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September 29, 2023


Sprinters Stakes (G1) - Comments from runners' connections
A Shin Spotter
A Shin Spotter

A Shin Spotter (colt, 4)

Keiji Yoshimura, trainer
“He’s put in some good training with this Grade 1 in mind, and the assistant trainer has made sure he’s finished off well at the end of his recent work. He did well in his last race, and continued to run on well on the fast ground. The pace will be quick this time too, but it’ll be interesting to see how he does if he gets a good run.”

Hankyu Hai (G3)

Aguri (colt, 4)

Takayuki Yasuda, trainer
“His best distance might be 1,400 meters, but he’s raced over 1,200 meters four times now and can adjust to the trip. The jockey (Norihiro Yokoyama) brings a new dimension to things, and we’ll rely on him to get the best out of the horse this time, just like he did last time.”

Keiichiro Yasuda, assistant trainer
“He used up some energy in his last race, but he’s come out of it well and is relaxed, and it was certainly a good trial race for him. His trip to Hong Kong earlier this year was a good experience for him too, as we look to races in the future. This summer in Hokkaido was also good when considering his development and strength, so he should be able to take on a Grade 1 race now.”

All at Once
All at Once

All at Once (mare, 5)

Eiji Nakadate, trainer
“There have been no problems getting her ready for this race and there’s no change with her. It was her first race in a long while last time. The opponents will be strong and fast in a Grade 1, but I’m not worried about the course and the distance. With the condition she’s in, I want her to show her best in the race.”

Dolce More
Dolce More

Dolce More (colt, 3)

Naosuke Sugai, trainer
“The jockey (Atsuya Nishimura) has ridden him in recent work, and his time on the uphill of 51 seconds flat was good enough, with the horse still having more to give. We have to consider the transportation to the track. In his last race, he was well back from the start, so I hope he can concentrate more throughout the race this time and run smoothly as he tackles 1,200 meters again. After that, it’s about his feeling on the day, but I think he can run well.”

TV Nishinippon Corp. Sho Kitakyushu Kinen (G3)
Jasper Krone

Jasper Krone (colt, 4)

Ryo Shimizu, assistant trainer
“There’s no problem with his condition and he’s looking sharp. There are other fast horses in the race, but he knows what his task is. It’s probably best if he gets to the front again, and although the opposition’s strong, if he gets to run his own race, he can still do well in a Grade 1.”

Taisei Danno, jockey
“He felt just a little slow in his work, but there’s no problem with his times, and his finishes have been good. There’s no real change with him. I want to get a good start in the race.”

Jubilee Head
Jubilee Head

Jubilee Head (horse, 6)

Takayuki Yasuda, trainer
“He’s worked in his usual way and shown some speed. The tough nature of the Nakayama track should suit him. It’ll be his first Grade 1, but I want him to have this challenge to see what he can do.”

Keiichiro Yasuda, assistant trainer
“We’ve just tuned him up in this week before the race, so the transportation to the track should go smoothly. He’s done well on the winter surface at Nakayama and on the western-style turf in Hokkaido, so one of the keys this time will be how he handles the faster track.”

Hakodate Sprint Stakes (G3)
Kimiwa Queen

Kimiwa Queen (filly, 4)

Takeshi Okumura, trainer
“Her condition’s good as she eats plenty, and she’s been moving as usual. We haven’t overworked her. I think she’ll be better for her last race and so a better result is possible this time. She did well in the Hakodate Sprint Stakes, and she’s a different horse now from when she ran in the Ocean Stakes a while ago. Her workload in training has been good and the race jockey (Takeshi Yokoyama) has been working her. We’ll just have to see how she does in a Grade 1 up against these strong horses.”

Mad Cool
Mad Cool

Mad Cool (colt, 4)

Manabu Ikezoe, trainer
“He’s picked up well in his training on the woodchip course and has improved as this next race approaches, particularly his breathing. He got pretty close to Namura Clair and First Force in this year’s Silk Road Stakes, so he has the ability to take on a Grade 1 race. He had experience at the track this April in the Shunrai Stakes, and we’ve been able to prepare him for an autumn campaign. He doesn’t need to lead in a race, and to some extent it will depend on the draw, but just to sit patiently in behind the pace would be best for him.”

Mama Cocha
Mama Cocha

Mama Cocha (filly, 4)

Yasutoshi Ikee, trainer
“She’s worked solo over six furlongs and has been moving quite well, with both speed and power. She’s a horse to think about from now. Last time she had to carry 55.5kg which was a bit heavy, and the weather was very hot on the day, so we’ll see what she can do this time.”

Yuki Iwasaki, assistant trainer
“She’s filling out nicely and doing things quite naturally by herself. It’s particularly noticeable when she comes back from the farm that she always seems bigger and stronger. The Nakayama course is suitable for her. It’ll be just her second run over 1,200 meters, but that also seems good for her, so I’ll look forward to how she can do this time.”

Meikei Yell
Meikei Yell

Meikei Yell (mare, 5)

Hidenori Take, trainer
“She’s more muscular now and her back is stronger. She currently weighs 490kg and her times in training have been very good. We’re using a different bit and she seems comfortable with that. She was slowly away last time over a mile, but she did settle quite well and I think she’s more mature mentally now. It’s better considering this, and she’s been easier to prepare for this next race, so she should run well.”

Kenichi Ikezoe, jockey
“The new bit has been helpful and should be fine in the race. She seems better mentally now. There’s no change with her footwork, and I’m not worried about it being her first run in a while or how the ground might be. She’s won at Grade 2 level, but I really want to see her win a Grade 1.”

Aoi Stakes (G3)
Mozu Meimei

Mozu Meimei (filly, 3)

Hidetaka Otonashi, trainer
“She loaded last in her last race, the Kitakyushu Kinen, and the draw wasn’t good for her, but she’s capable of doing better. She’s been training well, and we’ve been careful not to do too much, as she’s still a young filly, and she has to transport quite a way to the track.”

Masanari Tanaka, assistant trainer
“She had a break at the farm with this race next in mind. She’s been working well since returning to the stable, and compared to the spring, she looks a lot better. The opposition’s strong in a Grade 1, but as a 3-year-old filly she gets a nice weight allowance and I think she can run well.”

Keeneland Cup (G3)
Namura Clair

Namura Clair (filly, 4)

Kodai Hasegawa, trainer
“It took her a little while to get back to herself after her last run and the heat in Sapporo, but just recently she’s been her usual self. She knows more what to do now, and I feel she is getting stronger physically and mentally, and that a Grade 1 is within her grasp. The jockey (Suguru Hamanaka) has been riding her in training and she’s been moving well on the woodchip course. You need a bit of luck in the race itself, but I’m very happy with her condition. I’d like good ground on the day.”

Suguru Hamanaka, jockey
“She’s filled out a lot more and is able to concentrate better on what’s needed in a race, whether it’s speed or closing well at the finish. Her movement and times in training have been as expected, and there are no problems with her. She’s certainly in good condition, and she should run well if everything goes her way.”

Naran Huleg
Naran Huleg

Naran Huleg (horse, 7)

Yoshitada Munakata, trainer
“He’s been training with blinkers on, and we’ll keep it that way again for this next race, as he’s getting a bit lazy with age. His weight here at Miho is around 500kg, and that’s about the same as when he last ran at Nakayama. He’s in amongst the younger generation in the race this time, and it’s probably one of his last chances in a Grade 1, so I’d like to see him do his best.”

Kyosuke Maruta, jockey
“He’s possibly a little heavy, but he’s kept his condition and I think he’s about the same as he was for the Sprinters Stakes last year. His last run was not how he usually performs.”

Sprinters Stakes (G1)
Pixie Knight

Pixie Knight (horse, 5)

Hidetaka Otonashi, trainer
“He got a bit too far back in his last race because he didn’t start well, but overall, he’s showing improvement. Yuichi Fukunaga has been riding him in training and knows the horse well. He’ll be back at where he won the Sprinters Stakes previously, so that’s no bad thing.”

Masanari Tanaka, assistant trainer
“He’s been fine since returning to the stable, and we’re using blinkers or cheekpieces with him. There hasn’t been long between races, but I think he’s improving again. Previously he showed what a talented horse he is, and so it wouldn’t be a surprise if he did well in another Grade 1 sprint, and it would be good to see that happen at the track where he’s won this race before.”

Sankei Sho Centaur Stakes (G2)
T M Spada

T M Spada (filly, 4)

Kazuyoshi Kihara, trainer
“She’s in good shape, and we’ve just concentrated on getting her to finish off her work quickly. The 12 seconds for the final furlong is good enough for her and she knows what to do.”

Yuya Kanto, assistant trainer
“She’s had the same training pattern as before her last race. She can get restless in the gate, so hopefully there won’t be too much time after she loads. Her racing style is pretty much fixed, so we’ll be looking for her to run in her usual way again. We’ll have to see what gate she draws.”

Win Marvel
Win Marvel

Win Marvel (colt, 4)

Masashi Fukayama, trainer
“He’s recovered from his last race and the trip to Sapporo, and thankfully there are no hoof problems now. He’s not the type to catch the eye in training, but he’s been doing well and has kept his condition. He only carried 55kg in last year’s race, but this year he’ll have to carry 58kg as a 4-year-old, although he’s already proved himself by finishing second in the Keio Hai Spring Cup this year, handling the draw and the flow of the race well, so I think he can get a good result here as well.”


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