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August 27, 2022


Yutaka Take Claims His Second Champion Title in This Year's World All-Star Jockeys
2022 World All-Star Jockeys 3rd Leg

2022 World All-Star Jockeys 4th Leg

2022 World All-Star Jockeys Closing ceremony

2022 World All-Star Jockeys Closing ceremony

2022 World All-Star Jockeys Closing ceremony

[Series Summary]

Yutaka Take captured his much-awaited second champion title this year since claiming the 1992 World Super Jockeys Series. Scoring a win in the 1st leg with sixth pick Meisho Tsutsuji, Take finished third in the 2nd leg with fourth favorite Asake Lady to come on top at the end of Day One. Though his horse was excluded from racing in the 3rd leg, his runner-up effort with second choice Kafuji Azul in the 4th leg brought him back to the top with 71 points.

Yutaka Take: “I’m glad that we were able to hold the series this year and that foreign jockeys were able to join us under difficult circumstances. It was very rewarding to be able to compete with everyone and I was able to spend a very fulfilling two days. I’m really happy that I was able to ride on good horses and claim the title this year as I have been coming in second many times since claiming the title years ago. We JRA jockeys always try hard to be able to take part in this event every year and I hope I’ll be able to compete again next year.”

Twelve points behind in second with 59 points was Yuga Kawada who marked a win, a third, a fourth and a ninth.

Yuga Kawada: “I’m just grateful that the series has returned after being cancelled for a couple of years, and I enjoyed competing in this atmosphere once again with my fellow jockeys. I’m also glad to have done well personally but “the legend” was, as always, very hard to beat. After another week of summer racing, the autumn racing scene featuring top-notch races will begin and we hope to do our best and contribute to another exciting season.”

Kohei Matsuyama who marked a seventh and a second on the first day came on top after winning the 3rd leg but succumbed to third, only one point behind Kawada, after finishing ninth in the 4th leg.

Kohei Matsuyama: “I have to admit I was hoping to win the overall title when I stood at the top after winning the 3rd leg, but it’s a shame it didn’t work out that way. I’m thankful to the horses—they all fought hard. After wrapping up a hot summer campaign in a week, I hope we can deliver to the fans an exciting fall season of racing.”

Theo Bachelot who was tied sixth at the end of Day One, finishing ninth and fourth in the first two races, improved to fourth place by winning the 4th leg with eighth pick Eingebung.

Team JRA claimed the team competition with a comfortable 284 points to claim its sixth consecutive title while Team WAS collected 174 points.


Standing Jockey Team August 27, 2022 August 28, 2022 Total
1st Leg 2nd Leg 3rd Leg 4th Leg
1 Yutaka Take JRA 1st (30) 3rd (15) ER (6) 2nd (20) 71
2 Yuga Kawada JRA 4th (12) 1st (30) 9th (2) 3rd (15) 59
3 Kohei Matsuyama JRA 7th (6) 2nd (20) 1st (30) 9th (2) 58
4 Theo Bachelot (FR) WAS 9th (2) 4th (12) ER (6) 1st (30) 50
5 Yoshitomi Shibata JRA 10th (1) 9th (2) 2nd (20) 4th (12) 35
6 Makoto Okabe (NAR) WAS 2nd (20) 12th (1) 4th (12) 11th (1) 34
7 Craig Williams (AUS) WAS 3rd (15) 14th (1) 6th (8) 10th (1) 25
7 Yuichi Fukunaga JRA 5th (10) 13th (1) 7th (6) 6th (8) 25
7 Chak Yiu Ho (HK) WAS 11th (1) 6th (8) 3rd (15) 12th (1) 25
10 Christophe Lemaire JRA 14th (1) 8th (4) 5th (10) 7th (6) 21
11 Coralie Pacaut (FR) WAS 6th (8) 10th (1) 11th (1) 5th (10) 20
12 James Graham (USA) WAS 8th (4) 5th (10) 12th (1) 13th (1) 16
13 Takeshi Yokoyama JRA 13th (1) 7th (6) 8th (4) 8th (4) 15
14 David Egan (GB) WAS 12th (1) 11th (1) 10th (1) FF (1) 4
Team WAS (World All-Star) : 174 points Team JRA : 284 points

*1st: 30 points / 2nd: 20 points / 3rd: 15 points / 4th: 12 points / 5th: 10 points / 6th: 8 points / 7th: 6 points / 8th: 4 points / 9th: 2 points / 10th: 1 point / 11th: 1 point / 12th: 1 point / 13th: 1 point / 14th: 1 point / ER= Excluded from running (by stewards): 6 points
FF=Fail to Finish: 1 point

Turnover for the Day: ¥ 12,320,184,000 Attendance: 13,009


Sunday, August 28, 2022          Sapporo Racecourse           10th Race           Post Time: 15:00
3-year-olds & up, 2 Wins Class, 1,700 meters (about 8.5 furlongs), dirt, right-handed
3-y-o: 56kg (about 123-124 lbs), 4-y-o & up: 58kg (about 128 lbs), 2kg allowance for Fillies & Mares, 14 runners
Going: Standard                       Weather: Fine

FP BK PP Horse Sex
Jockey Weight
Odds (Fav) Margin
1 4 6 Men at Work (JPN) C3 Kohei Matsuyama 56.0 1.5 (1) 1:44.5
2 6 10 Yugen (JPN) H5 Yoshitomi Shibata 58.0 105.9 (11) 2-1/2
3 8 13 Cosmo Seiryu (USA) H5 Chak Yiu Ho 58.0 10.0 (4) 1-1/2
4 8 14 Tagano Peca (JPN) F4 Makoto Okabe 56.0 8.6 (3) 1-1/2
5 5 7 Joule Cycle (JPN) M5 Christophe Lemaire 56.0 33.2 (8) 1-1/4
6 5 8 Ca Va Bien (JPN) C4 Craig Williams 58.0 20.8 (5) 3/4
7 2 2 Meiner Renka (JPN) H8 Yuichi Fukunaga 58.0 34.3 (9) 1-1/4
8 7 11 Grace Ruby (JPN) M5 Takeshi Yokoyama 56.0 64.6 (10) Neck
9 3 4 Lord of the Cheko (JPN) C4 Yuga Kawada 58.0 25.4 (7) Neck
10 3 3 Real Thing (JPN) H5 David Egan 58.0 6.4 (2) 1
11 7 12 Kotobuki Alnilam (JPN) F4 Coralie Pacaut 56.0 168.5 (12) 8
12 1 1 Refined Manner (JPN) F4 James Graham 56.0 21.9 (6) 9
  4 5 Love Spiel (JPN) M5 Yutaka Take 56.0 Excluded from running
(by stewards)
  6 9 B Earth Riser (JPN) G5 Theo Bachelot 58.0
FP: Final Position / BK: Bracket Number / PP: Post Position / B: Blinker
NOTE:Figures quoted under Odds are shown in form of decimal odds (single unit is ¥100), and Fav indicates the order of favorites.

Fractional time (sec./furlong): 7.0 - 10.9 - 11.5 - 13.1 - 12.5 - 12.4 - 12.4 - 12.2 - 12.5
Last 4 furlongs: 49.5 Last 3 furlongs: 37.1
Positions at each corner: 1st corner (*1,4)-(8,10)(2,13)(3,6,14)(11,12)7
2nd corner 1,4-(8,10)13(2,6,14)(3,11,12)7
3rd corner 4(1,13)(10,14)(8,6)(3,2,11,12)7
4th corner (*4,13)(10,14)6,8,11(1,3,2)(7,12)

Note1: Underlined bold numberindicates the winning horse.
Note2: Horse numbers are indicated in the order of their positions at each corner, with the first position listed first. Two or more horses inside the same parentheses indicate that they were positioned side by side. Hyphens between the horse numbers indicate that there is distance between the former and the latter. The asterisk indicates a slight lead.

1st: (6) Kohei Matsuyama—reserved in mid-pack, shifted out for space, rallied for lead rounding final turn, took command at furlong pole, drew clear easily
2nd: (10) Yoshitomi Shibata—sat 4th to 5th, met traffic early stretch, slipped through gap along the rails, quickened to pick off eventual 3rd 100m out, no match for winner
3rd: (13) Chak Yiu Ho—pressed pace in 2nd to 3rd, advanced to lead field into straight, gave way to eventual winner at furlong marker, caught by runner-up 100m out
“After watching his previous videos, I was expecting to position him a little farther back, but he broke well so I let him maintain his rhythm. I thought we had won with two furlongs to go, but the winner was in a different class. I think this race pattern can work for him also.”
4th: (14) Makoto Okabe—broke well, took wide trip in 5th to 6th, advanced position at last corner, weakened slightly in straight, picked off tired rivals for 4th
5th: (7) Christophe Lemaire—unhurried and rated at rear end of field, made headway 600m out along outside, showed good effort with much ground to cover
6th: (8) Craig Williams—chased leaders in third, stayed close to rails along backstretch while overtaken by rivals on outside, shifted out slightly for clear run at straight, unable to threaten
“He was quick out of the gate and the trip went smoothly. I heard that he ran out of steam last time out, but today, he didn’t give up and kept running to the finish.”
7th: (2) Yuichi Fukunaga—hugged rails in mid-division, 2-wide turning for home, failed to respond in stretch
8th: (11) Takeshi Yokoyama—traveled wide near rear, advanced to 7th into stretch, even paced thereafter
9th: (4) Yuga Kawada—broke well, pressed pace in second, took front in the backstretch and led field entering lane, came up empty
10th: (3) David Egan—rated further back than midfield along the rails, advanced slightly 600m out but even paced thereafter
“He wouldn’t settle down in the gate, so his start was poor.”
11th: (12) Coralie Pacaut—broke sharply, traveled wide towards the rear, never reached contention
“I did my best to drive her on but got no response.”
12th: (1) James Graham—rallied for lead to set pace, faded after 3rd corner
“I heard that she didn’t like being crowded, so I decided to go to the front. She lost her concentration when a horse came up beside her.”
Excluded from running (by stewards): (5) Yutaka Take—lameness in Love Spiel’s right hindleg
Excluded from running (by stewards): (9) Theo Bachelot—lameness in Earth Riser’s right foreleg


Sunday, August 28, 2022          Sapporo Racecourse           12th Race           Post Time: 16:15
3-year-olds & up, 2 Wins Class, 1,800 meters (about 9 furlongs), turf, right-handed
3-y-o: 56kg (about 123-124 lbs), 4-y-o & up: 58kg (about 128 lbs), 2kg allowance for Fillies & Mares, 14 runners
Going: Good to Firm           Weather: Fine

FP BK PP Horse Sex
Jockey Weight
Odds (Fav) Margin
1 4 5 Eingebung (JPN) F4 Theo Bachelot 56.0 22.1 (8) 1:49.2
2 7 12 Kafuji Azul (JPN) C4 Yutaka Take 58.0 4.9 (2) Neck
3 3 3 Meisho Lanakila (JPN) C3 Yuga Kawada 56.0 3.9 (1) 1-3/4
4 5 7 Suzukano Rosso (JPN) G7 Yoshitomi Shibata 58.0 16.0 (7) Neck
5 7 11 Route d'Or (JPN) M5 Coralie Pacaut 56.0 7.1 (5) Neck
6 3 4 Tosen Melanie (JPN) F4 Yuichi Fukunaga 56.0 33.4 (10) Neck
7 5 8 Swayambhunath (JPN) G3 Christophe Lemaire 56.0 6.5 (4) 1-1/4
8 8 14 Achernar Star (JPN) C3 Takeshi Yokoyama 56.0 6.4 (3) 1-1/4
9 8 13 Grace of Nile (JPN) M5 Kohei Matsuyama 56.0 83.6 (11) Neck
10 6 10 B Metal Spark (JPN) G5 Craig Williams 58.0 24.3 (9) Neck
11 1 1 Sky Fall (JPN) C3 Makoto Okabe 56.0 7.3 (6) Neck
12 4 6 Libre Minoru (JPN) C4 Chak Yiu Ho 58.0 167.5 (13) 1/2
13 2 2 Taisei Dreamer (JPN) C4 James Graham 58.0 137.0 (12) 1-1/2
  6 9 Meisho Narihira (JPN) C4 David Egan 58.0 173.0 (14) FF

Fractional Time (sec./furlong): 12.9 - 12.3 - 12.5 - 12.0 - 12.1 - 12.2 - 11.9 - 11.7 - 11.6
Last 4 furlongs: 47.4 Last 3 furlongs: 35.2
Positions at each corner: 1st corner 3,5,8(10,12)(2,13)(1,4)(6,7)11,9,14
2nd corner 3,5,8(10,12)(2,13)(6,4)(1,11)(9,7)-14
3rd corner 3(8,5)(10,12)2(6,4,13)(1,11)-7,14,9
4th corner (*3,5)(8,10,12)(6,4,13,11)(2,1,7)-14

1st: (5) Theo Bachelot—rallied for lead, eased back to 2nd, urged after 3rd corner to lead 200m out, held off fast closing runner-up
“I was able to position the filly behind the no.3 horse (Yuga Kawada) just as planned and I’m glad we raced well. I was told that the fans here are incredible and it’s really great for us jockeys. It’s a super experience for me to come to Japan and win my first race here. I thank the JRA for the invitation and the owner and trainer for their confidence, arigato-gozaimasu! Since today’s first race was not easy and yesterday, the best was a fourth-place finish (in the series), I was so happy I was first to clear the finish line.”
2nd: (12) Yutaka Take—broke well, ran 4th to 5th, loomed 3-wide close behind eventual winner at final turn, advanced to 2nd 100m out, challenged but failed to catch winner
3rd: (3) Yuga Kawada—set pace, entered lane first, gave up lead before furlong pole, caught by runner-up 100m out, held off fast closing rivals for third
4th: (7) Yoshitomi Shibata—reserved in second from rear, launched late and widest bid into lane, closed strongly to nose out 5th-place finisher at wire
5th: (11) Coralie Pacaut—missed a beat out of gate and raced wide near rear early, made headway approaching third corner and showed good turn of speed to make up ground to 5th
“The horse responded very well after the last corner.”
6th: (4) Yuichi Fukunaga—sat in mid-division, mild bid rounding last corner, showed effort, caught by fast closing rivals in final strides
7th: (8) Christophe Lemaire—broke well, saved ground in 3rd up to final turn, lacked needed stretch kick and gradually weakened
8th: (14) Takeshi Yokoyama—unhurried in far rear, last in straight, closed eagerly with 2nd fastest late speed, picked off tired rivals
9th: (13) Kohei Matsuyama—traveled wide in mid-division, dropped back to last in early stretch but passed tiring rivals in last 100 meters
10th: (10) Craig Williams—raced in 4th in good striking position, chased leaders entering lane but had little left for final run
“He broke better than I anticipated. I was able to position him close to the winner but we just couldn’t keep up. I think he could do better at a shorter distance. He might have not regained his form.”
11th: (1) Makoto Okabe—hugged rails around 10th, shifted out turning final corners, even paced thereafter
12th: (6) Chak Yiu Ho—eased back towards rear after good break, advanced to 6th entering lane, failed to respond at stretch
13th: (2) James Graham—broke well, rated 6th by rails, showed mild response in stretch but faded in last 100 meters
“He tried hard but a longer distance might suit him more.”
FF: (9) David Egan—unhurried near rear early, pulled up after 3rd corner due to lameness in Meisho Narihira’s right hindleg

[Other Races Ridden by Foreign Participants]

3rd race: Three-Year-Olds (Maiden), dirt, 1,000m, 12 runners
  Craig Williams—2nd on Berberis (JPN, F3, by Admire Moon), 5th favorite
  Chak Yiu Ho—5th on Cosmo Salm (JPN, C3, by Screen Hero), 6th favorite
  Coralie Pacaut—10th on Bright Goddess (JPN, F3, by Makfi), 10th favorite
4th race: Three-Year-Olds (Maiden, Fillies), dirt, 1,700m, 14 runners
  Craig Williams—2nd on Sakura Sienne (JPN, F3, by Drefong), 9th favorite
6th race: Three-Year-Olds (Maiden), turf, 2,000m, 16 runners
  Coralie Pacaut—3rd on Grand Gold (JPN, C3, by Just a Way), 14th favorite
  David Egan—4th on Win Supreme (JPN, C3, by Maurice), 9th favorite
  Craig Williams—8th on Meiner Une Seule (JPN, C3, by Eishin Flash), 8th favorite
  Chak Yiu Ho—13th on Blessing Cry (JPN, C3, by Duramente), 2nd favorite
8th race: Three-Year-Olds & Up (1 Win Class), turf, 1,500m, 14 runners
  Craig Williams—8th on Kitten's March (JPN, F4, by Discreet Cat), 8th favorite
9th race: Otaru Tokubetsu (Three-Year-Olds & Up, 1 Win Class, Fillies & Mares), turf, 1,200m, 16 runners
  Chak Yiu Ho—4th on Cosmo Saint Remy (JPN, F4, by Matsurida Gogh), 11th favorite
  David Egan—12th on Clematis Tesoro (JPN, F4, by Kingman), 7th favorite
11th race: Keeneland Cup (Three-Year-Olds & Up, G3), turf, 1,200m, 15 runners
  Chak Yiu Ho—9th on Meiner Gerodi (JPN, C4, by Screen Hero), 12th favorite
  Coralie Pacaut—11th on Mountain Musume (JPN, F4, by Admire Moon), 14th favorite
  Theo Bachelot—13th on Lord Max (JPN, C4, by Deep Impact), 8th favorite

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