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November 11, 2022


Queen Elizabeth II Cup (G1) - Comments from Japanese runners' connections
Akai Ito
Akai Ito

Akai Ito (mare, 5)

Masaaki Shibata, assistant trainer
“I think she can run well again this year. Her responses in training have been good, and she’s in good shape. She’s had the same rotation as last year, coming off her run in the Fuchu Himba Stakes. It is a plus for her to return to Hanshin, and the distance is probably her best, so she should put in a good run this time too.”

Hideaki Miyuki, jockey
“I have been satisfied with the way she’s been running in training. She is a strong horse and gives it her best, as we saw last year when she won the race.”

Kansai Telecasting Corp. Sho Rose Stakes (Shuka Sho Trial) (G2)

Andvaranaut (filly, 4)

Manabu Ikezoe, trainer
“She has developed nicely since the summer and is a lot tighter. There is a good feeling about her the way she’s been training, and I think she’s done enough. One thing will be getting her to take the bit at the right time over the 2,200 meters, and for her to get settled hopefully on the inside. She will have a great jockey (Ryan Moore) aboard. An inside draw would be good to help the horse get cover in the race.”

Daring Tact
Daring Tact

Daring Tact (mare, 5)

Haruki Sugiyama, trainer
“I think she’ll be in better condition than she was for her last race. It should be a similar race over the 2,200 meters to the Takarazuka Kinen, where she ran a good race. I think she should be able to get a good result against the all-female horses this time, and I hope things go smoothly from now right up to the day of the race.”

Kohei Matsuyama, jockey
“Her training has been fine. In her last race, the ground on the outside wasn’t in her favor. She ran well over the course and distance in the Takarazuka Kinen, so she should be fine back at Hanshin, even if the going’s a bit soft. She hasn’t won since she was a 3-year-old, so there’s expectation for her to win, and I want to ride a good race to get the best result.”

Sankei Sho All Comers (G2)

Geraldina (filly, 4)

Takashi Saito, trainer
“Since returning from Northern Farm Shigaraki, she’s been training well, and there’s a relaxed feel about her. She trained well last week, and this week we’ve gone steady with her, just concentrating on her finish. She is an easy horse to ride and the straight’s long after the start, so she should get into a good rhythm. Rather than a slow and muddling run affair, she’s definitely better when given a tough assignment in a race. Given that this is a Grade 1, she should get the sort of race that suits her, and in that way she can show her best. Getting a good position will be the key.”

Ho O Emmy's (mare, 5)

Masakazu Ikegami, trainer
“She has been able to keep her condition without any tiredness. It is a tough race, but she’s matured and is a lot calmer now, and the transportation to the track shouldn’t be a problem. She likes things tough in her races, so some rain wouldn’t be a bad thing.”

Kyosuke Maruta, jockey
“It is about the best she’s been in training. She is strong, and in her last race she proved she can run over the trip.”

Ireland Trophy Fuchu Himba Stakes (G2)
Izu Jo no Kiseki

Izu Jo no Kiseki (mare, 5)

Koichi Ishizaka, trainer
“The jockey (Christophe Lemaire) rode her for the first time last week to get a feel for her. The horse’s back is strong and her footwork is good, so we can look to the race with confidence. The stable staff have done a great job with her, always thinking about what to do for the best. She runs well at Hanshin and I think she can use her ability in this race.”

Tomonori Kanaori, assistant trainer
“She has been working with two other horses, and has been moving well, so she’s in good condition. She finished fifth in the race last year, and things have gone well leading up to it again this time. Hopefully she’ll get to run her own race without any trouble.”

Laurel R.C. Sho Nakayama Himba Stakes (G3)
Kurino Premium

Kurino Premium (mare, 5)

Shinichi Ito, trainer
“The horse wants to run and she moves well quite naturally, and I want her to maintain this condition. She is older now and more mature and relaxed with it. In her last race she seemed a bit heavy, but as I’ve said she’s moving better now. She gets into her races well and can use her footwork to adjust to any position in a race. The distance of the race this time is 2,200 meters, and that will be one of the keys to how she runs. It will be interesting to see how she gets on.”

Fairy Stakes (G3)

Lilac (filly, 3)

Ikuo Aizawa, trainer
“There is no damage from her last race, and she’s been posting fast times at the finish of her training and looks good. Things have been alright at the gate these past two starts in her races, and I’m not worried about the distance this time. Her last race was a bit disappointing, so we’ll have to see how she gets on this time, but I hope she can put in a better run.”

Tulip Sho (Japanese 1000 Guineas Trial) (G2)

Namur (filly, 3)

Tomokazu Takano, trainer
“She was well cared for during her break at Northern Farm Shigaraki and she’s been fine back at the stable. She is still a young horse and there should be more to come from her. With just three weeks between races, we’ve been careful with her, giving her slow canters and checking how she takes the bit when running uphill. She was third in the Japanese Oaks, so the distance should be good this time. In her last race, she ran on down the outside, and it’s something to be careful about. The jockey (Takeshi Yokoyama) gets the best out of her and hopefully with the four corners in the race, things will go smoothly.”

Pin High (filly, 3)

Katsunori Tanaka, trainer
“She ran a strong race last time, doing her very best, and in the meantime things have been smooth with her. The jockey (Yuga Kawada) thought her last race was a good prep for this next one. Her last piece of work this week was good. To some extent it will depend on the draw in this race and how she responds overall to things.”

Tomonori Sugiura, assistant trainer
“She hasn’t needed a big adjustment in her training. She ran a good race in the Oaks, so after her last race and the step up in trip this time, the distance shouldn’t be a problem. It is a strong field, but I want her to be bold and do her best again.”

Rosa Noir
Rosa Noir

Rosa Noir (mare, 6)

Masato Nishizono, trainer
“She is well, and there’s no change with her condition. Her movement’s good. She doesn’t pull, and the jockey (Katsuharu Tanaka) thinks the distance is fine for her. I want her to start well and get a good position early in the race, and there’s enough time before the first corner to do this. It will be interesting to see what she can do if she gets into a good rhythm. Of course, it’s a strong field, but with the condition she’s in, we’ll see what happens, and I want her to do her best.”

Aichi Hai (G3)
Ruby Casablanca

Ruby Casablanca (mare, 5)

Naosuke Sugai, trainer
“She has put in a final furlong time in training of 11.1 seconds, and training with Sodashi, she’s done well, so I’m pleased with her. The 2,200 meters at Hanshin should suit her, and she should get into the flow of things. She is coming back from a spell, but she’s fresh and ready to go, and hopefully she’ll run well.”

Shuka Sho (G1)
Stunning Rose

Stunning Rose (filly, 3)

Tomokazu Takano, trainer
“She came back from the farm in good condition. Since the summer, she’s come on a lot, and her ability has definitely improved. She didn’t need to do a lot in her last piece of training, and looked impressive in the final 200 meters, so she’ll go to the race in good shape. She will be back at Hanshin again, and I don’t think there’ll be a problem with the distance, when you consider she was second in the Oaks. I also think she can do well against the older horses. The jockey (Ryusei Sakai) does well with the horse and I’d like to get a good result again here.”

Ryusei Sakai, jockey
“She is relaxed and has good racing sense. Compared to one week before the Shuka Sho, she seems a lot sharper. I was pleased with her last race. She has a lot of ability and I don’t see any problem with the extra distance this time. She doesn’t need to be in any particular position in a race, so I’ll just decide on things according to the draw and how the race unfolds.”

Hokkaido Shimbun Hai Queen Stakes (G3)

Terzetto (mare, 5)

Shoichiro Wada, trainer
“We have taken care of her and made sure she stays relaxed. We have concentrated on her rhythm and getting her to run straight. The distance of the race might be a bit long for her, and last year the flow of the race didn’t suit, so she didn’t run so well. I think she’s stronger now than she was last year, so things should be different, and hopefully she’ll be able to save more this time and run with a lot more power.”

Kenichi Ikezoe, jockey
“She was just a little slow in training last week, but this week she’s run with a good rhythm and her changing leads has been quick, so I can say she’s in good condition. She is an easy horse to ride, and the inner course should be fine for her. The start is important, and the real key is to get her to keep things up to the end, which she couldn’t do last year. She has plenty of power and isn’t afraid of getting squeezed out of a position.”

Win Kiitos
Win Kiitos

Win Kiitos (mare, 5)

Yoshitada Munakata, trainer
“Her workload has been good enough and she’s been running smoothly and quickly in training. She runs well on the polytrack at her own pace. In her last work, she ran on well from behind. Her breathing’s good and she’s in good condition, as well as being more relaxed than before. Her rotation is different from last year. She should be about 470kg for the race, and I’d like to see her well forward in the race itself. Even though she only finished tenth in the race last year, I still think she’s suited by the inner track at Hanshin. I want her to do her best.”

Masami Matsuoka, jockey
“The trainer does a good job with her. There is a bit of a difficult side to the horse, but I’ve ridden her for some time now and I know she has ability, so I want to use that the best way I can. She has good racing sense over a trip, so the 2,200 meters at Hanshin should be fine, and I think she can handle any ground.”

Win Marilyn
Win Marilyn

Win Marilyn (mare, 5)

Takahisa Tezuka, trainer
“She will transport to Ritto well before the race, but prior to this, her workload has been good enough. Compared to before she doesn’t lose weight so much, so I’m not too worried about her. She is in about the same condition as when she won the All Comers against male horses last year. This time she’s up against other fillies and mares, but if she uses her power, she should have a good chance.”

Mermaid Stakes (G3)
Win Mighty

Win Mighty (mare, 5)

Tadao Igarashi, trainer
“She has been working on the polytrack and we’ve been letting her get rid of some of her extra energy. I think the Hanshin inner course is very good for her, and since her win in the Mermaid Stakes, this has been her target race this autumn. If she can just get a position in behind any horses that go forward, that would be the best way for her to race.”

Ryuji Wada, jockey
“I have often ridden her and she comes on well for her training in the last week before a race. She has been running well with good times. She ran well last time, and even among this field, she’s not out of place.”


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