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May 5, 2023


NHK Mile Cup (G1) - Comments from runners' connections

*All horses are 3-year-olds

Daily Hai Nisai Stakes (G2)
All Parfait

All Parfait (colt)

Makoto Harada, assistant trainer
“The bit was grinding on his teeth in his last race and it was uncomfortable for him, but we’ve taken care with him and everything’s fine now. When he runs left-handed, he changes leads smoothly, and when he’s asked to be patient, he co-operates. The race was a bit long for him last time and the ground wasn’t so good, so I think the mile is best for him to show his speed.”

Takuya Ono, jockey
“It wasn’t the best race for him last time, but it showed that he didn’t have to go off in front, and has given him some variation as to how he might run. His condition now is fine and he’s moving well. I think racing left-handed, when he switches leads, it’s a lot smoother.”

Carro Veloce
Carro Veloce

Carro Veloce (colt)

Naosuke Sugai, trainer
“He’s been moving well in training and overall his times have been good. There’s no doubt that he’s a horse with ability, but he’s still young and there are some things to worry about. If he gets into the flow of the race, the mile at Tokyo should be fine. I’d like to see him run like he did last time, when he didn’t hurry to get to the front in the race.”

Champagne Color
Champagne Color

Champagne Color (colt)

Tsuyoshi Tanaka, trainer
“His breathing’s been good in training, together with the times he’s set, and we haven’t done too much with him. It wasn’t such a smooth race for him last time, but he still ran well to finish third and it leads him nicely into this next race. He’s won twice over a mile at Tokyo, so being back there again, I’d like to see him get a result thiss time too.”

Cruzeiro do Sul
Cruzeiro do Sul

Cruzeiro do Sul (colt)

Yoshitada Takahashi, trainer
“I trained his sire Fine Needle, and I believe for this colt a mile is suitable. He came back from the farm early, so we’ve had plenty of time to work with him. He’s coming along as expected, and he seems to be improving all the time and developing nicely for a young horse. He needs to run at his own pace, and that worked out fine in his last race when he led all the way. I think he can show his strength in any kind of race and the way it’s run, so we’ll have to see how much he’s developed when he takes on this next race.”

Mirco Demuro, jockey
“He feels fresh, and he’s moving very nicely. He’s in good condition and he won well last time, showing what ability he has. I’ll look forward to his run this time and hope things go smoothly.”

Danon Touchdown
Danon Touchdown

Danon Touchdown (colt)

Takayuki Yasuda, trainer
“He’s in good condition and looks well in his coat. He did well in the Daily Hai Nisai Stakes and the Asahi Hai Futurity Stakes, both big races last year. He’s still a bit loose, but better compared to then. The long straight at Tokyo this time will suit him, and I’m hoping the weather will be fine and he can run on a firmer track. We’ll have to see what he can do this time regarding the distance.”

Asahi Hai Futurity Stakes (G1)
Dolce More

Dolce More (colt)

Naosuke Sugai, trainer
“There’s a good shape to him (just like he was for the Asahi Hai Futurity Stakes), and his workload has been just right. Mentally as well, he’s more mature, and there’s a good feeling about him. His last piece of work was just enough, as we have to think of the transportation to the track and I don’t want him to be too tense. If another horse wants to lead in the race this time, I don’t think it matters, as he doesn’t have to lead. He’s suited to Tokyo where he can get his big strides in, and with the power he has, I’d like to see him come back to his best again in this race.”

New Zealand Trophy (NHK Mile Cup Trial) (G2)

Eeyan (colt)

Daishi Ito, trainer
“It’s his fourth start this year, so he doesn’t need too much training. He’s recovered well from his last race and he’s not tired at all. He’s been working well on the woodchip course. He’s a horse that always gives his best and his light footwork certainly helps him. Getting a position in a race at Tokyo isn’t so hard and the jockey says he’s easy to ride. There’s a little bit of pressure because I don’t want him to lose, and everything’s been serious with him, but the confidence is there. It’s quite a big task here.”

Keita Tosaki, jockey
“He has a lot of power and feels like a very strong horse. He’s proven that already with his three straight wins.”

From Dusk (colt)

Hideyuki Mori, trainer
“He did his quick work last week, so this week things have been easy with him up until the final furlong. The gate is a bit of a worry, so I’m hoping he’ll get off to a good start.”

Masaki Takano, assistant trainer
“Things have gone well leading into this next race. His times have been good on the wet track in training. The mile distance of the race this time might be a bit far, but the main thing will be for him to start well, and we’ll just have to see what he can do.”

Mississippi Tesoro
Mississippi Tesoro

Mississippi Tesoro (filly)

Yoshihiro Hatakeyama, trainer
“She’s been at the stable since her last race. She’s been eating well and now weighs around 420kgs, so she’s more like an older horse now. Last week she did her strong work in training and moved well, so I do think she’s a better horse now. There are tough opponents this time, but if she finds a good rhythm and gets to run her own race, I think she can do well.”


Moryana (filly)

Yoshinori Muto, trainer
“She seems more relaxed, but knows when to switch on and off much better now. Her breathing’s fine too. In training, things have been fine with her and she’s been running well. She’s basically an easy horse to control, and except for the Hanshin Juvenile Fillies, when she ran out of steam, she’s put in some good runs. It’s a tough Grade 1 this time, but I don’t think there’s an especially fast horse in the race, and I’m looking forward to her run over the Fuchu mile with the speed that she has.”


Navona (colt)

Yukihiko Araki, assistant trainer
“He won his maiden race in good style. Riding him, his balance suggests that racing-left handed is best for him. His training has been good and we’ve had some flexibility with him. He’s still a bit loose, but at the moment, he’s developing the right way and we’ve been able to train him in a way to match his current condition.”

Arlington Cup (NHK Mile Cup Trial) (G3)

Obamburumai (colt)

Keiji Yoshimura, trainer
“There hasn’t been long between races, so it’s been important not to overdo things, and to get him to this next race where he can put in another good performance. His condition is good and he looks bigger, but I think his weight should be about the same as last time. The jockey (Yutaka Take) has learned a lot about the horse. In the Keio Hai Nisai Stakes, the going was good and the time was quick. In the Arlington Cup, the ground was heavier, but he seems to be able to perform well regardless of the going. I look forward to his run this time too, as I think he can run well in a big race like this.”

Yutaka Take, jockey
“He’s a small horse, but it doesn’t feel like that. He’s been working well uphill. It seems like there are a number of horses that could win this time, but he’s had two graded wins, so he’s in with a chance too. I hope he gets a good start, as that’s the most important thing for him to get a position and get into the flow of the race.”


Session (colt)

Takashi Saito, trainer
“There’s no change with the way he’s moving, and he’s been finishing off his work well. He’ll be better for his last race, and I was pleased with the experience he got from that run. Switching to the wider Tokyo course won’t be a problem, and we can plan things accordingly. If things go smoothly for him and his footwork is good, even in a Grade 1, I think he can run a good race.”


Shomon (colt)

Shinsuke Hashiguchi, trainer
“He’s in good shape and has kept his condition well since his last race, which was not so long ago. The long homestraight this time should suit him. He has a good start, so I’d like him to be well forward in the race and for the pace to be genuine. In this way, I think he can run to his best.”

Katsuma Sameshima, jockey
“His times in training have been as expected. He knows when to take the bit, and he’s been moving well and showing a lot of power. Hopefully, there’ll be no problem with him transporting to the track.”

Hochi Hai Fillies' Revue (Japanese 1000 Guineas Trial) (G2)
Sing That Song

Sing That Song (filly)

Tomokazu Takano, trainer
“She recovered well from her last race and I’m pleased with her condition, which is important, as we know she can run well if she has a lot of energy. Three starts ago in the Elfin Stakes at Chukyo, she ran well on the outside, so it seems she can handle racing on a left-handed track, and I’m hoping she can perform well this time.”

Chunichi Sports Sho Falcon Stakes (G3)
Tamamo Black Tie

Tamamo Black Tie (colt)

Koichi Tsunoda, trainer
“He’s improving gradually, but there’s still some looseness with him. He’s a talented horse and easy to ride, with a nice big stride too. He’s had results in races up to 1,400 meters, but I think he can see out 1,600 meters well enough. If it rains and he can use his stamina, it should be interesting.”


Umbrail (filly)

Tetsuya Kimura, trainer
“We’ve worked on her start in training and then the flow of her run after that, making sure things are under control. She’s been running quite smoothly in her work.”

Yu Ota, assistant trainer
“Her character is a little difficult, but in training we’ve been trying to get the best out of her by getting her to pick up speed quicker. Her footwork’s good and she seems more serious now. She should be suited by the wider track this time, and if she can relax in the run and save things for the finish, that’s going to be the best way for her to run a good race.”


Yurisha (filly)

Naoya Nakamura, trainer
“She’s regained her condition in the short time between races. She’s usually quiet, so the transportation shouldn’t be a problem. There seem to be a lot of horses in this next race that will want to go forward, so there should be plenty of early pace. It’ll be best if she can get a good position and save her energy, even though she has won by going to the front. Given this situation, it makes it a bit difficult, but I’ll rely on the jockey and his judgement of the pace, as well as what to do from the draw.”


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