Japan Racing Public Relations Center

Company Profile

Name Japan Racing Public Relations Center
Location JRA Shimbashi Bunkan 1-2F, 4-5-4 Shimbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0004, Japan
Established October, 1978


Japan Racing Public Relations Center handles JRA's public relation and advertising activities, and provides a variety of services for racing fans.

1. Production of publications
  1) JRA's official publications, including pamphlets, racing programs and posters.
  2) Editing and production of publications issued by JRA and its affiliated organizations, including the monthly horse racing magazine "Yushun."
2. Exhibits and events
  1) Planning and operation of various exhibits and events held at racecourses
3. Advertisement agency
  1) Act as ad agent for horseracing radio and TV programs
  2) New development of clients for ad space within horseracing facilities
4. Fan service (Service for racing fans)
  1) Manufacture and sales of horse-related goods, and sales of books and magazines
  2) Operation of public information/PR booths
5. Video-related tasks
  1) Operation of various videos aired at racecourse and WINS (off-course betting facilities), as well as filming and editing of such content.
  2) Operation of "JRA Racing Viewer," a service for fans to watch JRA races via internet and mobile phone.
  3) Production of "GREEN CHANNEL Racing Net (cable)" program
6. Management business
  1) Storing of JRA race video contents and operation of archive content usage
  2) Storing of JRA race photo contents and operation of archive content usage
  3) Handling of portrait rights on certain jockeys and trainers

The abovementioned are the current business activities, but Japan Racing Public Relations Center will look to expand and grow accordingly in response to the development of business models within the racing industry and the diverse needs from racing fans.

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