2020 News

May 28, 2020


COVID-19 News Update: NOTICE regarding JRA racing in June

The Japan Racing Association has, from Saturday, Feb. 29, conducted “JRA racing behind closed doors,” in which, as part of measures to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, the public has been prohibited from entering venues where races are being held.

The same conditions will prevail from Saturday, June 6 through Sunday, June 28. There will be NO spectators permitted at the races.

In addition, there will continue to be NO sales of betting tickets or payout for winning tickets on racedays, as well as no payout on weekdays at all JRA and off-track betting facilities until further notice.

During this time, the sale of betting tickets and payout for winning tickets will be conducted only via telephone or online betting.

The Japan Racing Association will announce further notice concerning operations from Saturday, July 4 in the near future.

Also, please be aware that the above conditions may change due to the socio-economic situation.


Notice of Revisions to Racing Restrictions on Horses

Please be informed that the changes and restrictions (see below) in effect from mid-April through Sunday, May 31– racing restrictions on horses, restrictions on jockey travel, and changes in jockey quarter procedures -- will no longer be in effect as of Monday, June 1.

However, in ongoing efforts to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, JRA races during the month of June (from June 6 through June 28) will continue to be held without spectators. The public is not permitted to enter the racecourses. We ask our customers and all others associated with racing for your understanding and cooperation.

(For reference: changes in effect through May 31)

1. Racing Restrictions on Horses (participation in races restricted according to home base)
The participation of horses in races held away from the area of the horse’s home base is not permitted, except in the case of open-class flat races and jump races.

2. Restrictions on Jockey Travel (Restrictions During Race Meetings on the Same Weekend)
Jockeys may not move between racecourses in order to ride at different racecourses on Saturday and Sunday. However, in the case of jockeys riding in jump races and only in this case, movement between racecourses during race meetings on the same weekend is permitted.

3. ‘Authorized Jockey Quarter’ Procedure
Jockeys are permitted to move from “JRA-authorized jockey quarters,” such as the jockey’s private residence or hotels, to the racecourse on the same day on which the jockey is riding in a race.