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April 30, 2021


Tenno Sho (Spring) (G1) - Comments from runners' connections
American Jockey Club Cup (G2)

Aristoteles (colt, 4)

Hidetaka Otonashi, trainer
“One of the keys will be getting him to run with a good rhythm, so these past two weeks the jockey has been working the horse uphill in training, as well as on the woodchip course, and getting good contact and understanding with him. His last piece of work was a lot quicker. I think if the ground is good on the day of the race, the 3,200 meters won’t be a problem, and as I’ve said, getting into the flow of things will be important, but I’d like him to bounce back to form this time.”

Christophe Lemaire, jockey
“He’s become more mature, especially mentally. He’s in top condition right now. The start will be important, and also not losing anything in the run. His footwork is good and hopefully he can show this inside the last 500 meters.”

Copa Republica Argentina (G2)

Authority (colt, 4)

Tetsuya Kimura, trainer
“He finished second in the Diamond Stakes last time, so I thought that was a big run. I think he should be able to get a good result here too.”

Yu Ota, assistant trainer
“He shows no sign of tiredness after his last race, and he’s been training well with good times. In his last race, the jockey did a good job in getting him to run to his full potential, and again this time over the long trip, finding his rhythm will be the key. Compared to before, he’s been able to settle well, and has improved with practice at this, so we can feel good about him going into this race.”

Curren Bouquetd'or
Curren Bouquetd'or

Curren Bouquetd'or (mare, 5)

Sakae Kunieda, trainer
“We didn’t send her to the farm this time, so she’s been at the stable, and we’ve taken care of her, particularly in regard of her hooves. The jockey has put her through her paces well. She likes to be handy in a race, so she should be fine adjusting to how the race is run, and the Hanshin course. Hopefully things will go smoothly for her, and I expect her to put in a strong showing here, even among this competitive field.”

Keita Tosaki, jockey
“I hadn’t ridden her for a long time, but she feels good in her work. In the race, it’ll be important to get her to run in a relaxed way and not use up too much throughout the run. She can handle any track. With her just lacking a big win, I hope I can achieve it this time.”

Hanshin Daishoten (G2)
Deep Bond

Deep Bond (colt, 4)

Ryuji Okubo, trainer
“He’s been moving well on the woodchip course under his race jockey. He didn’t get to run in last year’s Arima Kinen (The Grand Prix) due to his lack of prize money, so we thought we’d take on the Nakayama Kimpai at the beginning of this year, but it had been a while since he’d run over 2,000 meters and his result wasn’t so good. Next was the Hanshin Daishoten, and I wasn’t sure how he might go, but he ran a really strong race. I think the way he’s running now is better for the longer distances. This has been his target race, so I hope he runs well.”

Ryuji Wada, jockey
“He did his fast work last week, so this week I’ve been careful not to overdo things, but he feels good. There’s a good spring to his action and mentally he’s strong. I think he’s good when his stamina comes into play, and if the ground is a bit off, he should still be fine.”


Diastima (colt, 4)

Tomokazu Takano, trainer
“The horse is well, and he’s been showing enough in training. He’ll be back at the course where he won last time, and on the second circuit this time they take the inner course, so I think he’ll be fine with that. I’m interested to see how he can perform against the strong opposition here.”

Divine Force (horse, 5)

Takuma Ogino, jockey (rode the horse in the workout)
“There’s a good feel to him the way he’s running. I haven’t pushed him too much as the race approaches, but his responses have still been good.”

Yutaka Take, race jockey
“He might not have won a graded race, but I think when you consider his stamina, it can be put to good use in a race like this. I’m pleased to be coming back from injury and getting a ride in the Tenno Sho (Spring).”

Ghost (gelding, 5)

Shinsuke Hashiguchi, trainer
“He ran well enough two starts ago in the Manyo Stakes, showing what he’s capable of, and despite not finishing his race last time, he’s suffered no ill effects from that and he’s been thoroughly checked out. He’s been switched on in training and I’m satisfied with his condition. He seems suited to long distance races, and despite it being a strong field, I feel good about him leading up to the race.”

Jako Maru (horse, 7)

Mikio Matsunaga, trainer
“He’s kept his condition well. I think his training load has been sufficient, even though he’s not the type to post quick times. He’s a horse with a lot of stamina, so I have no worries about the distance. The jockey’s a good match for him, and if he can get the horse well up with the pace early on and into a good rhythm, that’s probably the best. He’ll handle a wet track fine, so if there’s some rain about it won’t matter.”


Makahiki (horse, 8)

Yasuo Tomomichi, trainer
“He’s been back at the stable for a month and a half now and has been in steady work. He’s a horse that can take care of things himself and I’m pleased with him as this race approaches. He shouldn’t have a problem finding his rhythm in the race, and I think the course will suit his stamina and power. A bit of cut in the ground would help him use these things.”

Meisho Tengen
Meisho Tengen

Meisho Tengen (horse, 5)

Kaneo Ikezoe, trainer
“He’s been training well, posting good enough times. I’m not worried about the distance and the track, but just getting him to run his own race is the most important, and not having to overdo things in the run. The ground isn’t too much of a worry, and with the condition he’s in, I’m looking forward to how he’ll run in this Grade 1.”

Melody Lane (mare, 5)

Naoyuki Morita, trainer
“She’s been her usual self in training, and while she might look a little heavier, she’s worked well. She can be a little unpredictable. It’s a strong Grade 1 field, but I think she’s suited by a longer trip, and it’s best if she gets to run at a good pace. I want her to try her best, and hope the race is run to suit her.”

Namura Donovan
Namura Donovan

Namura Donovan (horse, 6)

Haruki Sugiyama, trainer
“He’s come along as expected in training, and has worked well with his training partners on the woodchip course. It’s a Grade 1 with strong horses this time, but stamina wise he’s good enough, and the 3,200 meters should suit him. I’m also pleased that the jockey’s a good match for him. With the condition the horse is currently in, it’ll be interesting to see what he can do this time.”

Sports Nippon Sho Stayers Stakes (G2)
Ocea Great

Ocea Great (horse, 5)

Masatatsu Kikukawa, trainer
“He’s a horse that comes on for a run, and in training last week he did his work well. This week also his time in training was good, without overdoing it with him. He won the Stayers Stakes over 3,600 meters last year, and this time the trip is longer than his most recent race, so that’s good. He’s able to use his stamina to good effect, so this race should suit him, and I want him to put in his best run, given how well he seems to be at the moment.”

Shironii (horse, 7)

Yasutoshi Ikee, trainer
“He’s been moving well, and it was just easy for him in his last piece of work this week. I was pleased with his last race, so I’d like him to run in a similar fashion this time, hopefully with some give in the ground again too.”

Tatsuhiko Kawai, assistant trainer
“He’s been working uphill with his race jockey, and all seems fine, even though he’s not the type to really catch the eye in work. He has enough staying power, and if the ground comes up a bit soft like it did for his last race, that would be a plus.”

Nikkei Sho (G2)
Win Marilyn

Win Marilyn (filly, 4)

Takahisa Tezuka, trainer
“We pushed her hard last week, so this final week she’s worked solo with no real emphasis on time. We have to bear in mind her long transportation to the track as well. She was in good form this time last year when she was second in the Yushun Himba (Japanese Oaks), and she’s already taken on male horses this year and won. She’ll get the 2kg allowance this time. She handles Nakayama well, and I think the Hanshin track is quite similar, especially with the final circuit this time being on the inner course. I think she’ll settle into the race fine. It’ll be difficult for me to win the race three years in a row, but I’m grateful for the chance and hope she does well.”

World Premiere
World Premiere

World Premiere (horse, 5)

Yasuo Tomomichi, trainer
“There’s no tiredness from his last race, and he’s been working well on the woodchip course. He’s coped well with his workload, and his responses have been good. I’ve no concerns with the distance, as he’s not a horse that goes through the gears quickly, it should suit him. The wider Hanshin course is also better than the smaller oval at Nakayama. I expect him to come on for his last race, as he’s the type to get better with a run under him.”

Yuichi Fukunaga, jockey
“His movement’s good, and he’s quite an easy horse to control. I think he’s in good condition. The Hanshin track is not so difficult to ride. I haven’t had so many rides in the race, so I’m looking forward to what I might achieve this time.”

You Can Smile
You Can Smile

You Can Smile (horse, 6)

Yasuo Tomomichi, trainer
“He trained well last week over a distance, so in this last piece of work he took things easy and just ran solo. His times have been fine and he seems to have regained his condition. As for the race itself, he’s run well in it the last couple of years. He’s a horse that’s best over a trip and doesn’t give up. With the condition he’s in, I want him to put in his best effort this year as well.”


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