List of other races which foreign horses can run



1. The Prize Money and the Participation Incentive Money (JPY)


Prize Money

Race Listed races Other races
Winner 17,000,000 16,000,000
2nd 6,800,000 6,400,000
3rd 4,300,000 4,000,000
4th 2,600,000 2,400,000
5th 1,700,000 1,600,000
6th 1,400,000 1,300,000
7th 1,200,000 1,200,000
8th 1,100,000 1,000,000
Total Value 36,100,000 33,900,000


Prize Money

Race Listed races Other races
Turf Dirt Turf Dirt
Winner 20,000,000 19,000,000 19,000,000 18,000,000
2nd 8,000,000 7,600,000 7,600,000 7,200,000
3rd 5,000,000 4,800,000 4,800,000 4,500,000
4th 3,000,000 2,900,000 2,900,000 2,700,000
5th 2,000,000 1,900,000 1,900,000 1,800,000
6th 1,600,000 1,600,000 1,600,000 1,500,000
7th 1,400,000 1,400,000 1,400,000 1,300,000
8th 1,200,000 1,200,000 1,200,000 1,100,000
Total Value 42,200,000 40,400,000 40,400,000 38,100,000

3yo (4yo) & up

Prize Money

Race Listed races Other races
(1,800m & up)
(under 1,800m)
Dirt Turf
(1,800m & up)
(under 1,800m)
Winner 26,000,000 25,000,000 23,000,000 24,000,000 23,000,000 22,000,000
2nd 10,000,000 10,000,000 9,200,000 9,600,000 9,200,000 8,800,000
3rd 6,500,000 6,300,000 5,800,000 6,000,000 5,800,000 5,500,000
4th 3,900,000 3,800,000 3,500,000 3,600,000 3,500,000 3,300,000
5th 2,600,000 2,500,000 2,300,000 2,400,000 2,300,000 2,200,000
6th 2,100,000 2,000,000 1,900,000 2,000,000 1,900,000 1,800,000
7th 1,900,000 1,800,000 1,700,000 1,700,000 1,700,000 1,600,000
8th 1,600,000 1,500,000 1,400,000 1,500,000 1,400,000 1,400,000
Total Value 54,600,000 52,900,000 48,800,000 50,800,000 48,800,000 46,600,000

2.The Prizes for the Winning Horse Owner

* To be announced


Declaration Date
on the Thursday preceding the Race Date.
¥30,000 / about US$273
Payment Deadline
by noon, on the Friday preceding the Declaration Date.

4.List of races

Races Date Race Course Distance Age Nomination
JUNIOR CUP (L) 2020/Jan/6 Nakayama 1,600, Turf 3yo 2019/Nov/26
CARBUNCLE STAKES 2020/Jan/6 Nakayama 1,200, Turf 4yo&up 2019/Nov/26
MANYO STAKES 2020/Jan/6 Kyoto 3,000, Turf 4yo&up 2019/Nov/26
YODO TANKYORI STAKES (L) 2020/Jan/11 Kyoto 1,200, Turf 4yo&up 2019/Nov/26
POLLUX STAKES 2020/Jan/12 Nakayama 1,800, Dirt 4yo&up 2019/Nov/26
SUBARU STAKES (L) 2020/Jan/13 Kyoto 1,400, Dirt 4yo&up 2019/Nov/26
NEW YEAR STAKES (L) 2020/Jan/18 Nakayama 1,600, Turf 4yo&up 2019/Dec/10
KOBAI STAKES (L) 2020/Jan/18 Kyoto 1,400, Turf 3yo F 2019/Dec/10
JANUARY STAKES 2020/Jan/19 Nakayama 1,200, Dirt 4yo&up 2019/Dec/10
WAKAGOMA STAKES (L) 2020/Jan/26 Kyoto 2,000, Turf 3yo 2019/Dec/10
CROCUS STAKES (L) 2020/Feb/1 Tokyo 1,400, Turf 3yo 2019/Dec/24
SHIRAFUJI STAKES (L) 2020/Feb/1 Tokyo 2,000, Turf 4yo&up 2019/Dec/24
ELFIN STAKES (L) 2020/Feb/8 Kyoto 1,600, Turf 3yo F 2019/Dec/24
ALDEBARAN STAKES 2020/Feb/8 Kyoto 1,900, Dirt 4yo&up 2019/Dec/24
RAKUYO STAKES (L) 2020/Feb/15 Kyoto 1,600, Turf 4yo&up 2020/Jan/7
VALENTINE STAKES 2020/Feb/16 Tokyo 1,400, Dirt 4yo&up 2020/Jan/7
KITAKYUSHU TANKYORI STAKES 2020/Feb/16 Kokura 1,200, Turf 4yo&up 2020/Jan/7
HYACINTH STAKES (L) 2020/Feb/23 Tokyo 1,600, Dirt 3yo 2020/Jan/7
YAMATO STAKES 2020/Feb/23 Kyoto 1,200, Dirt 4yo&up 2020/Jan/7
MARGUERITE STAKES (L) 2020/Feb/29 Hanshin 1,200, Turf 3yo 2020/Jan/21
NIGAWA STAKES (L) 2020/Feb/29 Hanshin 2,000, Dirt 4yo&up 2020/Jan/21
SUMIRE STAKES (L) 2020/Mar/1 Hanshin 2,200, Turf 3yo 2020/Jan/21
SOBU STAKES 2020/Mar/8 Nakayama 1,800, Dirt 4yo&up 2020/Jan/21
OSAKAJO STAKES (L) 2020/Mar/8 Hanshin 1,800, Turf 4yo&up 2020/Jan/21
SHORYU STAKES 2020/Mar/8 Chukyo 1,400, Dirt 3yo 2020/Jan/21
POLARIS STAKES 2020/Mar/14 Hanshin 1,400, Dirt 4yo&up 2020/Feb/4
KOCHI STAKES (L) 2020/Mar/15 Nakayama 1,600, Turf 4yo&up 2020/Feb/4
ANEMONE STAKES (L) 2020/Mar/15 Nakayama 1,600, Turf 3yo F 2020/Feb/4
WAKABA STAKES (L) 2020/Mar/21 Hanshin 2,000, Turf 3yo 2020/Feb/4
CHIBA STAKES 2020/Mar/21 Nakayama 1,200, Dirt 4yo&up 2020/Feb/4
MEITETSU HAI 2020/Mar/28 Chukyo 1,400, Dirt 4yo&up 2020/Feb/18
FUKURYU STAKES 2020/Mar/28 Nakayama 1,800, Dirt 3yo 2020/Feb/18
ROKKO STAKES (L) 2020/Mar/29 Hanshin 1,600, Turf 4yo&up 2020/Feb/18
CORAL STAKES (L) 2020/Apr/4 Hanshin 1,400, Dirt 4yo&up 2020/Feb/18
SHUNRAI STAKES (L) 2020/Apr/12 Nakayama 1,200, Turf 4yo&up 2020/Mar/3
WASURENAGUSA SHO (L) 2020/Apr/12 Hanshin 2,000, Turf 3yo F 2020/Mar/3
AZUMAKOFUJI STAKES 2020/Apr/12 Fukushima 1,700, Dirt 4yo&up 2020/Mar/3
KEIYO STAKES (L) 2020/Apr/19 Nakayama 1,200, Dirt 4yo&up 2020/Mar/3
FUKUSHIMA MIMPO HAI (L) 2020/Apr/19 Fukushima 2,000, Turf 4yo&up 2020/Mar/3
OASIS STAKES (L) 2020/Apr/25 Tokyo 1,600, Dirt 4yo&up 2020/Mar/17
TENNOZAN STAKES 2020/May/2 Kyoto 1,200, Dirt 4yo&up 2020/Mar/17
SWEETPEA STAKES (L) 2020/May/3 Tokyo 1,800, Turf 3yo F 2020/Mar/17
TANGO STAKES 2020/May/3 Kyoto 1,400, Dirt 3yo 2020/Mar/17
METROPOLITAN STAKES (L) 2020/May/9 Tokyo 2,400, Turf 4yo&up 2020/Mar/31
PRINCIPAL STAKES (L) 2020/May/9 Tokyo 2,000, Turf 3yo 2020/Mar/31
TANIGAWADAKE STAKES (L) 2020/May/9 Niigata 1,600, Turf 4yo&up 2020/Mar/31
BRILLIANT STAKES (L) 2020/May/10 Tokyo 2,100, Dirt 4yo&up 2020/Mar/31
TACHIBANA STAKES (L) 2020/May/10 Kyoto 1,400, Turf 3yo 2020/Mar/31
KURAMA STAKES 2020/May/10 Kyoto 1,200, Turf 4yo&up 2020/Mar/31
MIYAKOOJI STAKES (L) 2020/May/16 Kyoto 1,800, Turf 4yo&up 2020/Mar/31
SEIRYU STAKES 2020/May/17 Tokyo 1,600, Dirt 3yo 2020/Mar/31
RITTO STAKES (L) 2020/May/17 Kyoto 1,400, Dirt 4yo&up 2020/Mar/31
MAY STAKES 2020/May/23 Tokyo 1,800, Turf 4yo&up 2020/Apr/14
HOSU STAKES (L) 2020/May/24 Kyoto 1,800, Dirt 3yo 2020/Apr/14
IDATEN STAKES 2020/May/24 Niigata 1,000, Turf 4yo&up 2020/Apr/14
KEYAKI STAKES 2020/May/30 Tokyo 1,400, Dirt 4yo&up 2020/Apr/14
AZUCHIJO STAKES (L) 2020/May/31 Kyoto 1,400, Turf 4yo&up 2020/Apr/14
SHIRAYURI STAKES (L) 2020/May/31 Kyoto 1,800, Turf 3yo 2020/Apr/14
SLEIPNIR STAKES 2020/Jun/6 Tokyo 2,100, Dirt 3yo&up 2020/Apr/28
TEMPOZAN STAKES 2020/Jun/13 Hanshin 1,400, Dirt 3yo&up 2020/Apr/28
SANNOMIYA STAKES 2020/Jun/20 Hanshin 1,800, Dirt 3yo&up 2020/May/12
YONAGO STAKES (L) 2020/Jun/21 Hanshin 1,600, Turf 3yo&up 2020/May/12
AKHALTEKE STAKES 2020/Jun/27 Tokyo 1,600, Dirt 3yo&up 2020/May/12
2020/Jun/28 Tokyo 1,400, Turf 3yo&up 2020/May/12
ONUMA STAKES (L) 2020/Jun/28 Hakodate 1,700, Dirt 3yo&up 2020/May/12
TOMOE SHO 2020/Jul/5 Hakodate 1,800, Turf 3yo&up 2020/May/26
2020/Jul/12 Hakodate 1,700, Dirt 3yo&up 2020/May/26
JULY STAKES (L) 2020/Jul/18 Hanshin 1,800, Dirt 3yo&up 2020/Jun/9
FUKUSHIMA TV OPEN 2020/Jul/19 Fukushima 1,200, Turf 3yo&up 2020/Jun/9
KANETSU STAKES 2020/Aug/2 Niigata 1,800, Turf 3yo&up 2020/Jun/23
SAPPORO NIKKEI OPEN (L) 2020/Aug/8 Sapporo 2,600, Turf 3yo&up 2020/Jun/23
DAHLIA SHO 2020/Aug/8 Niigata 1,400, Turf 2yo 2020/Jun/23
COSMOS SHO 2020/Aug/15 Sapporo 1,800, Turf 2yo 2020/Jul/7
PHOENIX SHO 2020/Aug/15 Kokura 1,200, Turf 2yo 2020/Jul/7
ASO STAKES 2020/Aug/15 Kokura 1,700, Dirt 3yo&up 2020/Jul/7
UHB SHO 2020/Aug/16 Sapporo 1,200, Turf 3yo&up 2020/Jul/7
CLOVER SHO 2020/Aug/23 Sapporo 1,500, Turf 2yo 2020/Jul/7
NST SHO 2020/Aug/23 Niigata 1,200, Dirt 3yo&up 2020/Jul/7
BSN SHO (L) 2020/Aug/29 Niigata 1,800, Dirt 3yo&up 2020/Jul/21
HIMAWARI SHO 2020/Aug/29 Kokura 1,200, Turf 3yo&up 2020/Jul/21
TOKI STAKES (L) 2020/Aug/30 Niigata 1,400, Turf 3yo&up 2020/Jul/21
KOKURA NIKKEI OPEN 2020/Aug/30 Kokura 1,800, Turf 3yo&up 2020/Jul/21
SUZURAN SHO 2020/Sep/6 Sapporo 1,200, Turf 2yo 2020/Jul/21
TANCHO STAKES 2020/Sep/6 Sapporo 2,600, Turf 3yo&up 2020/Jul/21
ENIF STAKES (L) 2020/Sep/12 Chukyo 1,400, Dirt 3yo&up 2020/Aug/4
NOJIGIKU STAKES 2020/Sep/19 Chukyo 1,600, Turf 2yo 2020/Aug/4
CEPHEUS STAKES 2020/Sep/19 Chukyo 2,000, Turf 3yo&up 2020/Aug/4
RADIO NIPPON SHO 2020/Sep/20 Nakayama 1,800, Dirt 3yo&up 2020/Aug/4
CANNA STAKES 2020/Sep/26 Nakayama 1,200, Turf 2yo 2020/Aug/18
NAGATSUKI STAKES 2020/Sep/26 Nakayama 1,200, Dirt 3yo&up 2020/Aug/18
FUYO STAKES 2020/Oct/3 Nakayama 2,000, Turf 2yo 2020/Aug/18
KIKYO STAKES 2020/Oct/3 Chukyo 1,400, Turf 2yo 2020/Aug/18
PORT ISLAND STAKES (L) 2020/Oct/4 Chukyo 1,600, Turf 3yo&up 2020/Aug/18
YUKAN FUJI HAI OPAL STAKES (L) 2020/Oct/10 Kyoto 1,200, Turf 3yo&up 2020/Sep/1
GREEN CHANNEL CUP (L) 2020/Oct/11 Tokyo 1,400, Dirt 3yo&up 2020/Sep/1
UZUMASA STAKES 2020/Oct/17 Kyoto 1,800, Dirt 3yo&up 2020/Sep/1
OCTOBER STAKES (L) 2020/Oct/18 Tokyo 2,000, Turf 3yo&up 2020/Sep/1
SHINETSU STAKES (L) 2020/Oct/18 Niigata 1,400, Turf 3yo&up 2020/Sep/1
MOMIJI STAKES 2020/Oct/18 Kyoto 1,400, Turf 2yo 2020/Sep/1
IVY STAKES (L) 2020/Oct/24 Tokyo 1,800, Turf 2yo 2020/Sep/15
NIIGATA HIMBA STAKES 2020/Oct/24 Niigata 2,200, Turf 3yo&up F&M 2020/Sep/15
MUROMACHI STAKES 2020/Oct/24 Kyoto 1,200, Dirt 3yo&up 2020/Sep/15
BRAZIL CUP (L) 2020/Oct/25 Tokyo 2,100, Dirt 3yo&up 2020/Sep/15
LUMIERE AUTUMN DASH (L) 2020/Oct/25 Niigata 1,000, Turf 3yo&up 2020/Sep/15
HAGI STAKES (L) 2020/Oct/31 Kyoto 1,800, Turf 2yo 2020/Sep/15
FUKUSHIMA MINYU CUP (L) 2020/Nov/1 Fukushima 1,700, Dirt 3yo&up 2020/Sep/15
CASSIOPEIA STAKES (L) 2020/Nov/1 Kyoto 1,800, Turf 3yo&up 2020/Sep/15
ORO CUP (L) 2020/Nov/15 Tokyo 1,400, Turf 3yo&up 2020/Sep/29
AUTUMN LEAF STAKES 2020/Nov/15 Hanshin 1,400, Dirt 3yo&up 2020/Sep/29
FUKUSHIMA NISAI STAKES 2020/Nov/15 Fukushima 1,200, Turf 2yo 2020/Sep/29
ANDROMEDA STAKES (L) 2020/Nov/21 Hanshin 2,000, Turf 3yo&up 2020/Sep/29
SHIMOTSUKI STAKES 2020/Nov/22 Tokyo 1,400, Dirt 3yo&up 2020/Sep/29
CAPITAL STAKES (L) 2020/Nov/28 Tokyo 1,600, Turf 3yo&up 2020/Oct/13
CATTLEYA STAKES 2020/Nov/28 Tokyo 1,600, Dirt 2yo 2020/Oct/13
CANOPUS STAKES 2020/Nov/29 Hanshin 2,000, Dirt 3yo&up 2020/Oct/13
LAPIS LAZULI STAKES (L) 2020/Dec/6 Nakayama 1,200, Turf 3yo&up 2020/Oct/13
RINKU STAKES 2020/Dec/6 Hanshin 1,200, Dirt 3yo&up 2020/Oct/13
SHIWASU STAKES (L) 2020/Dec/12 Nakayama 1,800, Dirt 3yo&up 2020/Oct/27
RIGEL STAKES (L) 2020/Dec/12 Hanshin 1,600, Turf 3yo&up 2020/Oct/27
TANZANITE STAKES 2020/Dec/19 Hanshin 1,200, Turf 3yo&up 2020/Oct/27
SPORTS HOCHI HAI CHUKYO NISAI STAKES 2020/Dec/19 Chukyo 1,200, Turf 2yo 2020/Oct/27
DECEMBER STAKES (L) 2020/Dec/20 Nakayama 1,800, Turf 3yo&up 2020/Oct/27
BETELGEUSE STAKES (L) 2020/Dec/20 Hanshin 1,800, Dirt 3yo&up 2020/Oct/27
GALAXY STAKES 2020/Dec/27 Hanshin 1,400, Dirt 3yo&up 2020/Nov/10