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March 28, 2015


Training Report of Foreign Entry
The 3rd Leg of Global Sprint Challenge
The 45th Running of the Takamatsunomiya Kinen (G1)

March 28, 2015 (Saturday)

<At Chukyo Racecourse>

Weather: Fine
Going: Standard (dirt course)

Aerovelocity (NZ, G7, Bay)

- jogged 500m, cantered 1,600m (dirt course)
(exercised from 6:26 to 6:37, ridden by Yaw Chong Chew)

“I think that he’s in very good form. He’s settled in well and we’ve only done very slow work today—we just want to keep him happy and healthy and ready for the big day tomorrow. We were also very lucky to have a good draw and I’m excited to seeing him race.

We also had the choice of running him in Dubai but I thought it would be easier for the horse to come here because it’s a shorter distance to travel and I think that the grass is better for him to run.”

(comments taken from Daniel Yeung Ngai)

“He’s settled in pretty well for him, he’s fed well all the way through, and he looks bright and fit. As far as the draw goes—the horse can take advantage of that draw. It looks like there might be one or two quite fast horses—well he’s quite adaptable and you can ride him anywhere you wish.

If I had one concern after walking the track yesterday would be if it rained—then that inside part of the track (which is quite worn after a lot of racing) would be very difficult. So we’ve got the advantage of ten races to look at first and see what the pattern is.

If it rained on the day the (inside) draw would become a disadvantage—but the way it happens happens and we can’t worry about that. Racing in Hong Kong, you sort of only get one kind of track which is hard and very hard so he’s untried on wet ground but generally very fast horses don’t like it wet.”

(comments taken from Paul O'Sullivan)

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