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December 4, 2020


Champions Cup (G1) - Comments from runners' connections
Tokai TV Hai Tokai Stakes (G2)
Air Almas

Air Almas (horse, 5)

Manabu Ikezoe, trainer
“There’s no big change with him since his last race and he’s in good condition. He’s not so good at racing in a group of horses, and in a Grade 1 it might be difficult for him to run his own race, but we’ll have to think about things once the draw comes out, and come up with a strategy. Hopefully things can work out in his favor, and I’d like to see him use the strength he has.”

Air Spinel
Air Spinel

Air Spinel (horse, 7)

Kazuhide Sasada, trainer
“Two starts ago on the small oval track he had to run on the inside between the third and fourth corners, so he didn’t get such a good result. There was no damage after his last race, and he seems well within himself now. I think he can run a good race going left-handed at Chukyo, and he’ll handle the rise without any problem. It’ll be his second start back after a break, and I want to see him run to his best this time.”

Another Truth
Another Truth

Another Truth (gelding, 6)

Noboru Takagi, trainer
“We’ve been careful to get him up to condition, and with the jockey riding him in his last piece of work, it seems the horse is in good shape. He won’t wear blinkers in the race this time. It’ll be his first time at Chukyo, but he’s traveled to other tracks before and has been fine. He doesn’t have any bad habits. It’ll be important for him to find his rhythm, as well as just seeing how the other horses run, and after we know the draw we can think a bit more about things.”

Mirco Demuro, jockey
“I want to do my best with the horse. Although Chrysoberyl is a strong contender, nothing’s for sure in racing. I’d like to ride a similar race to when I won on Sambista five years ago. The Chukyo 1,800 meters is a little difficult, but the horse can start well and get a good position. He runs better left-handed, as right-handed he tends to lean in a bit. An inside draw would be good.”


Arctos (horse, 5)

Toru Kurita, trainer
“His last piece of work uphill was smooth and he ran well with his big strides. His breathing was fine too. He has good racing sense, starts well, and I think can be patient when racing in a group of horses. I suppose the big thing really is whether he can handle a race with the four turns, but I think he can get the extended distance.”

Hironobu Tanabe, jockey
“It’ll be his first time over 1,800 meters at Chukyo, but I don’t think that’s a problem. He’s fine after his last race, and I think the stable staff have had some flexibility in preparing him for this race.”

Sirius Stakes (G3)
Cafe Pharoah

Cafe Pharoah (colt, 3)

Noriyuki Hori, trainer
“He’s gradually improved in training, as previously he was a little reluctant and his breathing was a little heavy, but going into the race things are smoother with him and he’s relaxed. I think he’s now better than before. The shorter distance, and having Christophe Lemaire ride, are positives. Of course the opposition’s strong, and he’s still a young horse with limited experience, but I just wonder what he’s capable of doing here.”

Christophe Lemaire, jockey
“He wasn’t fully wound up when he won last time, so there’s still room for him to improve more, and he has a chance in this Grade 1.”

Champions Cup (G1)

Chrysoberyl (colt, 4)

Hidetaka Otonashi, trainer
“I think he’s fine going into the race, and although he hasn’t raced left-handed so much, he did well enough in last year’s race when he was on the inside, even though it took him a little time to pick up, but he went on to win. He hasn’t had much of a break this time, but that’s no concern, and having had a race is good. He has never lost a race in Japan. Ideally he’ll get a good position between the first and second corners and run well up to his ability.”

Yuga Kawada, jockey
“Everything went smoothly in his last race, and he’s a little looser now compared to then, even if his balance is just slightly off. He should get to the race in good condition. The 1,800 meters at Chukyo is fair, so I have no worries about that, and he ran such a good race last year.”

Chuwa Wizard
Chuwa Wizard

Chuwa Wizard (horse, 5)

Ryuji Okubo, trainer
“With Dubai being cancelled earlier this year, his racing got going a bit late, but he’s improved with his races so far, and he looks good now he’s a 5-year-old. His times in training have been fast, showing he’s in good condition. Jockey Keita Tosaki has won on the horse and he’s been at Ritto to ride him in training. Of course Chrysoberyl is strong, but I want my horse to do his best. It looks like the ground at Chukyo will be fast, so one of the keys will be how he responds to this.”

Miyako Stakes (G3)

Clincher (horse, 6)

Hiroshi Miyamoto, trainer
“He’s a horse that’s better in winter and he’s in good shape now. He’s trained well with other horses around him. Just like last time, it would be good if he can get a good run in from the fourth corner. Even though there are strong horses in the race, jockey Kosei Miura knows the horse well, and I hope together they can produce a good run here.”

Gold Dream
Gold Dream

Gold Dream (horse, 7)

Osamu Hirata, trainer
“His movement and times in training have been good, so I’m pleased with what he’s done. He doesn’t show his age at all. It’s a plus that he’s back at Chukyo over 1,800 meters, where he’s had good results in the past, and there’s no reason why he can’t produce here again.”

Ryuji Wada, jockey
“He’s easy to ride and his times have been good in training. Previously things might not have been smooth, but he starts well and can get himself into a good position now. He’s a great dirt horse and I’m looking forward to the ride.”


Inti (horse, 6)

Kenji Nonaka, trainer
“Essentially he’s a strong horse that can run well, but in his last couple of races he hasn’t shown his true ability. It can sometimes be a bit of a mystery as to why this happens. He’s currently moving well and I can see him running a strong race again. The jockey knows all about him and his habits, so I hope he can get him to run a good race here.”

Yutaka Take, jockey
“It’s been a while since I’ve ridden him, but he’s running well and I can’t understand why he hasn’t gotten results. He was a bit of a handful in the preliminaries last time, but he’s generally more relaxed now he’s older. I want to get a good race out of him this time.”

Meisho Wazashi
Meisho Wazashi

Meisho Wazashi (horse, 5)

Katsumi Minai, trainer
“There’s no change with him and his condition is good, but we haven’t overdone things with him in training. He’s run well in open-class races, and although this time it’s a Grade 1 with strong opposition, I’m interested to see what he might be capable of here.”

February Stakes (G1)
Mozu Ascot

Mozu Ascot (horse, 6)

Shigeki Miyauchi, assistant trainer
“He had to run under 59kg last time, but this time it’s 57kg, so that should help him. Last week he’d recovered from any tiredness, and he’s heading the right way as the race approaches. It’s an extra furlong this time, with four corners in the race, so the key will be how he can achieve the best ground saving run.”

March Stakes (G3)
Satono Titan

Satono Titan (horse, 7)

Noriyuki Hori, trainer
“Recently his weight was 594kg, but with the transportation to the track and the possibility of him losing weight, I’m not worried about that. He’s running well and I think he should be better than he was for his last race. He didn’t get a run in the recent Nagoya Grand Prix, so this has been his next target, even though it’s a strong looking race.”

Tokyo Chunichi Sports Hai Musashino Stakes (G3)
Sunrise Nova

Sunrise Nova (horse, 6)

Hidetaka Otonashi, trainer
“He’s been working with stablemate Chrysoberyl, and he’s put in his usual work, which means just doing things at his pace. There’s no problem with his condition, and if anything, he’s better now he’s older. I’d have to say his best distance is probably a mile, and he wouldn’t want a slow pace. The track also might not be ideal, but if he can get into the flow of things and use his good footwork, he has a chance.”

Fuma Matsuwaka, jockey
“He’s not one to go so quick in training, but I can tell he’s in good condition and I’ve been satisfied with his efforts. He’s improved with age. I’m able to decide what to do with him from the start of the race, and despite it being an extra furlong this time, he does have a good late finish.”

Time Flyer
Time Flyer

Time Flyer (horse, 5)

Kunihide Matsuda, trainer
“I’ve made sure not to overwork him, and he’s come along well and as I would have expected. His work last Sunday was stronger than usual. Looking at his recent performance at Hakodate, I think he’s a different horse from last year. It might be a Grade 1 this time, but if he can save his legs for the finish, I think he can do well.”

Yoshio (horse, 7)

Hideyuki Mori, trainer
“His condition is fine after his race last week, and as this race was always a consideration for him, he’ll get to take his chance this time too.”


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