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The Japan Racing Association (the “JRA”, “we,” “us,” or “our”) recognizes the importance of personal information and takes the utmost care in the protection thereof.
JRA will put forth its best efforts to prevent the divulgence or loss of or damage or unauthorized access to personal information obtained through JRA’s official website (URL: and through other operations carried out by JRA by taking appropriate measures for the protection and safety thereof pursuant to the laws and regulations related to the protection of personal information and the “JRA Personal Information Protection Regulations.”
For details on the handling of personal information, please see “Privacy Policy”, “Information Security Policy” and “Privacy Policy: Special Provisions for the GDPR.”


The unauthorized reproduction and reprinting of any articles, photographs, videos, etc. published on this website is not permitted.
We do not allow any links to our videos, regardless of whether it is for profit or non-profit purposes.


Depending on the content of the linked website, such as if such content is against public order and morals, or the linking method, we may decline certain linking requests, regardless of whether we decline such request before or after the link is created.
Please also be forewarned that the contents of the respective pages on this website may be modified or deleted without any prior notice.

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Please be informed that, with regard to the information provided on this website, we will not provide any warranty whatsoever in connection with the accuracy, safety, etc. of the information published hereon or any damages arising due to the use of our website.

Access Logs

The following information of the users is automatically obtained upon their use of JRA’s website.
Such information will be handled appropriately in the scope necessary for the smooth operation of this website and in order to prevent any wrongful acts that obstruct the normal provision of our services.

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Amendments to the Posted Contents

JRA may amend or modify the articles, photographs, videos, etc. that are posted on this website at any time without prior notice.

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We perform confirmations of the display and operation of this website using the following browsers (as of October 2015). Please be forewarned that some of the contents displayed and some of the functions may not be available depending on the usage environment, etc. of the users.

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