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June 25, 2021


Takarazuka Kinen (G1) - Comments from runners' connections
Admire Alba (gelding, 6)

Takashi Tsukazaki, trainer
“He ran well last time, racing well forward in the run and sustaining things right up to the end of the race. There’s no big change with him since then. He’ll wear blinkers again this time, as they help him concentrate more. There should be no problem with the inner turf course at Hanshin. I’m hoping he’ll be able to run a big race this time too.”

American Jockey Club Cup (G2)

Aristoteles (colt, 4)

Hidetaka Otonashi, trainer
“I’ve had the race jockey work him these past two weeks, and the horse’s breathing is good now. He’ll go into the race in good condition. He’s improving with age, and his best distance is probably between 2,200 meters and 2,500 meters. With his two wins over 2,200 meters, including a graded race, this could be his best distance. Hopefully he’ll get into the race well and he’ll show his best at the end. A certain amount of rain wouldn’t be a worry. With the three strong females in the race, I’d like him to perform well here so that we can think of the autumn races with him.”

Yutaka Take, jockey
“It’s good to get the chance to ride this horse in the Takarazuka Kinen. Two weeks ago he seemed a bit heavy and his breathing wasn’t so good working uphill. However, last week on the woodchip course he ran much better over an extended distance and his breathing has improved. One worry will be the weather, but the distance this time is better for him, and he should have a good chance.”


Cadenas (horse, 7)

Kazuya Nakatake, trainer
“His closing finish in training is what we’ve concentrated on, and he’s done this fine. If he gets into the race well, there shouldn’t be a problem with the extra distance.”

Masaaki Shibata, assistant trainer
“He’s running well and there’s no tiredness about him. He’s pretty good for a 7-year-old and still has a lot of strength. He ran a big race two starts ago, and the ground at Hanshin right now will be fine for him. The distance is further than his last race, but the inner course will suit him, and it would be good to see him run in the same way he did in the Osaka Hai last year.”

Arima Kinen (The Grand Prix) (G1)
Chrono Genesis

Chrono Genesis (mare, 5)

Takashi Saito, trainer
“She’s been her usual self in work since returning to the stable. She looks muscular, and similar to how she was before she went abroad. We’ll just have to see if she’s successful this time, even though she has been getting better with her races. I’m grateful to the fans for all their votes to see her in the race. She won it last year, and the Hanshin 2,200 meters looks fine for her. I think she’s drawn a fair gate, and the jockey will know what to do to get her to run a smooth race. All things considered, the horse should be able to put in another strong run here.”

Curren Bouquetd'or
Curren Bouquetd'or

Curren Bouquetd'or (mare, 5)

Sakae Kunieda, trainer
“She’s been at the stable since her last race, and we’ve checked things with her as the time has passed. Jockey Keita Tosaki knows the horse well. Her movement was good in her last piece of work. She did well last time to see out the trip, and this shorter distance should be a plus. The two other strong fillies won’t mind softer ground, but mine should be alright with a bit of cut in the ground. She always runs her best and doesn’t give any problems. I really want her to win a big race like this, and I think she deserves it for all her efforts.”

Keita Tosaki, jockey
“Everything’s gone smoothly with her. She feels good and looks well in her coat. The race this time will be a better distance for her. I’ll think about things after the draw, but she gets into a race well. She’s shown she can run well in a Grade 1, and in her present condition I want to get the best out of her again and get a good result.”


Kiseki (horse, 7)

Yasuyuki Tsujino, trainer
“He still seems young and has a lot of power. His breathing’s good and he’s in good condition. He’s had more gate practice, as it’s best if he jumps well and gets a good start in a race. This is the race where he’s finished second the last two years, so that’s a positive. He’s a tough and persistent performer, so I think he can run a good race again.”

Osaka Hai (G1)
Lei Papale

Lei Papale (filly, 4)

Tomokazu Takano, trainer
“She dwelt slightly coming out of the stalls last time, so she’s had some practice to make things smoother with her start. The extra distance is a slight unknown, but we won’t know until we try. Of course, I’m conscious of Chrono Genesis, and her reputation both in Japan and abroad. I can believe in my horse’s ability though, and all being well, she’ll get to the race in good order, and I’m sure the jockey will do his best with her again.”

Yuga Kawada, jockey
“She’s a progressive filly with a lot of potential, and while I haven’t always been sure about how she might run, her performance in the Osaka Hai was her best so far. It’s important to get her running with a good rhythm, and this time the extra distance is a challenge.”

Melody Lane
Melody Lane

Melody Lane (mare, 5)

Naoyuki Morita, trainer
“In her last workout, she didn’t show any tiredness and moved in her usual way. She’s had two races in a fairly short time, but her condition remains quite good. It’s a strong field this time, but the shorter trip should help her. She’s not a really quick horse, so if the ground is fast it’ll be difficult for her. Easier ground would be better, but it being the rainy season, some rain is possible, and it would certainly help her chances.”

Hideaki Miyuki, jockey
“She has a good character and is easy to ride. I’d like to see if I can get her to be more forward in the race this time.”

Miss Mamma Mia
Miss Mamma Mia

Miss Mamma Mia (mare, 6)

Ryo Terashima, trainer
“She ran in record time at Hanshin two starts ago, when she put in a powerful late run. This time the opponents are strong, but hopefully she’ll get to show her closing speed once again. There’ll probably be quite a bit of pace on in the race, so some rain would be welcome to just make things more suitable for her.”

Mirai Iwata, jockey
“She seems to be in good shape, and has been closing off well in training. If she can get her late finish in this time among this strong field, it will be interesting to see what she can do.”

Mozu Bello
Mozu Bello

Mozu Bello (horse, 5)

Naoyuki Morita, trainer
“There’s no damage after his last race, and we’ve monitored things with him these past three weeks since he’s been back at the stable, and have generally taken things easy with him. He’s probably stronger than he was last year. He ran a good race last time, and he’ll have the same jockey this time too. He should be able to run a strong race again this time, and I’m hoping he’ll be up there with the best horses in the field. I wouldn’t want it to be too hot on race day for him.”

Shironii (horse, 7)

Yasutoshi Ikee, trainer
“He’s been moving pretty well in his training uphill and concentrating on things until the finish. The distance of the race might be a little short, but most of all I’d like to see some rain to help his chances.”

Hiroshi Kanetake, assistant trainer
“The trip this time is shorter, and it’s a field full of strong horses. Given that it’s the rainy season, there could be some rain around and some cut in the ground would be better for him, where he can run a tougher kind of race. Something like the going he had in the Hanshin Daishoten would be really good. However things turn out, I’d like to see him put in a better performance.”

Naruo Kinen (G3)
Unicorn Lion

Unicorn Lion (horse, 5)

Yusaku Oka, assistant trainer
“Since his legs were not so good last summer, it’s taken time to get him back to where he is, and we haven’t overdone things with him. He’s been at the stable since his last race, which wasn’t so long ago, and he’s had the usual training pattern we have at the stable. He shows no sign of tiredness, and he’s done everything well, so his condition will be about the same as it was for his last race.”

Ryusei Sakai, jockey
“He’s been working well, particularly at the finish, and I can feel good about him. His responses are good. I wouldn’t worry too much even if the ground comes up soft.”

Wipe Tears (horse, 6)

Tadashi Kayo, trainer
“His work has been good, and when he’s chased up to finish strongly, that’s important for him. He came out of his last race fine, and things have gone as expected with him. It’s a tough Grade 1 race, so I hope he can get a good start and a good position in the race. Also I wouldn’t want the pace to be too quick.”

Ryuji Wada, jockey
“He’s a big horse, but he tries hard and gives it his all. He seems to be in good shape. The distance over 2,200 meters might be a bit long for him, as he’s not the type to pick up so quickly, so a steadier run race would help his chances.”


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