2020 News

July 20, 2020


COVID-19 News Update: Partial operation of Off-Track Betting Facilities from Saturday, July 25

From Saturday, July 25, the nine JRA-operated WINS, PARK WINS and J-PLACE off-track betting facilities listed below will be added to those OTBs that have already resumed operations. Customers can place bets and cash in winning tickets. Restrictions on sales and operating hours apply.

These facilities will close at 14:00 and will only allow bets to be placed on Races 9 through 12 and on those feature races for which advance tickets are sold. There will be no races televised at the facilities and no odds information provided.

We will keep you informed of any further decisions to reopen racecourses or OTBs.

Facilities will be run with great caution as the safety of customers and staff remains the JRA’s top priority.

Changes may be made in accordance with new developments.

1. Dates and names of PARK WINS, WINS and J-PLACE facilities to resume operations

From Saturday, July 25


Hakodate Racecourse, Fukushima Racecourse


Morioka, Mizusawa, Shin-Shirakawa


Hakodate-Minato-cho, Taneichi

From Sunday, July 26





WINS, J-PLACE facilities already opened


Kushiro, Tsugaru, Yokote, Yonago, Sasebo, Yatsushiro, Miyazaki


Nakashibetsu, Kushiro (Aiba), Shizunai, Asahikawa, Chitose, Takigawa, Ebetsu, Iwamizawa, Tomakomai,
Ishikari, Otaru, Noboribetsu Muroran, Urakawa, Kushiro (Furlongs), Kitami, Asahikawa Kitasaito, Nayoro,
Fukagawa, Abashiri, Tottori Iwami, Mitoya, Arao

2. Races for which bets can be placed and facility closing time (Be aware that this differs from the usual.)

Races for which bets can be placed

The No. 9, No. 10, No. 11 and No. 12 race at all racecourses where races are being held as well as those feature races which can be bet on the day before the race is held (not applicable at some J-PLACE facilities).

Facility closing time


There will be no payouts on the day races are held.
The races for which bets can be placed above now also applies to those WINS and J-PLACE facilities that had already resumed operations.

3. Other

Please be sure to also read “JRA Measures to Prevent Spread of Infectious Disease,” “Requests to Customers,” and “Regarding Operations Within the Facility.”

JRA Measures to Prevent Spread of Infectious Disease

The following measures will be taken at JRA facilities.
- Before beginning work, employees will take their temperature and make note of their physical condition. Hands will be thoroughly washed and disinfected.
- Employees will wear masks to prevent the spread of infection. Also, face shields and gloves will be worn by those coming in direct contact with the public.
- Facilities will be sufficiently ventilated.
- Plexiglass barriers and vinyl curtains have been installed to prevent airborne exposure.
- Places often touched by customers will be cleaned and disinfected frequently.
- In order to maintain proper distance from others, employees will refrain from guiding customers.

Requests to Customers

Temperature and health check

All customers are required to check the temperature when entering racing facilities and we ask you to refrain from entering the premises if you are feeling unwell or have a fever, cough, sore throat or other symptoms.

If you are found to have a fever or be in poor physical condition at the entrance to the facilities, you will be refused entrance.

We will also refuse entrance in the following cases:
- If, within the past 14 days, you have come into close contact with a person who has travelled to a region or country that has been placed under government restriction or that requires those arriving from such to stay under observation, or if you have come into close contact with a resident of such region or country.
- If you have come into close contact with a person testing positive for the coronavirus infection.

Wearing a mask

  • - A mask is required to be worn upon entering all venues. Those not wearing masks will not be permitted entrance.
  • - Please observe proper etiquette when coughing or sneezing.

Maintaining distance from others

  • - There are marks at the venues indicating the proper distance to be kept from other people. Please use these as your guide.

Washing and disinfecting hands

  • - Hand sanitizer is provided at the entrance to a facility and at the exit. Please make use of this to disinfect your hands.


  • - Customers with smartphones are encouraged to download and register with the "COVID-19 Contact-Confirming Application" https://www.mhlw.go.jp/stf/seisakunitsuite/bunya/cocoa_00138.html (connect to external site)
  • - On the way home from WINS etc., please avoid the “Three Cs” -- Closed spaces, Crowded places and Close-contact settings.
  • - When visiting a racing facility, please keep in mind those who are at the greatest risk of infection and in the gravest danger in case of it -- the elderly and those suffering from chronic illness. Please consider how your actions may affect others.

Regarding Operations within the Facility

  • - For the time being, live race footage and odds information will not be provided at the off-track betting facilities. We ask customers to keep your visits as short as possible and to return home quickly after placing your bets.
  • - The media hall, chairs and smoking areas within the venue cannot be used.
  • - There will be no shops open and no complimentary beverages offered.
  • - Please note Crowds can be expected shortly after the facility opens and shortly before it closes. We advise you to avoid these times if possible.
  • - In the case of congestion, entrance may be restricted.
Despite the fact that some WINS are resuming operation, winning betting tickets that were purchased from Saturday, Dec. 28, 2019 through Sunday, Feb. 23, 2020, will still be valid for 60 days from the reopening of racecourses.
Winning tickets and tickets eligible for refund that are purchased at the off-track betting facilities now resuming operation will be valid for the usual 60 days from the date of purchase.