2021 News

May 29, 2021


COVID-19 News Update: Racecourse, WINS operations from June 5

The JRA will conduct business at racecourses and WINS off-track betting facilities from June 5 (Sat.) as follows.

Racecourses are open to admission only for those customers holding reserved seat tickets purchased in advance online.

Applications for reserved seat tickets can be made at "Online seat reservations" on the JRA Web site. No reserved seat tickets will be sold at the racecourse for admission that same day.

WINS etc.

Betting ticket sales for JRA races is suspended but payouts on weekdays is available at the following facilities
WINS: Shin-Yokohama, Yokohama
Light WINS: Ami
J-PLACE: Nagoya, Kure
Park WINS: Nakayama Racecourse

From Jun. 7, payouts has been suspended on weekdays will be resumed.
Please note that the above is subject to change.