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April 17, 2015


2015 Nakayama Grand Jump (J-G1) - comments from runners' connections
Nakayama Grand Jump (J-G1)
Apollo Maverick
Apollo Maverick (horse, 6)

Masahiro Horii, trainer
“In the Pegasus Stakes, his first start since the summer, he didn’t make his move when the winner moved. Even though he normally doesn’t run well coming off a layoff, he went easily forward from the gate and raced from a forward position. He wasn’t in top condition yet so the loss was no tragedy. We gave him a good workout a week out on the main track. He definitely has improved and there are a lot of pluses this time out. I think we will see him at his best this time. I’m sure he’ll give us a performance that won’t be embarrassing. I hope it will be a race of stamina because that’s where he excels.”

Biko Pililani
Biko Pililani (horse, 5)

Taiga Tamura, jockey
“He’s a powerful horse and has good movement. It’s his first race in a while and he was a bit heavy but he’ll have improved with his workout this week.”

Country Snow
Country Snow (gelding, 8)

Hironori Kurita, trainer
“He pulled out of the last race well. He has always been a good jumper. I don’t think there will be any problem with the course.”

Shiny Black
Fire (horse, 7)

Kazuma Mori, jockey
“He’s very fit and good at jumping. And the extra distance will be a plus.”

Miyako Deluxe
Miyako Deluxe (horse, 6)

Masahiro Nakao, assistant trainer
“He’s been raced regularly, but he’s in good shape. It’ll be his first time over the big course, but he is a good jumper.”

Nakayama Daishogai (J-G1)
Red Kingdom
Red Kingdom (horse, 6)

Mikio Matsunaga, trainer
“Even though he had some trouble in one spot last time out, the Nakayama course suits him. I think he has matured physically as well, but he may be a bit leaner this time. He looks like he’ll have improved since last race so I’m looking forward to it.”

Makoto Nishitani, jockey
“He’s coming along according to plan. Earlier, the main impression I got from him was that he was a powerful jumper but recently, he has also gotten faster.”

Rikiai Kurofune
Rikiai Kurofune
Rikiai Kurofune (horse, 8)

Tsuyoshi Tanaka, trainer
“He hasn’t had the best results since coming back after his layoff. He hasn’t been able to get good muscle back on his hindquarters.”

Sammaru Boss
Sammaru Boss (horse, 8)

Kazuma Takano, jockey
“Everything went well after his last race. I’m looking forward to seeing how well he can do up against this kind of competition.”

Hanshin Spring Jump (J-G2)
Sanrei Duke
Sanrei Duke (horse, 7)

Yoshiyasu Namba, jockey
“He’s in good shape as usual. He’s good over the hurdles and he’s a confident jumper.”

Shiny Black
Shiny Black (gelding, 8)

Shinichi Ito, trainer
“Last time out, he got left behind at the critical point, but he did quicken in the finish. He’s been in good shape since then.”

Shonan Coming
Shonan Coming (horse, 7)

Tsuyoshi Tanaka, trainer
“He’s maintained good condition. The distance will be longer, so I’m hoping the pace will be fairly slow.”

Shiny Black
Sombrero (horse, 5)

Kunihide Matsuda, trainer
“Last race he went to the top of the field early, at the top of the stretch, and that made the difference in the end. He has ample power and the jockey says he’s an athletic jumper, so I think he’ll be able to handle the big jumps of Nakayama. The competition will be stiff but I’m looking forward to seeing just how well he can do.”

Jun Takada, jockey
“He’s good over more difficult jumps so I think Nakayama suits him. The key will be the hurdles. He has experience at Nakayama but we’ll have to see how he measures up against this kind of competition.”

Tenjin Kiyomori
Tenjin Kiyomori (horse, 5)

Ryo Takei, trainer
“He hasn’t changed since his last race. This time out the G1 will be a test of his strength. He doesn’t have the best speed but he has stamina and he’s good over the jumps so I think he’s suited to the course. I think it wouldn’t be a surprise if he finished in the top spots even if it rains and the going is bad.”

Tyrian Purple
Tyrian Purple (mare, 5)

Takashi Kanari, trainer
“He finished second before in a race that came right on top off another, so I'm not worried.  I've got my expectations up, especially with a fast track.”

Shiny Black
Up to Date
Up to Date (horse, 5)

Mitsuaki Hayashi, jockey
“Even though he’s a bit slow to respond, he has stamina. I’m planning to make my move early.”

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