Beginner's Guide (JRA)

This is a beginner's guide on horseracing in Japan, which will briefly explain what to enjoy on a day at the races, how to bet on horse races, how to get to the racecourse, etc. This guide is to ensure that your racing experience is easy, enjoyable, and entertaining!

First off ...

  • *JRA racing is mainly conducted on Saturdays and Sundays (with the exception of several days on national holidays). Click here to see where racing is currently being held.
  • *There are 10 JRA racecourses and off-track betting facilities around the country.
  • *There are 12 races on a racing day, beginning at around 10:00 and ending at around 16:30.
  • *On a racing day, the racecourse and WINS open at 9:00 and close at 17:00.
  • *There are two or three racecourses that simultaneously hold races on a racing day.
  • *Entrance fee to a racecourse is 200 yen (about $2 US) for Tokyo, Nakayama, Kyoto, Hanshin, and Chukyo Racecourses, and 100 yen for Sapporo, Hakodate, Fukushima, Niigata, and Kokura Racecourses. Entrance to WINS is free.
  • *The list of runners on a race day ("Racing Programs") is distributed for free at the racecourse.

If you have never visited a racecourse in Japan, this guide will provide you with information on where to go and what to bring or wear on racedays, maps of all JRA racecourses, and how to purchase your bets at (or, off) the racecourse.

This will give you tips on what to bring, wear on racedays, as well as how to enjoy racing from the parade ring to actual racing.
A list of all racecourses and off-track betting facilities "WINS" in Japan.
A detalied explanation of all betting types in JRA racing, as well as how to purchase them at the racecourse and off-track betting facilities.
What time do the races begin? Where can I get a racing program? A list of frequently asked questions and answers.