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August 27, 2022


2022 WASJ - Team JRA Dominates Top Three After Day One
2022 World All-Star Jockeys 1st Leg

2022 World All-Star Jockeys 2nd Leg

[Day One Summary]

The first day of the two-day series concluded with Team JRA dominating the top three positions. Yutaka Take was the leader, collecting 45 points by winning the 1st leg on board sixth pick Meisho Tsutsuji and finishing third with fourth favorite Asake Lady. Three points shy in second was Yuga Kawada after turning in a fourth on eighth choice Mikino Bass Drum in the 1st leg and winning the 2nd leg on third pick Sakura Toujours. Runner-up efforts from Kohei Matsuyama and Makoto Okabe in the 2nd and 1st leg, respectively, placed them in third and fourth. Craig Williams representing Australia topped the overseas jockeys by finishing fifth after accumulating 16 points from a third and a 14th.

Team WAS accumulated 85 points while Team JRA excelled with 139.


Standing Jockey Team August 27, 2022 August 28, 2022 Total
1st Leg 2nd Leg 3rd Leg 4th Leg
1 Yutaka Take JRA 1st (30) 3rd (15)         45
2 Yuga Kawada JRA 4th (12) 1st (30)         42
3 Kohei Matsuyama JRA 7th (6) 2nd (20)         26
4 Makoto Okabe (NAR) WAS 2nd (20) 12th (1)         21
5 Craig Williams (AUS) WAS 3rd (15) 14th (1)         16
6 James Graham (USA) WAS 8th (4) 5th (10)         14
6 Theo Bachelot (FR) WAS 9th (2) 4th (12)         14
8 Yuichi Fukunaga JRA 5th (10) 13th (1)         11
9 Coralie Pacaut (FR) WAS 6th (8) 10th (1)         9
9 Chak Yiu Ho (HK) WAS 11th (1) 6th (8)         9
11 Takeshi Yokoyama JRA 13th (1) 7th (6)         7
12 Christophe Lemaire JRA 14th (1) 8th (4)         5
13 Yoshitomi Shibata JRA 10th (1) 9th (2)         3
14 David Egan (GB) WAS 12th (1) 11th (1)         2
Team WAS (World All-Star) : 85 points Team JRA : 139 points

*1st: 30 points / 2nd: 20 points / 3rd: 15 points / 4th: 12 points / 5th: 10 points / 6th: 8 points / 7th: 6 points / 8th: 4 points
9th: 2 points / 10th: 1 point / 11th: 1 point / 12th: 1 point / 13th: 1 point / 14th: 1 point

Turnover for the Day: ¥ 6,263,484,600 Attendance: 8,972


Saturday, August 27, 2022        Sapporo Racecourse           10th Race           Post Time: 15:00
3-year-olds & up, 2 Wins Class, 1,200 meters (about 6 furlongs), turf, right-handed
3-y-o: 56kg (about 123-124 lbs), 4-y-o & up: 58kg (about 128 lbs), 2kg allowance for Fillies & Mares, 14 runners
Going: Good to Firm           Weather: Cloudy

FP BK PP Horse Sex
Jockey Weight
Odds (Fav) Margin
1 7 12 Meisho Tsutsuji (JPN) F4 Yutaka Take 56.0 10.4 (6) 1:09.5
2 7 11 Smart Lucida (JPN) C4 Makoto Okabe 58.0 7.7 (4) 1-1/2
3 8 13 Ask King Konge (JPN) G4 Craig Williams 58.0 4.9 (2) 1-3/4
4 8 14 Mikino Bass Drum (JPN) C4 Yuga Kawada 58.0 14.9 (8) 3/4
5 1 1 A la Mode Bio (JPN) C4 Yuichi Fukunaga 58.0 4.2 (1) Head
6 5 8 Mimosa Yellow (JPN) M6 Coralie Pacaut 56.0 33.9 (10) 1-1/2
7 4 5 Derma Kannon (JPN) F4 Kohei Matsuyama 56.0 9.9 (5) Neck
8 6 10 Rastrillo (JPN) F4 James Graham 56.0 12.1 (7) Head
9 6 9 Jacquard (JPN) C4 Theo Bachelot 58.0 121.7 (14) 3/4
10 3 4 B Suzuka South Song (JPN) H5 Yoshitomi Shibata 58.0 48.9 (12) Nose
11 4 6 Lithos (JPN) F3 Chak Yiu Ho 54.0 5.0 (3) Neck
12 2 2 B Glaux (JPN) G6 David Egan 58.0 38.2 (11) Head
13 5 7 Peace Mind (JPN) H9 Takeshi Yokoyama 58.0 87.0 (13) Nose
14 3 3 Stars Premier (JPN) H5 Christophe Lemaire 58.0 21.9 (9) 1-1/4
FP: Final Position / BK: Bracket Number / PP: Post Position / B: Blinker
NOTE:Figures quoted under Odds are shown in form of decimal odds (single unit is ¥100), and Fav indicates the order of favorites.

Fractional time (sec./furlong): 12.2 - 10.6 - 11.2 - 11.7 - 11.9 - 11.9
Last 4 furlongs: 46.7 Last 3 furlongs: 35.5
Positions at each corner: 3rd corner 14-(4,10)(2,3,5,8)(7,9,13)(1,11)12,6
4th corner 14(4,10)8(2,5,13)(7,3,9,11)1,12-6

Note1: Underlined bold numberindicates the winning horse.
Note2: Horse numbers are indicated in the order of their positions at each corner, with the first position listed first. Two or more horses inside the same parentheses indicate that they were positioned side by side. Hyphens between the horse numbers indicate that there is distance between the former and the latter. The asterisk indicates a slight lead.

1st: (12) Yutaka Take—broke well, settled second from last, made bid from behind turning widest into lane with fastest stretch speed, stole lead 100 meters out, pulled away comfortably
2nd: (11) Makoto Okabe—took wide trip 4th from rear, made headway from 3rd corner, driven with second fastest late speed, overtaken by eventual winner while inheriting lead from pacesetter, held on well for second
3rd: (13) Craig Williams—smooth break, reserved in mid-pack, angled out into straight, briefly rallied with runner-up, caught pacesetter in final strides for 3rd
“He broke smoothly and was relaxed during the trip. We found a good path on the outside at the stretch but the first two horses were a little too fast for us in the end.”
4th: (14) Yuga Kawada—sharp start, set pace early, led up to 100 meters out, weakened from early efforts
5th: (1) Yuichi Fukunaga—missed break, sat near rear, met traffic in early stretch, shifted to the outside and picked off tired rivals
6th: (8) Coralie Pacaut—advanced early from mid-pack to around 4th, turned wide in good striking position, ran gamely until 150m out
“It was a good race. She had a lot of speed and was very responsive.”
7th: (5) Kohei Matsuyama—sat around 4th, met traffic at stretch, quickened in last 100m
8th: (10) James Graham—broke sharply and nicely positioned behind leaders in third, maintained within striking distance into straight but quickly faded in the last 200 meters
“Our positioning went as planned but she lacked the finishing speed in the end. I think she will improve greatly in her next start.”
9th: (9) Theo Bachelot—traveled in mid-division between rivals, stuck behind wall of horses at straight
“I had to keep driving him throughout the race to secure his position, so it took a lot of effort.”
10th: (4) Yoshitomi Shibata—broke sharply and tracked leader in second most of the way, drowned by late runners 200m out
11th: (6) Chak Yiu Ho—missed break, trailed most of the way, passed tired rivals
12th: (2) David Egan—forwardly position around 5th-6th along rails, even paced after entering straight
“It wasn’t a very sharp break, but we were able to sit in a good position. He could be better with a little more distance.”
13th: (7) Takeshi Yokoyama—ground-saving trip around 10th, brief effort along inside at straight, faded
14th: (3) Christophe Lemaire—saved ground in 4th, checked entering straight


Saturday, August 27, 2022        Sapporo Racecourse           11th Race           Post Time: 15:35
3-year-olds & up, 3 Wins Class, 2,000 meters (about 10 furlongs), turf, right-handed
3-y-o: 56kg (about 123-124 lbs), 4-y-o & up: 58kg (about 128 lbs), 2kg allowance for Fillies & Mares, 14 runners
Going: Good to Firm                Weather: Cloudy

FP BK PP Horse Sex
Jockey Weight
Odds (Fav) Margin
1 8 13 Sakura Toujours (JPN) H5 Yuga Kawada 58.0 5.0 (3) 2:00.6
2 5 8 Turkish Palace (IRE) H5 Kohei Matsuyama 58.0 26.5 (10) 1
3 6 9 Asake Lady (JPN) F4 Yutaka Take 56.0 5.9 (4) 1/2
4 6 10 Studley (JPN) C4 Theo Bachelot 58.0 4.4 (1) 1-1/4
5 8 14 Morino Kannachan (JPN) F4 James Graham 56.0 20.7 (9) Nose
6 7 11 I Blanco (JPN) H5 Chak Yiu Ho 58.0 55.0 (11) Head
7 7 12 Miss Mildred (JPN) M5 Takeshi Yokoyama 56.0 9.2 (5) Head
8 4 5 Ho O Reality (JPN) C4 Christophe Lemaire 58.0 4.6 (2) Nose
9 3 3 Stable Ask (JPN) F4 Yoshitomi Shibata 56.0 10.2 (6) 4
10 4 6 B Luz (JPN) F4 Coralie Pacaut 56.0 18.8 (7) 1-1/4
11 3 4 Kokoniaru (JPN) M5 David Egan 56.0 19.9 (8) 3
12 5 7 Leaping Reason (JPN) M6 Makoto Okabe 56.0 97.5 (13) 3/4
13 1 1 Spangled Star (JPN) M5 Yuichi Fukunaga 56.0 62.2 (12) 5
14 2 2 Tomiken Bohater (JPN) H8 Craig Williams 58.0 212.7 (14) 1-1/2

Fractional Time (sec./furlong): 12.7 - 11.0 - 11.9 - 12.0 - 12.0 - 12.5 - 12.2 - 12.3 - 11.9 - 12.1
Last 4 furlongs: 48.5 Last 3 furlongs: 36.3
Positions at each corner: 1st corner (2,*6)(1,4,7)(5,10)12(3,13)9(11,14)-8
2nd corner 6(2,4)1,7(5,10)(3,12)13(11,9,14)-8
3rd corner 6(4,1,7)(2,5,10)(12,14)(3,13)(11,9)8
4th corner (*6,14)(12,9)7(4,10,13,8)1,5(3,11)-2

1st: (13) Yuga Kawada—reserved near rear, gradually advanced hitting top of stretch near the front, tackled front runners with good stretch drive, drew away from 100 meters out
2nd: (8) Kohei Matsuyama—was off slow, ran last, made headway after 3rd turn, chased eventual winner with fastest late kick, dug in for 2nd in final strides
3rd: (9) Yutaka Take—bobbled at start, sat near rear, made rapid headway rounding final turns, hit top of straight in 2nd, gave way to winner in last half furlong, tagged by runner-up before the wire
4th: (10) Theo Bachelot—positioned around 5th or 6th from sharp break, tried to find room entering straight shifting out then to the inside, lost momentum but held well for 4th place
“We were caught behind a tired horse in the critical stages and so missed our chance to launch our bid. He did respond well once we shifted our route to the inside.”
5th: (14) James Graham—near rear early, gradually advanced in backstretch, launched bid entering straight 1st, gave way at furlong pole
“She was in good rhythm during the trip. I asked her a little early but she gave me her best effort.”
6th: (11) Chak Yiu Ho—ran the rails 2nd from rear, angled out for stretch run, showed effort but too much ground to make up
7th: (12) Takeshi Yokoyama—traveled wide in mid-field, advanced position, entered straight behind leaders, unable to threaten
8th: (5) Christophe Lemaire—saved ground in mid-division, late to kick into gear, showed mild response
9th: (3) Yoshitomi Shibata—was off slow, ran inside eventual winner in backstretch, dropped back entering straight, never reached contention
10th: (6) Coralie Pacaut—advanced to lead, maintained lead until final corner, fell back
“She has tremendous speed so it was easy to position her in front.”
11th: (4) David Egan—good position up to 3rd corner, dropped out of contention thereafter
“She broke smoothly and traveled well but came up empty in the last 600 meters. She should improve in her next start.”
12th: (7) Makoto Okabe—nicely positioned behind leaders in 5th, poor response after 3rd corner
13th: (1) Yuichi Fukunaga—3rd along the rails early, quickly faded approaching the final turn
14th: (2) Craig Williams—disputed lead early, gradually gave way after the first half and faded
“I was able to position him in front as planned but he was probably not in his best condition and also seemed out of breath.”

World All-Star Jockeys

The World All-Star Jockeys commenced in 2015 as a renewed version of the World Super Jockeys Series and staged at Sapporo Racecourse in the summer. The annual event, though called off due to the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 and 2021, is popular in Japan and throughout the world and boasts a total of more than 250 top-caliber participants from abroad during its 33-year history.
In this series, points are awarded to each jockey according to their placing in each race, and the total points accumulated from the four races run over the two-day period are calculated at the end of the second day to determine the champion. At the same time, a team competition is carried out where “Team WAS (World All-Star)” comprising overseas jockeys and NAR (National Association of Racing; local public racing) jockeys compete against “Team JRA” jockeys in their bid to attain the most points as a team.
This year’s “Team WAS” included Theo Bachelot (FR), David Egan (GB), James Graham (USA), Chak Yiu Ho (HK), Coralie Pacaut (FR), Craig Williams (AUS) and Makoto Okabe (NAR Aichi).
“Team JRA” taking on the challenges included Yutaka Take who was selected for his victory in this year’s Tokyo Yushun (Japanese Derby) and Christophe Lemaire, the JRA Award Most Valuable Jockey (MVJ) winner in 2021. Takeshi Yokoyama from the Eastern division and Yuga Kawada from the Western division were also among the lineup as the leaders in their respective jockey rankings (in wins) as of June 26. Yoshitomi Shibata (Eastern), Yuichi Fukunaga and Kohei Matsuyama (Western) were also selected to join the series based on their outstanding performances.
Yuga Kawada was the latest overall champion in 2019 with a third, third and fifth then a victory in the final leg of the four-race series for his first WASJ champion title, followed by 2018 champion Christophe Lemaire in second. Karis Teetan (HK) and Mickaelle Michel (FR) led the foreign participants, both tying in overall third. Team JRA won the team competition to remain undefeated in five years since the team competition began in 2015.

[Other Races Ridden by Foreign Participants]

1st race: Two-Year-Olds (Maiden), turf, 1,800m, 7 runners
  David Egan—3rd on Win Etincelle (JPN, C2, by Beach Patrol), 3rd favorite
3rd race: Three-Year-Olds (Maiden, Fillies), dirt, 1,000m, 12 runners
  Chak Yiu Ho—3rd on General Will (JPN, F3, by Drefong), 3rd favorite
4th race: Three-Year-Olds (Maiden), dirt, 1,700m, 14 runners
  Coralie Pacaut—11th on Ask Red Star (JPN, C3, by Kizuna), 9th favorite
6th race: Three-Year-Olds (Maiden), turf, 1,500m, 13 runners
  Chak Yiu Ho—9th on Ice Cave (JPN, F3, by Maurice), 12th favorite
7th race: Three-Year-Olds & Up (1 Win Class), turf, 1,800m, 14 runners
  Chak Yiu Ho—6th on T Lightning (JPN, C3, by Harbinger), 11th favorite
  David Egan—12th on Another Eden (JPN, C3, by Strong Return), 12th favorite
9th race: Rusutsu Tokubetsu (Three-Year-Olds & Up, 1 Win Class), turf, 2,600m, 14 runners
  Chak Yiu Ho—9th on Cosmo Goleador (JPN, C3, by Gold Ship), 11th favorite
  Craig Williams—11th on Shovelhead (USA, G4, by Curlin), 9th favorite
  Coralie Pacaut—12th on Maul (JPN, C3, by Maurice), 8th favorite
12th race: Niseko Tokubetsu (Three-Year-Olds & Up, 1 Win Class), dirt, 1,700m, 14 runners
  David Egan—14th on I'll Be Major (JPN, H5, by I'll Have Another), 11th favorite

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