This racecourse opened in December 1997, through the consolidation of the zeal and power of people from horse-breeding regions. Its distinguishing features are a broad course with a long stretch and compact facilities. Nearby there are some horse ranches that stand famous (retired) racehorses and facilities where tourists can interact with horses.


Bus Approx. 1 and a half hours from JR Sapporo Station by express bus; get off at the Mombetsu Keibajo Mae bus stop (in front of the Mombetsu Racecourse).
Taxi 10 minutes from JR Tomikawa Station.


76-1 Toyokawa-Komaoka, Hidaka-cho, Saru-gun, Hokkaido 055-0008 Japan

Dirt Course Right-handed  
Circumference 1,600 m
Length of straight 330 m
Width 25 m
Local Government (Racing Organizer) Hokkaido
Admission fee 100Yen