2020 News

November 27, 2020


Training Report of Foreign Entry
Japan Autumn International
The 40th Japan Cup (G1)

November 27, 2020 (Friday)

<At Tokyo Racecourse>

Weather: Cloudy
Going: Standard (dirt course)


Way To Paris (GB, H7, Gray)

- walked 1/4 lap, jogged 1/4 lap, cantered 1 lap, walked 1/2 lap (dirt course)
(exercised from 8:07 to 8:27, ridden by assistant trainer Zoe Pfeil)

“Today’s exercise menu was the same kind of tuning up we do in France before races. He was a bit excited afterwards but that is nothing unusual for him and is a good sign.“

“Our trainer said he is happy that we didn’t get a wider draw (no.8) and considering that this is a Japanese race, it just might be an ideal spot.“

“We will do the same kind of light work tomorrow on the dirt track.”

(comments taken from assistant trainer Zoe Pfeil)


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