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August 30, 2015


2015 WASJ - Joao Moreira Claims World All-Star Champion Title with Mesmerizing Skills
2015 World All-Star Jockeys Closing ceremony

Hong Kong’s latest superstar Joao Moreira certainly lived up to his nickname, “Magic Man” with another win in the third leg held on Day-Two of the four-race series. That more or less secured him a place on the podium but still left the competition in suspense as Yutaka Take maintained a chance by gaining 15 points in the same race. Moreira’s fourth mount in the series was unable to respond well finishing 11th, giving him just one additional point while Yutaka Take added another 10 in his fifth-place finish and concluded an impressive fifth-second-second-fifth placings which led to a total of 50 points. However, by the end of the day Joao managed to “nose out” his rival by six points, with Take second overall and Tosaki following in third with 30 points.
The team match however unfolded with the JRA team turning the tables and beating WAS by a mere two-point margin. The inaugural international jockey event taken place at Sapporo, Hokkaido concluded with the jockeys spraying beer to celebrate the winner and the success of the event.

Joao Moreira: “I knew all the jockeys came here to win the championship, and I was hoping (to win) but obviously I didn’t just win it on my own. I had people around me that gave me a chance to ride really good horses and I would like to thank the JRA for calling me over for the competition. Obviously I’m going to go home so so happy! I came here to learn from these jockeys who I’ve seen doing extremely well at home and riding here, I’ve seen them ride safely and respectful of each other so that’s a really good point. So I would like to thank these guys who I’m sure enjoyed themselves as much as me, and I hope the crowd enjoyed the show we put on.”

Yutaka Take “I still can’t get over what could have been had I gotten a little bit more out of my horse to win the third leg—it ended up being a really big “nose” margin. But I am extremely happy to have been able to take part in such great competition against such a talented group and I am grateful for the chance to have Sapporo witness some thrilling performances.”

Keita Tosaki “I had a great time being able to compete with such inspiring riders in this event.”

[Series Summary]

Jockey Team August 29, 2015 August 30, 2015 Total
1st Leg 2nd Leg 3rd Leg 4th Leg
1 Joao Moreira (HK) WAS 2nd (15) 1st (20) 1st (20) 11th (1) 56
2 Yutaka Take (JRA) JRA 5th (10) 2nd (15) 2nd (15) 5th (10) 50
3 Keita Tosaki (JRA) JRA 14th (1) 5th (10) 3rd (13) 6th (6) 30
4 Koji Fujita (NAR) WAS 1st (20) 9th (3) 7th (5) 14th (1) 29
5 Yasunari Iwata (JRA) JRA 8th (4) 6th (6) 9th (3) 3rd (13) 26
5 Thierry Jarnet (FR) WAS 4th (11) 14th (1) 5th (10) 8th (4) 26
7 Craig Williams (AUS) WAS 7th (5) 4th (11) 10th (2) 7th (5) 23
7 Hayley Turner (GB) WAS 11th (1) 11th (1) 13th (1) 1st (20) 23
7 Yuichi Fukunaga (JRA) JRA 6th (6) 3rd (13) 12th (1) 9th (3) 23
10 Norihiro Yokoyama (JRA) JRA 10th (2) 8th (4) 14th (1) 2nd (15) 22
11 Mirco Demuro (JRA) JRA 13th (1) 7th (5) 4th (11) 10th (2) 19
11 Russel Baze (USA) WAS 12th (1) 13th (1) 6th (6) 4th (11) 19
13 Yuichi Shibayama (JRA) JRA 3rd (13) 10th (2) 11th (1) 12th (1) 17
14 Yuji Iwahashi (NAR) WAS 9th (3) 12th (1) 8th (4) 13th (1) 9
World All-Star (WAS) team : 185 points JRA team : 187 points
*1st: 20 points / 2nd: 15 points / 3rd: 13 points / 4th: 11 points / 5th: 10 points / 6th: 6 points / 7th: 5 points / 8th: 4 points / 9th: 3 points / 10th: 2 points / 11th: 1 point / 12th: 1 point / 13th: 1 point / 14th: 1 point


Sunday, August 30, 2015    Sapporo Racecourse    10th Race    Post Time: 15:01
3-year-old & up, Allowance (10Million & Less), 1,200 meters (about 6 furlongs), turf, right-handed
3-y-o: 56kg (about 123-124 lbs), 4-y-o & up: 58kg (about 128 lbs), 2kg allowance for Fillies & Mares, 14 runners

FP BK PP Horse Sex
Jockey Weight
Margin Odds (Fav)
1 7 12B Bravissimo (JPN) C3 Joao Moreira 56.0 1:09.4 1.9 (1)
2 2 2 Fair Raffine (JPN) F3 Yutaka Take 54.0 Nose 8.1 (4)
3 5 8 Takara Jennifer (JPN) F4 Keita Tosaki 56.0 3/4 6.4 (2)
4 6 10 Ebisu Great (JPN) H5 Mirco Demuro 58.0 Neck 13.7 (7)
5 4 6 Daiwa Inspire (JPN) H6 Thierry Jarnet 58.0 3/4 46.6 (8)
6 1 1 Levanter (JPN) G6 Russell Baze 58.0 1-1/4 77.8 (10)
7 6 9 Admire Sabrina (JPN) M5 Koji Fujita 56.0 1-1/4 7.7 (3)
8 5 7 Bobcat (JPN) H5 Yuji Iwahashi 58.0 Neck 11.1 (5)
9 4 5 Tosho Hammer (JPN) H6 Yasunari Iwata 58.0 1 92.6 (11)
10 8 14 Oriental Sun (JPN) H5 Craig Williams 58.0 1/2 65.0 (9)
11 7 11 Organdie (JPN) F4 Yuichi Shibayama 56.0 Neck 133.6 (13)
12 3 4 Orphic (JPN) F3 Yuichi Fukunaga 54.0 3/4 12.7 (6)
13 8 13 George George (JPN) H5 Hayley Turner 58.0 3/4 114.2 (12)
14 3 3B Western Sole (JPN) H5 Norihiro Yokoyama 58.0 1-1/4 160.2 (14)
FP= Final Position   BK= Bracket Number   PP = Post Position   B = Blinkers   
NOTE:Figures quoted under Odds are Win Odds, which show the amount of money you get back per single unit (100yen), and Fav indicates the order of favorites.

Fractional Time (sec./furlong): 12.2 - 10.9 - 11.4 - 11.8 - 11.5 - 11.6
Last 4 furlong: 46.3 Last 3 furlong: 34.9
Positions at each corner:  3rd corner 4,6,9,2(8,11)(7,12)14(1,5)(3,10)13
4th corner (*4,6)9(2,8)11(7,12)(14,10)1,5(3,13)

Note1: Underlined bold number indicates the winning horse.
Note2: Horse numbers are indicated in the order of their positions at each corner, with the first position listed first. Two or more horses inside the same parentheses indicate that they were positioned side by side. Hyphens between the horse numbers indicate that there is distance between the former and the latter. The asterisk indicates a slight lead.

1st: (12) Joao Moreira—traveled wide in mid-division, threaded through horses at top lane, skillfully steered around Jarnet from inside in time to nail Take for photo-finish victory
“He broke well and we were able to keep good position. He stretched impressively in the last 100 meters. He’s really a great horse.”
2nd: (2) Yutaka Take—broke well, rated 4th or 5th by rails, angled out after final corner, overtook leader 100m out, nosed out by winner at goal
3rd: (8) Keita Tosaki—good start, eased back to 4th-5th, steered outside to avoid crowd after entering lane, chased Take to wire
4th: (10) Mirco Demuro—slow start, improved position while turning wide, showed impressive late charge—fastest in last 3 furlongs—to finish a neck behind Tosaki
5th: (6) Thierry Jarnet—pressed pace in 2nd, took command entering lane, weakened after overtaken 100m out
“The horse was in very good condition and ran willingly until the end.”
6th: (1) Russell Baze—hugged rails while rated mid-pack, checked, good effort between horses in stretch
“We fell back in position, unable to find enough space turning the 3rd corner. He’s a very good horse and I think the result would have been better if the race had gone smoothly.”
7th: (9) Koji Fujita—traveled wide in 3rd from front, dropped back in last 300 meters
8th: (7) Yuji Iwahashi—driven from start, inched forward along rails to last turn, even paced
9th: (5) Yasunari Iwata—reserved 3rd to 4th from rear, keen to go in backstretch, had little left for final run
10th: (14) Craig Williams—sat in lower mid-division, stayed on heels of winner, around 10th to enter stretch, failed to respond
“We made a good start and raced well chasing the winner, but he just didn’t have anything left. The horse is very easy to ride and I’m sure he’ll do better in his next start.”
11th: (11) Yuichi Shibayama—lost ground in upper mid-pack, 6th and 3 wide to enter straight, never reached contention
12th: (4) Yuichi Fukunaga—took to front early, held on to lead up to final corner, used up and weakened last 100 meters
13th: (13) Hayley Turner—trailed in rear, void of necessary closing speed
“The draw wasn’t very good and he was also just too relaxed from the paddock—we couldn’t keep up”
14th: (3) Norihiro Yokoyama—unhurried second from rear, never imposed any threat


Sunday, August 30, 2015   Sapporo Racecourse   12th Race   Post Time: 16:15
3-year-old & up, Allowance (10Million & Less), 1,800 meters (about 9 furlongs), turf, right-handed
3-y-o: 56kg (about 123-124 lbs), 4-y-o & up: 58kg (about 128 lbs), 2kg allowance for Fillies & Mares, 14 runners

FP BK PP Horse Sex
Jockey Weight
Margin Odds (Fav)
1 6 9 Win Phoenix (JPN) C4 Hayley Turnera 58.0 1:47.0 8.6 (4)
2 7 12 Baigaeshi (JPN) C3 Norihiro Yokoyama 56.0 Neck 4.2 (2)
3 4 5 Tagano Emblem (JPN) H5 Yasunari Iwata 58.0 3/4 3.0 (1)
4 8 14 All Stay (USA) C4 Russell Baze 58.0 1-1/2 13.2 (6)
5 1 1 Ti Amo (JPN) M5 Yutaka Take 56.0 1-1/4 9.5 (5)
6 3 4 Pure Soldier (JPN) H5 Keita Tosaki 58.0 Neck 45.1 (11)
7 3 3 Arte (JPN) C4 Craig Williams 58.0 1-1/4 7.3 (3)
8 5 8 American Diner (USA) G6 Thierry Jarnet 58.0 Neck 46.2 (12)
9 6 10 Dilga (USA) F4 Yuichi Fukunaga 56.0 Nose 22.2 (9)
10 4 6 Meisho Tessai (JPN) H7 Mirco Demuro 58.0 1/2 16.3 (7)
11 8 13 Quetzalcoatl (JPN) H5 Joao Moreira 58.0 2 41.1 (10)
12 5 7 Eden Rock (JPN) H5 Yuichi Shibayama 58.0 1-1/4 17.7 (8)
13 2 2 Variation (JPN) H6 Yuji Iwahashi 58.0 Nose 151.4 (14)
14 7 11 Siberian Tiger (JPN) G4 Koji Fujita 58.0 2-1/2 48.9 (13)

TURNOVER FOR THE DAY: ¥ 8,081,308,100 ATTENDANCE: 19,647
Fractional Time (sec./furlong): 12.2 - 11.7 - 11.9 - 11.7 - 11.9 - 12.0 - 12.0 - 11.7 - 11.9
Last 4 furlong: 47.6  Last 3 furlong: 35.6
Positions at each corner:  1st corner 14,3(1,11)9,12(8,10)-(5,7)13,4(2,6)
2nd corner 14(3,11)(1,9)-(8,12)-10(5,7)(4,13)-(2,6)
3rd corner 14,11,3,9(1,12)8,10(5,7)(4,13)6,2
4th corner 14(3,11,9)12,1(5,10,7)(4,8,13,6)-2

1st: (9) Hayley Turner—rated around 5th, edged closer approaching last corner, drew clear to wire holding off strong challenge from Yokoyama by a neck
“My horse was very smart and the race was very smooth and easy. I was told that the distance might be a bit too long for him, so I tried my best to save as much ground as possible. He was easy to ride and I’m glad everything turned out well.”
2nd: (12) Norihiro Yokoyama—traveled 5th to 6th, on heels of Turner entering stretch, struggled to keep up but found another gear 100m out, closed strongly
3rd: (5) Yasunari Iwata—hugged rails in lower mid-division, 6th to 7th at top of lane, chased Yokoyama to the wire
4th: (14) Russell Baze—broke sharply to take lead from farthest stall, gave up lead to winner after last turn, overtaken in last 50m for 4th
“We were able to set the pace and he responded very well, but unfortunately we were caught at the end.”
5th: (1) Yutaka Take—broke well, sat on rails in 4th along backstretch, 6th at top of straight, tagged Williams 100 meters out for 5th
6th: (4) Keita Tosaki—unhurried and ground-saving trip near rear, accelerated in stretch, pinned Williams at wire
7th: (3) Craig Williams—saved ground in 2nd, gradually ran out of steam
“After he broke well, he leaned to the inside at times but was in a good position. It’s too bad he didn’t have much left in the home straight.”
8th: (8) Thierry Jarnet—hugged rails in 6th-7th, dropped back through final corner, some effort in lane belatedly
“He didn’t respond to my urging as he was distracted by the horse on the inside but showed some effort in the stretch.”
9th: (10) Yuichi Fukunaga—traveled 2 wide 8th from front, failed to respond in lane
10th: (6) Mirco Demuro—trailed in rear, turned final corner widest, even paced
11th: (13) Joao Moreira—rated 3rd from rear traveling 2 wide, never a threat
“I tried to improve our position as much as possible but was unable to do so. It’s really too bad.”
12th: (7) Yuichi Shibayama—took wide trip towards rear, advanced around last corner but no factor
13th: (2) Yuji Iwahashi—hugged rails 2nd from rear, never fired
14th: (11) Koji Fujita—took wide trip pressing pace in 3rd, improved to 2nd over 3rd corner but faded thereafter

[Other Races Ridden by Foreign Participants]

2nd race: Two-Year-Olds (Maiden), turf, 1,800m, 9 runners
  Joao Moreira2nd on Tizona (JPN, C2, by Daiwa Major), 2nd favorite
  Craig Williams9th on Sweet Martini (JPN, F2, by Tanino Gimlet), 5th favorite
4th race: Three-Year-Olds (Maiden, Fillies), dirt, 1,700m, 13 runners
  Joao Moreira2nd on Pandeia (JPN, F3, by Deep Impact), favorite
5th race: Two-Year-Olds (Newcomer), turf, 1,200m, 7 runners
  Joao Moreira1st on La Cime (JPN, F2, by Black Tide), 2nd favorite
  Craig Williams2nd on Jo Mic (JPN, C2, by Admire Moon), favorite
6th race: Three-Year-Olds (Maiden), turf, 1,500m, 14 runners
  Joao Moreira1st on Miss Erika (USA, F3, by Blame), 7th favorite
  Thierry Jarnet—10th on Garconne (GB, F3, by Henrythenavigator), 10th favorite
7th race: Three-Year-Olds & Up (Allowance (5Million & Less)), dirt, 1,700m, 13 runners
  Joao Moreira2nd on Curren Matador (JPN, G4, by Manhattan Cafe), 2nd favorite
8th race: Three-Year-Olds & Up (Allowance (5Million & Less)), turf, 2,000m, 16 runners
  Craig Williams9th on Meiner Sage (JPN, C3, by Harbinger), 2nd favorite
  Joao Moreira1st on Albert (JPN, C4, by Admire Don), 3rd favorite
9th race: Ishikari Tokubetsu (Allowance (5Million & Less)), dirt, 1,700m, 13 runners
  Joao Moreira6th on Space Cruise (JPN, C4, by Taiki Shuttle), favorite
11th race: Keeneland Cup (G3), turf, 1,200m, 16 runners
  Joao Moreira9th on Epoisses (JPN, G7, by Falbrav), 3rd favorite

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