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December 01, 2015


Training Report of Foreign Entry
Japan Autumn International
The 16th Running of the Champions Cup (G1)

December 1, 2015 (Tuesday)

The following horse entered in the 16th Champions Cup was transported to the Chukyo Racecourse, leaving the Horse Racing School quarantine facilities in Shiroi at 11:00 and arriving at the international stables at 16:40 yesterday.

<At Chukyo Racecourse>

Weather: Fine
Going: Standard (dirt course)


Gun Pit (AUS, G5, bay)

- walked 200m, jogged 1,200m, cantered 2,400m, walked 800m (dirt course)
(exercised from 6:41 to 7:02, ridden by Danny Suen)

“It took almost six hours from Shiroi to Chukyo, so we did a lighter exercise than usual—trotted one lap and cantered one and a half laps.
He’s eating well and everything’s good after yesterday’s transportation.
This is his first overseas trip but he seems to like Japan and is in good condition.
We plan to do two laps of canter tomorrow.
We did some hard work yesterday and I have to ask the trainer if we’ll be doing some more before the race.

His weight is the same as when he was in Hong Kong.”

 (comments taken from Danny Suen)


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