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December 16, 2022


Asahi Hai Futurity Stakes (G1) - Comments from runners' connections

*All horses are 2-year-old colts

Daily Hai Nisai Stakes (G2)
All Parfait

All Parfait

Yuji Wada, trainer
“He is a horse with good speed and ability. He has trained well on the woodchip course with his jockey (Takuya Ono), and despite the rain and the track condition, he’s done well. It has just been enough to go easy at the finish and keep him relaxed in this last week. His appetite’s good and he’s filling out more. It was good that there were no problems transporting him last time for the race. It looks like there will be other horses that might want to lead, so I don’t think he has to go straight to the front. To get a position where he races smoothly will be the best, and I don’t think it’s a problem if he’s off the pace this time.”

Takuya Ono, jockey
“He worked hard last week, so this week I have just checked his rhythm and reactions, and everything’s fine with him.”



Takayuki Kato, trainer
“Things have gone as expected with him and I’m satisfied with his training. He has traveled to the tracks at Fukushima and Niigata, so getting him to Hanshin should be fine. It is the first year for the stable, so it’s great to have a shot at a Grade 1, and I’m looking forward to things on the day of the race.”

Hayato Yoshida, jockey
“He has reacted well in training and is an easy horse to ride, with no bad habits. He won well last time, and if there’s nothing that wants to go forward this time, he could go to the front.”

Corpus Christi
Corpus Christi

Corpus Christi

Mitsumasa Nakauchida, trainer
“He got rid of some extra energy last week and I wasn’t concerned about the time with him. He had contact with the jockey (David Egan) this week, and because of the time between races, we haven’t pushed him too much. It is his first time at the distance this time, but I think he can handle any type of race. He is still a young horse, so there’s a lot to come from him as he develops.”

Taku Fukunaga, assistant trainer
“There has been no big change with him after returning from the farm, and his weight is around 462kg. His work uphill has been good, and his time of 53.3 seconds is as I would have thought. He can get a little worked up, but overall he’s relaxed enough. He started slowly in a small field last time, but picked up well at the end. I think the mile should be alright for him. It will be interesting to see how he reacts among the many other runners, and until that’s tested, it’s a bit of an unknown.”

David Egan, jockey
“His rhythm was good at the end of his work. He switches on suddenly, but his condition is fine. I think any position in a race is good for him as long as he gets his finish in, and the longer straight this time should help. It is good to ride him before the race and understand more about him.”  

Danon Touchdown
Danon Touchdown

Danon Touchdown

Takayuki Yasuda, trainer
“He has coped well with his workload, and this final week we’ve taken it steady with him, working him uphill. His footwork is good. Lord Kanaloa progeny do well in winter, and as a half-brother to Danon the Kid, he seems a well-balanced horse. Even though he lost last time, he still ran a strong race. It looks like it’ll be a full field in the race this time, so it’ll be his first time to experience a race with so many runners. He should be able to save things for a good finish at the end. Right from his debut I’ve had a Grade 1 race in mind for him, so I hope he’ll put in a good run here.”

Saudi Arabia Royal Cup (G3)
Dolce More

Dolce More

Naosuke Sugai, trainer
“He has been training well, and while he’s not one to really catch the eye, he’s done enough work and looks fine. In his final work, checking his rhythm was more important than his time, and his breathing’s been good. He has gained some weight, but that’s him developing and it should help him in a race. He ran right-handed in his first race and I’m not worried about it being his first time at the course this time. He doesn’t have any bad habits and he’s quite a serious horse that can race well, so I don’t have any worries with him and hope he can run a good race.”



Tomohito Ozeki, trainer
“He has improved for his training with older horses, and he’s done enough considering the transportation he’ll have to the track. He is growing and looks fresh. This final week we’ve just concentrated on his finish, and jockey Norihiro Yokoyama has made sure things are fine with him. The horse is quite relaxed and knows when to switch on. Despite it being a race full of strong horses, there’s still plenty more to come from him and I want him to do his best in a Grade 1.”


Hirofumi Shii, trainer
“He has been training on the woodchip course with two other horses, and he’s been moving well with the jockey (Kota Fujioka) who hasn’t ridden him just recently. The horse did his strong work last week, and looking at him, he looks like a miler. He has come on for his last race and we’ll just have to see how he gets on against the strong opponents here, but he can only get better with more experience.”

From Dusk

Hideyuki Mori, trainer
“He is a horse with speed and looks to be capable. This week he ran well in training, quickening up nicely at the finish. There is a slight concern about his behavior at the gate, but recently this has been better. I have no concern about the distance of the race.”

Ryo Shimizu, assistant trainer
“His workload has been sufficient, training uphill. He has been a little tense when transporting to the track before, but this time he’s closer to Hanshin. He is quite a smart horse, and mentally he seems to have improved. Over the mile this time, I think he’ll be alright finding his rhythm, and to some extent it’ll depend on how he jumps at the start.”  


Naru Owada, trainer
“There is little change with him regarding his weight, but he’s running well as he becomes more mature, and is more muscular too. He has worked well this final week, and with the transportation to the track, we didn’t go too hard with him and just checked his final furlong effort. He has had experience racing at different tracks. Last time we thought it best for him to lead in the race, but it seems like there’ll be a number of horses wanting to lead in the race this time, so I don’t think he has to be the one to go off in front. I just want him to show his strength in the best way possible.”

Kyoei Brisa

Yasuo Takeichi, trainer
“His training has been very good. The key will be how he handles the Hanshin track and the rise. A little bit of rain to soften the track would help his chances.”


Yuichi Shikato, trainer
“He seems very well and looks to be in good condition, with no tiredness about him. His appetite is good and his times in training have pleased me. He knows when to switch on, but he’s still learning about taking the bit. I think he’s improved for his last race, and I’m not worried about him transporting to the track. Of course, he’s still inexperienced and there are some unknowns with him, but he seems to have a lot of ability, so I’m looking forward to what he can do here.”

Miscela Dorata

Shoji Yamada, assistant trainer
“He is in good condition, although he’s not the type to post really fast times. He didn’t lose by too much last time, as well as three starts ago, despite his final placings in those races.”  

Nishino Best One

Koichi Shintani, trainer
“His responses have been good this week and he shows he has a lot of power. He ran well last time despite the slow pace, and I’m not worried about the short interval between races.”

Yusuke Fujioka, jockey
“I haven’t overdone things with him as there’s just been a week in between races. He showed what he can do in his last race, and I want to get the best out of him in this Grade 1.”

Keio Hai Nisai Stakes (G2)


Keiji Yoshimura, trainer
“He seems to have matured a bit since his last race and is not quite so tense. This last week we’ve just checked his reactions in training. He is quite an easy horse to deal with for a 2-year-old and starts well and gets a good position in a race. Jockey Christophe Lemaire has ridden him in training and will ride him in the race. He thinks with the horse’s win last time at Tokyo over 1,400 meters, the extra distance in the race this time isn’t a problem, so I’ll look forward to how things go.”

Suzuka Double

Hiroaki Yoden, assistant trainer
“There has been no hesitation with him in training, so things have gone well. The 1,800 meters of the race last time was a bit long, so the shorter distance this time should be a plus.”



Yasutoshi Ikee, trainer
“It was still early in his career last time when he ran at Tokyo, and he showed he was still a little weak and he could have done with more distance. He recovered well at the stable after that and he’s not tired at all. I think he’s a horse with a lot of promise, and we’ll see steady improvement with him.”

Tatsuhiko Kawai, assistant trainer
“We have tried to improve his concentration while training him with two other horses and he’s been moving well. He has good racing sense and there shouldn’t be a problem over a mile. I think he’ll face up well to his opponents this time.”

Ume Musubi

Koichi Shintani, trainer
“We gave him a break at the farm with this race in mind. Things have gone smoothly with him and he seems to be a little bigger now. He wasn’t worried by the soft ground in his last race, and after discussing with his connections, we’ve decided on the mile for him this time. It will be interesting to see how he does among this opposition.”

Taiga Tsunoda, jockey
“He is in good condition, and since earlier in his career he’s had a lot of power to get to the front in his races. Step by step we’re learning about him. I am very pleased to have the ride, and from riding him before, I feel the sense of trying my best with him as his career develops.”


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