2022 News

January 20, 2022


COVID-19 News Update: Race video coverage suspended at WINS from Jan. 22

In renewed efforts to stop the spread of the coronavirus, video coverage of JRA races at off-track betting facilities, such as WINS, J-PLACE and Park WINS, and will be suspended from Jan. 22 (Sat.) through Feb. 13 (Sun.).

We ask you to observe proper protocol, such as returning home promptly after placing wagers, and to keep time spent within the facility buildings brief.

The above is subject to change according to the situation in the future.

Please see the link Latest Business Information for further details.

Race videos stopped at the following WINS and other facilities


Kinshicho, Asakusa, Korakuen, Ginza, Shiodome, Shinjuku, Shibuya, Tachikawa, Shin-Yokohama, Yokohama, Urawa, Kawasaki, Nagoya, Hiroshima (until Jan. 30), Takamatsu, Sasebo, Yatsushiro


Isezaki, Kisarazu, Narita, Nakago, Kasamatsu, Ena, Nagoya, Yatomi, Isobe, Fukuyama-Ekimae (until Jan. 30), Kannonji, Arao


Tokyo Racecourse (until Jan. 23), Nakayama Racecourse (from Jan. 29), Niigata Racecourse, Chukyo Racecourse (Feb. 12 and 13)

Please wear a mask upon entering and while in the facility buildings. We ask for your continued cooperation in observing measures that help prevent the spread of disease. These include observing proper cough etiquette and using hand sanitizer.
J-PLACE opening hours and days of operation (such as Sundays only) may differ from other facilities. Please be sure to check "List of Betting Ticket Sales" on the JRA Web site.
WINS Hiroshima and J-PLACE Fukuyama-Ekimae have already stopped providing race video coverage from Jan. 9. Race videos will continue to be shown in the reserved seating areas at racecourses and on the Excel floor at WINS.
For details of business hours of racecourses, WINS and other off-track betting facilities, as well as information for which races can be bet on etc., please refer to "Latest Business Information" on the JRA Web site.