2023 News

April 22, 2023


Newly remodeled Kyoto Racecourse grand opening

Kyoto Racecourse, which has been under construction since November 2020, finally reopened on Sat, April 22, 2023.

This construction is part of a commemorative project for the 2025 100th anniversary of Kyoto Racecourse. The entire facility has been renovated or newly constructed, including grandstand, track surface and stable area.

1. Concept
- One of Japan’s top entertainment facilities to provide excitement and dreams.
- Care for accessibility
- Care for environment
- Respond to the changing times

2. Features
(1) New grandstand and visitor area
- More Comfortable seats
- Easy viewing oval parade ring
- Newly installed “powder corner” for women
- The “Triple Crown Champion Memorial Road” with statues
- Environmental considerations, such as the installation of solar panels on the roof

(2) Turf course/Dirt course
- No major changes were made to the shape of the course.
- The stretch curve of the outer turf course is now less sharp, and the chute at the start of a 1,600-meter race was widened.

3. Main facilities
(1) Racecourse alternative name
The new Kyoto Racecourse is called “Centennial Park Kyoto Racecourse.” Centennial means the "100th anniversary”. In 2025 it will mark 100 years since the opening of the racecourse located at the current site.

(2) Grandstand
The new grandstand is called "Goal Side" and where the original “Big Swan” stand was renamed to "Station Side”.

(3) Entrance gates
The Station Gate is the main entrance located toward Yodo Railway Station on the Keihan Line.
The gate formerly known as Shinzan Gate was renamed Triple Crown Gate.

(4) Parade ring
The circular parade ring, familiar to racing fans for years, has been replaced with an oval shape for easy viewing. On the second level, the parade ring can be viewed around its full circumference and allows to see horses closer.

(5) Winning Post
A new winning post was set on both turf and dirt course.

(6) Triple Crown Champion Memorial Road
Retaining its name "Triple Crown Champion Memorial Road," the statues of Triple Crown horses formerly on display in the “Big Swan (Station Side)” was relocated to a new promenade on the railroad-track side of the parade ring.