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November 2, 2022


Training Report of Foreign Entry
The 47th Running of the Queen Elizabeth II Cup (G1)

November 2, 2022 (Wednesday)

<At Miki Horseland Park>

Weather: Fine


Magical Lagoon (IRE, F3, bay)

- walked around the stables for 10 min.
- jogged a lap (right-handed on outer dirt course), jogged a lap (left-handed on outer dirt course), cantered a lap (left-handed on inner dirt course), cantered a lap (right-handed on outer dirt course)
(exercised from 7:18 AM to 7:44 AM, ridden by Zara Caitlyn Nelson)

“The horse continues to be fresh. She’s getting used to the environment here, her condition is improving day by day and she’s returning to the weight she was at when she left the country. Tomorrow’s exercise will probably be the same as today. We plan to do light exercise while she’s in Miki and start some strong work after we move to Hanshin Racecourse and when her weight returns to the level it was when she left for Japan.”

(comments taken from Zara Caitlyn Nelson)

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