Race Day Schedule


Stables (Horses must report to saddling enclosure 60 minutes prior to the post time.)

Saddling Enclosure (Horse identification is conducted. Horse weight, horseshoes, saddle equipment, sickness, and injuries are checked. After being saddled, horses are taken to the parade ring.)

Weighing Room

Weighing Room (Jockeys have to weigh out 50 minutes before post time. After the weighing out, the saddle and its number cloth must be brought to the saddling enclosure by the jockey, the trainer or stable staff designated by the trainer.)


Paddock (Horses leave from here for the course.)



Confirmation of Placings

Confirmation of Placings (Jockeys placed 1st through 7th must weigh in as soon as possible after the race.)

Collection of Test Samples

Collection of Test Samples (The first three placed horses, and horses designated by the stewards of the meeting, must report to the sample collecting enclosure.)