G1)

For venues other than those specified, and dates and G1s other than the above, same-day general admission tickets will be sold at the racetrack entrance (cash only). (Multiple tickets sold at a discount may be used.).

Other details, such as availability of seats on the above dates and admission requirements on other dates, will be announced as decided and updated on the individual racecourse pages on the JRA Web site. Please be aware that procedures are subject to change.

Reserved seat tickets and general admission tickets requiring advance reservations are available for purchase through a lottery system. See "Reserved Seat Online Reservations" and "General Admission Online Reservations" on the JRA Web site (in Japanese only).

Click here to download the "JRA Reserved Seats and Admission Tickets Online Booking (Purchase and Gate-in Guideline) (PDF: 1.6MB)".