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November 25, 2015


Training Report of Foreign Entries
Japan Autumn International
The 35th Japan Cup (G1)

November 25, 2015 (Wednesday)

<At Tokyo Racecourse>

Weather: Drizzle
Going: Standard (dirt course), Firm (turf course)


Erupt (IRE, C3, by bay)

- jogged 1/2 lap, cantered lightly 1/4 lap, walked 1/4 lap (dirt course)
- walked, jogged 1/2 lap, cantered 3/4 lap (turf course)
(exercised from 7:31 to 7:52, ridden by Aurelien Bellei)

“The horse moved very well this morning and I’m happy with his condition. The grass is different compared to that in our country but it’s the type that he prefers. I think the course is very well maintained.
His work menu towards the race is the same as when he’s back home and he seems to be doing fine working alone.
Tomorrow he’ll canter on the dirt.”

(comments taken from Francis-Henri Graffard)

Ito (GER, C4, bay)

- jogged 1/2 lap, cantered lightly 3/4 lap (dirt course)
(exercised from 7:32 to 7:43, ridden by Rene Piechulek)

“His condition is as good as always. I’ll have to confer with the trainer on his training menu for tomorrow.

He ran a good second in the Grosser Preis von Berlin in August when his form wasn’t 100 percent. The turf was very firm there so I’m sure he will do well here at Tokyo also.”

(comments taken from Rene Piechulek)

Nightflower (IRE, F3, chestnut)

- cantered 1-1/4 lap (dirt course)
(exercised from 7:32 to 7:43, ridden by Ilke Hildebrand)

“She has adjusted to the atmosphere here, she’s very eager in her morning workout and I think her condition is very good. It would be better for her surface-wise if we had some more rain.
She will do the same kind of work tomorrow morning.”


(comments taken from Ilke Hildebrand)

Trip To Paris (IRE, G4, bay)

- walked, jogged 1-1/2, cantered 3/4 lap (turf course)
(exercised from 7:38 to 8:08, ridden by Stephen Nicholson)

“We just had a jog to get a look around the track and we let him do a normal canter for a mile. He did it quite nicely and the ground here on the outside of the track was perfect for exercising. We need to get some proper work into him here because the track at Shiroi was not to our suitability.
Tomorrow morning, on the grass, he will go a bit quicker on the straight, just to blow his lungs out before the race.
It’s his first tour away from England and at the moment he’s taking it very well. He’s done very well in Australia, and here he eats well and not having to work with another horse doesn’t bother him, so he’s looking like the traveling type of horse.”

(comments taken from Robin Trevor-Jones)

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